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September 19, 2022 2 min read

Who are the Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light ?

We are the Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light

It is time to learn more about our collection of the Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light. Let's review the best deals and the best packs you can find on Raging Heroes. The first one today is the War Council Pack.

War Council Pack (Sisters - F) - Raging Heroes

If you like paladin fantasy and eternal heroes, here are the characters you can find in this pack. If you don't know what's a Paladin, you can check this pretty good definition on Wikipedia.

Theodan the Third, Paladin King:

King Theodan the Third is a powerful and skilled warrior who rules his Kingdom with an iron fist. He never hesitates to charge into battle if a conflict arises, and is feared by his enemies and respected by his people. As a true and great ruler, he protects his people fiercely and his army is composed of skilled and fearless soldiers.

Eniontius le Fol, Engineer:

Eniontius le Fol is an undisputed genius in the art of warfare. His mind is endlessly active, always dreaming up new designs for complex machinery, each more lethal than the last. He is a priceless asset to the Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light. Despite his advanced age, Eniontius le Fol is thrilled to be able to contribute.

Lord Carmalian, Battlefield Hero :

From a young age, Carmalian swore an oath of loyalty to his king and to the Eternal Light. A master of arms and a hero of multiple wars, he fearlessly crushes his enemies. On the battlefield, Lord Carmalian always says prayers and blessings for his king. He is a skilled warrior, unmatched in his strength and courage.

Reveriel the Fifth, Queen Saint :

The Holy Queen Reveriel is unparalleled in beauty and loved by her subjects. However, she is also feared by the enemies of the kingdom. With her rhetoric, she can turn even the closest of friends against each other. Armed with her sword, she perforates through the king's enemies with grace and elegance. Reveriel is a loving and just queen, but she will not hesitate to unleash her wrath on those who oppose her.

Ilihan d'Espree, Virgin Oracle :

Ilihan d'Espree has been resurrected from the dead, but she is not the same as she was before. Her mind is trapped in the void between realities and her body is slowly deteriorating. However, she is anchored to this world by a holy relic and her owl is always by her side. Even though she can only whisper, he is the only one who can hear her.

Our Paladins are finely crafted in resin. Towering at 37-40mm from the floor to the eyes, paladins surpass their puny enemies on the battlefield as all good paladins should! They will fit all popular miniature wargames. Box includes 1 x 30mm and 4 x 40mm round bases.

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