TGG2 Update #76 – New Casts + Pledge Manager Still Open + WarStages KS: First Teaser Image

Pledge Manager Reopening: a Few More Days

If you missed in in our last Update, the Pledge Manager is now open because we received a lot of messages from backers who wanted to up their Pledge after seeing the casts of the War Pulpit and the Avatar of Shaah and the print of the Spider Mother.

While we said it would remain open for just a week, we received many more messages asking us to keep it open just a few more days while they gathered up their funds. At the same time, the foundry has been burning the midnight oil to output the remaining Monsters&Machines, and after having them in our hands, we think they will also stir up some additional excitement for you as well.

So we are happy to keep the Pledge Manager open for another week.

Production Update

Early next week, we will be receiving a first shipment of Avatar of Shaah and War Pulpits!!! And the rest will continue as planned.

If you have questions concerning your Rewards Selection, can't remember what you originally chose, not quite sure what's been shipped, don't understand why you're still missing stuff, the thing to do is to CONTACT US. Simply send us an email at, and we will be happy to personally help you.

We received the first prototype casts of the Centaurs Fantasy, (both Command Group and Troups), and of Asharah on Pegasus. We've already approved them, so they will be added to the regular rotation of moulds in the next few days.

Early next week, we will be receiving the prototype casts of the 2 versions of Yscarloth. The prototypes for the Draahks and Horse Chariots will be coming in the following days. Also, the Spider Mother has been mastered, so her prototype won't be far behind. And the foundry has already begun mastering the Altar of the Succubi!!!

At the same time, the foundry also continues to spin the quantities needed to fulfill the TGG2 Rewards. We're receiving 2 large shipments from the foundry every week.

New Photos

The Centaurs and Asharah on her Pegasus are looking really great. We are especially excited to finally get this mounted version of Asharah. In fact, if you go way back on Raging Heroes' blog, you'll find a very early version of this model, which has always been on our mind (see these 3 blog entries: Jan 2010, Feb 2010, July 2012). The final result is something very unique. We dream of someday having here done as a life-size statue. We dare to think it would be a nice addition to her equine cousins on the Alexandre III Bridge in Paris. 

Please note that in the photos below, we have assembled the models quickly, with parts taken straight out of the mould: we did NOT clean, prep, or file any of the parts to achieve a super-tight assembly. When you do this, your models will look even better!

(Click on images for larger size)

We assembled 4 of the 6 Fantasy Centaurs, and took a few pics. The poses of the Centaurs are so intricate and so beautifully 3-dimensional that is is impossible to capture their real look on a 2-d photo. If we can, we'll try to get some turntable videos of them to give you a better feel on how they really look.

(Click on images for larger size)

We are still in love with the Avatar of Shaah, so here's another shot of her, this time to feature the back of her. The gaps that you see are the result of a very quick assembly, as noted above. You will be able to easily assemble this model perfectly.

And one backer asked to see the back of the War Pulpit, which made us realise that we've been remiss in not showing it to you earlier, so here it is:


As we're putting the last finishing touches to the Scenery Project, we're getting very close to its Kickstarter launch. Here is a first teaser image. We will show you more in the next few days. As always, your questions and comments are welcome! Get ready for some epic WarStages!

TGG2 Update #75 – Production & Shipping News + New Photos + Reopening of the Pledge Manager + ...

You might not realise this, but we are just like you. What I mean is that we're not just a company, we're a small bunch of people who gets very excited when new toys are delivered to us. So, when something like the Spider Mother comes out of the 3D printer, or when the very first casts of the Avatar of Shaah and of the War Pulpit show up, it feels a lot like Christmas! 

Of course, we designed and sculpted them, so we know very much how they will look like, but nothing beats the experience of having the real thing in hand. And what we can tell you from our present experience is that you're going to love these new models.

Below are photos of all the prototypes we received a couple of days ago. They include the Centaurs SF. We received the Sci-Fi Centaurs prototypes yesterday, and we will receive the Fantasy ones on Friday. This means that these 4 units will be part of the casting schedule starting next week, together with the Avatar and the War Pulpit.

Please note that in the photos below, we have assembled the models quickly, with parts taken straight out of the mould: we did NOT clean, prep, or file any of the parts to achieve a super-tight assembly. When you do this, your models will look even better! 

(Click on images for larger size)

Avatar of Shaah Size Comparison

Avatar of Shaah

Avatar of Shaah

Avatar of Shaah

Avatar of Shaah

Avatar of Shaah

Avatar of Shaah

Avatar of Shaah

We've had questions about what kind of base the Avatar and the Pulpit can be placed on.

The Avatar can fit on a 10 cm base, but will be more comfortable on an 11cm one. To keep her balance, the Avatar will definitely require a base.

The War Pulpit can stand on its two feet and does not require a base. But if you want to make one, it should be at least 8 cm by 3 cm. 

(Click on images for larger size)

War Pulpit Size Comparison

War Pulpit

War Pulpit

War Pulpit

War Pulpit

War Pulpit

War Pulpit

War Pulpit

War Pulpit

War Pulpit

War Pulpit Size Comparison

You may recall that the Centaurs had already been moulded a first time, but their prototypes were not approved, which is why they were pushed to the end of the production queue with the other Monsters&Machines.

We've now approved the prototypes for the Centaurs SF, both the Command Group and the Troops. Each unit has 3 different Centaurs. Below, you'll see that we've assembled 2 of the Command Group and 2 of the Troops.

(Click on images for larger size)


Centaurs SF - Command

Centaurs SF - Command

Centaurs SF - Troops

Centaurs SF - Troops

Centaurs SF - Troops

We took this opportunity to label most of the parts with numbers and letters, so that you can easily tell which part is which and where it goes. And we have used a similar system for most of the other large Monsters&Machines.

Letters on Centaur parts for easier assembly

Now that these kits are ready for manufacturing, what does it mean for you?

The total time of manufacturing the Avatar and the War Pulpit is estimated to be 30 working days, so 6 weeks. A the same time, we are continuing manufacturing the other TGG2 models so that we can fully complete your Rewards Selections.

This means that if what is missing from your Rewards Selection is

  • The Avatar of Shaah

  • The War Pulpit

  • The Centaurs

You can expect a shipment within the next 4 to 8 weeks.

What about the other Monsters&Machines, and the metal casts?

These models:

  • Spider Mother

  • Draahk Chariot

  • Horse Chariot

  • Asharah on Pegasus

are the next in the pipeline. Their production moulds are currently being manufactured, and so we should get the first prototype casts sometime next week.

These kits are required in smaller quantities than the Avatar and the War Pulpit. And also, apart from the Spider Mother, they are simpler models to produce. So a good approximation for production time would be 30 days of production before they can be shipped. That's after the 30 days needed for the Avatar and the War Pulpit. However, let's wait to see the prototypes and get more info from the foundry once the moulds are done to see if we need to revise this estimate.

After that, what will remain is Yscarloth F and SF and the Altar of the Succubi. Yscarloth should be pretty straightforward to produce and will go quickly. The Altar, on the other hand is a complex project. To be on the safe side, let's assume that once the prototype cast is approved, its casting for TGG2 will require another 30 days.

Regarding the metal casts: the foundry will get to those as soon as the production moulds for the Altar have been made. At that time, the master moulder will be freed up and able to focus on the metal production. So the metal production will happen in parallel with the casting of the Altar of the Succubi.

So, overall, with the information we have today, we are looking at shipping the final Rewards at the end of the summer. Of course, we will tweak this estimate as we get more info.

Last chance to get more TGG2!

After our last Update where we showcased images of the Spider Mother, the Avatar of Shaah and the War Pulpit, we received quite a few messages from backers telling us: “Oh, I wish I had picked up those in my Rewards Selection, is too late to add them now?”.

Normally, we would say that it is too late, because of the administrative work involved in reopening the Pledge Manager and combining your past selections with your newly added items. (It may seem like nothing but is is actually quite labour-intensive.) Nevertheless, we've had a lot of requests for this, and we truly want to thank you for your patience on this project.

So, we are reopening the Pledge Manager for a very brief period of time.

Before you go to the Pledge Manager however, please read the following carefully:

You will have 1 week to pick more items from the Pledge Manager. You can add anything you want.

However, the following is very important: When you checkout, you will see that shipping is free. But this cannot apply to everybody. You have 2 options, please correctly choose the one that concerns you:

  • If we still have TGG2 minis to send you: Simply Checkout with Free Shipping; we will combine your new selection with your previous one.

  • If you've already received all of your items from this Kickstarter: then you MUST add an Extra Shipment (Sign In to view link) to your cart before you Checkout. Simply pick the following option: New Shipment (I've already received all my other TGG2 minis). If you don't, your order will have to be cancelled. This new shipment will be sent once other backers have received their models.

By the way, we thought you'd like to know that to take into account the increased size of the Avatar of Shaah, you will notice that we have increased the projected retail price from $95 to $115. Your Kickstarter pricing remains at $65. In the same manner, the projected retail price of the War Pulpit has been increased from $55 to $75, while your Kickstarter pricing remains at $37.

So these 2 items have become pretty sweet deals.

Remember to Sign In to view the minis in the Pledge Manager.

If you have questions, contact us at, we will be happy to assist you.

TGG Terrain Kickstarter Project

We want to thank the 362 responders to our Terrain survey. Below is a snapshot of the results.

If you recall, 1 was Not important and 5 was Very Important. When we look at the % of voters who chose between 3 and 5, we immediately see what matters to you:

Ranked between 3 and 5 for

  • Look and Sexiness: 99%

  • Value for Money: 97%

  • Bigger is Better: 74%

  • No Modelling Required: 49%

  • No need to Paint: 35%

You've also added comments regarding playability, avoiding closed inaccessible rooms, etc. Be assured that this is very important for us too.

We've spent a lot of time on the design. It was a very tough challenge to keep true to the spirit of the concepts we had AND make it playable AND make it for a price that would work for everybody. But in the end we think we have come up with something truly special.

We've also scoured the market to get you the best value for money. We closely looked at the industry as well to make sure that we would provide you with a competitive alternative. In fact, we changed and adjusted the project several times as we discovered new production solutions in order to give you the best bang for your buck.
As much as we wanted to go for resin at first, it quickly became obvious that the end product would be way too expensive in the end, even if we had great quotes. We also didn't want to keep you waiting too long for your scenery once the campaign would be over. We want to be able to deliver quickly.
So after many considerations, we went in a different direction. But instead of telling you, we prefer to show you the end result.

As for bigger is better, we see that this is important, but we also understand that some don't always have as big a gaming space as they'd like, or simply prefer more intimate settings. For this reason, we will be offering kits of different sizes. In fact, you'll be able to mix and match the kits to make your sets bigger or smaller according to your needs.

We are building prototypes this week, and can't wait to have images to show you. Stay tuned!

TGG2 Update #74 – The biggest Toughest Girl EVER: Photos + Video + Production News + Scenery and Game News

This is a special day today and we are very excited !

We are very excited because we have very good news from the foundry, and it's a special day because the miniature we have to show you today is something that is a truly exceptional technical accomplishment, something we have dreamt about for quite sometime but that had remained an impossible thing to do for many many years.

So without further ado...

The first cast of the Avatar of Shaah is here!!!!

It's just fresh from the foundry, we received 3 photos today and it is quite amazing!!! (Click on images for larger versions)

Hastily assembled partial cast of the Avatar of Shaah

Hastily assembled partial cast of the Avatar of Shaah

Hastily assembled partial cast of the Avatar of Shaah

We'll have more photos in the next few days, as well as photos from the War Pulpit whose moulding process just finished today.

So why is it so special? Well, without the resin spincasting technology, it would have been VERY hard to nearly impossible to produce such massive pieces as the Avatar of Shaah, the Spider Mother or the Altar of the Succubi in such large quantities as we are doing now for you. All the foundries who produce large resin kits like this one use the traditional process of hand poured resin casting which requires redoing the moulds from scratch every 30 to 50 casts and pouring each mould by hand, etc.
With spincasting, it means that we can produce the large pieces exactly the same way we produce the small ones and this is quite something. This means more great massive kits in the future :)

That being said, were are we with fulfilment? Here is some more information: 

Shipments and Stocks

We've now shipped over 6,500 parcels for this project.

If your Rewards Selection does NOT include any of the models mentioned below, then by now you should have received your shipment. If that's not the case, please contact us at so that we can fix this.

While the mould makers at the foundry were working on the Monsters and Machines, the rest of the team was hard at work spinning the other moulds and building up our stocks, which will be needed for when the Monsters&Machines become available. Here's a photo of some of last week's arrivals:

May arrivals TGG2

If your Rewards Selection was only missing the Mounted Knights (see images below), please know that your parcel is scheduled to ship next week.

The next models to be produced will be the Centaurs, the Avatar of Shaah, and the War Pulpit (scroll down for details on their production status). I can't commit on the order of production for those yet, because we haven't yet seen the prototypes. Either one may be the first to get final approval for casting. As soon as I know, I'll have an Update out to share that with you, together with photos of the casts.

Mounted Knights

(Click on images for larger versions)

The Mounted Knights are finally here! Earlier this week, we received a large quantity of the Troops, and a smaller quantity of the Command Groups, with more expected at the end of next week. We immediately assembled a few of them and took some photos to share with you. They look quite stunning and we believe they'll definitely be part of the best-sellers in our Fantasy line.

Our graphic artist, who was putting these photos together for the Update, said: “People are gonna love them or die!”. We found this quite funny although perhaps a bit true knowing the belligerent nature of these fair maiden riders.

If the Mounted Knights were the only thing missing from your Reward Selection, then please know that we will begin shipping starting Monday.

Avatar of Shah, War Pulpit, the Centaurs, Asharah on Pegasus, Yscarloth Fantasy and Sci-Fi

These moulds are either done or in the process of being done at this time. We'll have more pictures of the Avatar and the first pictures of the War Pulpit casts this week. More will follow in the next 7-10 days.

But why did it take more than a month to get them here?

To help you a bit better understand how this works and why it can take quite some time, I thought I'd review the process with you:

  1. Once the foundry receives the 3D print, they first check all the parts for mouldability, verify how they intend to place the parts into the moulds, etc. With such massive and complex kits as the Monsters & Machines, or even smaller but tricky ones like the Centaurs, it can take quite some time.

  2. At this stage, the foundry may ask us to reprint some parts because even if we checked the 3D models together, once they have the physical model in hand, they may spot problems that were invisible before. Of course, between 3D printing and shipping, that adds up a few days to the process.

  3. Once everything has been validated, the foundry starts making a clean mould, which is the Master Mould. This master mould is not made to cast the miniatures you will get in your hands. Instead, it will be used to cast only a few sub-masters. The reason for this is that, to make the production mould effective, the foundry needs several copies of the master.

    You may wonder why we don't 3D print several copies of the same miniature, and so give the foundry more than one master. That is because the 3D prints canrarely withstand the various ordeals they would have to go through during the full mould-making process. Believe us, we tried!

  4. Once the master mould has been created, it is run several times, usually between 10 and 30 runs.

  5. From this, the best casts are selected. Those are carefully reviewed and hand-cleaned and occasionally green-stuffed and polished one by one. The goal is to ensure that each sub-master is absolutely perfect (some companies fail to do this because it's a costly and time-consuming process, and so the sub-masters come out with mould lines or minor defects that will be reproduced ON EVERY SINGLE CAST!). Depending on the model, this can be a very time-consuming operation.

  6. Those sub-masters are then placed in a new mould that will become the production mould. This is the stage we are at right now for all the models listed above.

    Of course, for large kits, more than one mould is needed to make all the parts. Mould size also matters. For example, the Avatar of Shaah requires 12-inch moulds. Here are some photos of several of the Avatar moulds:

    Avatar of Shaah - Head and torso mould

    Avatar of Shaah - Head and torso mould

    Avatar of Shaah - Leg mould

    Avatar of Shaah - Leg mould

The man reason why TGG2 production has been so long is because the TGG2 miniatures can be incredibly more complex to cast than the TGG1 models. You can thank all those massive flowing capes, multi-directional set of limbs, extreme posing, spiky elements all over the minis, etc. for that. But at the same time, they are what make the TGG2 models so special.

As one of our engineer friends told us, if we were to transfer the craftsmanship that goes into making the TGG2 models into a more “normal” industry than miniature-making, the price of each cast would be sky-rocketing.

The Spider Mother, the Draahk and Horse Chariots

These three models are prepped and ready to go into master moulding. Actually, the Spider Mother is almost all done.

I will share updated news on that as soon as we know more about these kits.

In the meantime, we'd like to share the photos we took of her 3-D prints so that you can see how will lethally gorgeous it is, and how BIG, too. In fact, we could not resist and made a short video just for the fun of it. Arachnaphobists beware! You have been warned!


Like we mentioned in our previous Update, we never fully assemble 3D Prints before sending them to the foundry because traces of glue or other adhesive materials can react badly with the mould. But this time, because of the complexity of the Spider Mother, the foundry asked us for an additional print that it could use to better understand the miniature. Since the original high-resolution model require 2 weeks of 3D-printing and cleanup time, we printed a low-resolution version to be used as a reference. The images below are the low-res version of the print (which is still quite decent to look at).

(Click on images for larger versions)


The Altar of the Succubi

(Click on images for larger versions)

The Altar was the last model to be 3D-printed and it's got a lot of pieces! On top of all the massive structural elements, there are at least 30 characters in the kit (Harpies, Slaves, Blood Vestals).

It has now been fully cleaned and green-stuffed and will ship to the foundry this week. BTW, special thanks to UPS for getting our precious parcels back and forth across the Atlantic flawlessly and speedily. It costs big money, but it's totally worth it.




Metal Models

As stated earlier, the metal models will be done last. So, unfortunately, if you have those in your Rewards Selection, your shipment will be delayed until they are ready. I hope to be able to tell you more on this soon, but that really depends on the master production moulding of the larger models (which is not far from being finished).

However, if you are not particularly attached to metal and will be happy with resin, then simply contact us at and tell us that you'd like to switch from metal to resin so that your shipment can go out earlier. We'll be happy to make that change for you. 

TGG3 and Scenery Kickstarters

So with the Foundry, and our packing team fully busy, what is the creative team working on?

You'll be happy to know that the sculptors have been producing several units and heroines for TGG3. This time, at last, we'll start that Kickstarter with many of the minis already sculpted and 3D printed.

If you are wondering what TGG3 will be, it will feature the game that so many have been asking about and waiting for a long time for. It will star several of your favourite TGG1 and TGG2 characters (but of course, you'll also be able to play any TGG miniature you like). You will finally discover more about the complexities of the TGG universe as well as the many wars and intrigues that take place in it.

But before TGG3, we are now VERY, VERY close to launching our Scenery Kickstarter. We would have loved to show you more stuff early on, but the project morphed several times, and went through a crazy amount of revisions and refinements. You know how nit-picking we can be on design.

So, what can you expect? Well, we'll give you all the details in another Update, most likely this coming week. You can prepare for something massive – really massive!
It's going to be virtually ready to play: no need for complex modelling and no need for painting, just some basic assembly.
You won't be playing around a few piece of scenery on your table, it will be more like the scenery IS your table, because it is so big.
In just a few minutes after opening the box, you'll be able to set up a table that looks as big and impressive as something you've seen only on display tables at conventions.
And what if you prefer smaller tables ? No problem, we'll have smaller kits too.
But at the price they will be, it would be sad to settle for small...

So stay tuned for our next update coming in the next few days, with more photos of the Monsters & Machines, better estimates of shipping for those models, and images from our Scenery Kickstarter.

And to include, we'd love to have your feedback on scenery (scroll down to submit your answers):

TGG2 Update #73 – Stories and Video for the Lust Elves

First, an exclusive first look at our Lust Elves video, followed by more Heroine backstories, a recap on the Lust Elves' background, and a few questions for our backers...

If you like this video, you can download a high-rez version from this page:


Elves Terminology


During the Kickstarter Campaign, the Fantasy version of the Lust Elves were be called the Flesh Elves. We have now decided to use 'Lust Elves' for both Fantasy and Sci-Fi. As for our Sci-fi Dark Elves, we will possibly leave out the reference to Elves altogether when our game comes out.


Lady Melith, Lust Elves Courtesan


Lady Melith turned out to be one of our favourite character from TGG2, and will probably become a painter's favourite too.

By nature, the Lust Elves are shape-shifters, continuously altering their form, growing or losing limbs at will, and able to move like no other living thing could. Some of them use this ability as an infiltration tool to walk among humans undetected. And when they revert back to their preferred form, it is usually too late for their prey.

Lady Melith enjoys the power plays and intrigues that fill the Humans' corridors of power. Haunting ceremonies, balls, and festivities, she uses her otherworldly charms to seduce even the most hermetic souls, until she lets her mask down and terror seizes their heart.


Liligrith, Exsanguinatrix


Due to their physical “deformities”, it is pretty hard for the Lust Elves to pass undetected in a civilian environment.

That's where the Exsanguinatrixes come in.

These Lust Elves have a much less demonic appearance and they don't carry weapons except for the blades attached to their hair.

They don't hesitate to disguise themselves as “normal” people to pass undetected in a crowd. They can move extremely swiftly. But when they let down their hair...


Shaliah, Death Dancer Soloist


Shaliah is one of the greatest Death Dancers to have ever lived.

The deadly ballet of the Death Dancers is a truly amazing thing to witness as these surreal creatures move with unimaginable grace, perpetually morphing and transforming while new limbs grow and vanish from their body.

The sad thing, though, is that their hypnotic dance is most likely the last thing you'll ever see...


Vanvyissah, Lust Elves General


It is really hard to understand the motives behind the actions of the Lust Elves. Do they really have an agenda, or are they just having “fun” playing some very twisted games?

Whatever the answer, a few things can be ascertained about them. For example, they do seem to have some sort of hierarchy, together with some kind of military organisation.

And Vanvyssah is one of their most feared generals....


Background of the SciFi  Lust Elves and the Fantasy Lust Elves

How our Lust Elves came to be and how they fit in both our Sci-Fi and Fantasy settings was covered in Update #70. And here's is some additional info on their fantasy version, which was introduced was covered in early updates during the campaign..


The Fantasy version of the Lust Elves want to experience life in extreme ways.

The Burn certainly turned the Dark Elves into a bitter and angry race who wanted nothing but to seek revenge on the entire world.

Yet as the Dark Elves were digging deeper and deeper into dark magic rites, those who were to become the Lust Elves took a completely different view of their destiny. As magic was healing their broken bodies, they discovered for themselves a new hunger for life. With the magic increasingly flowing in their veins, they realised that they could be more than healed: they could be rebuilt into something new.

Suddenly, life, and the very experience of life, was no longer limited by any more physical boundaries. At the bottom of the dark pit of despair that had turned the Burnt Ones into an evil and vengeful race, they found total bliss and exhilaration with being alive and experience life with such heightened senses that every moment of being alive was becoming an amazing drug in itself.

Living in a permanent ecstatic state, the Lust Elves became only about experiencing as much as they could about anything that life could bring them, without any concept or morality, values, and consequences.

Although most people consider them as a deeply evil race, the reality is more complex. The Lust Elves are capable of truly anything, from the very unimaginable worst to things that would be considered acts of sainthood. But the innate selfishness and apparent randomness of their actions makes them a menace to the rest of the world.

They could be described as a plague of locusts that descend on the world just to extract from it the most amazing and extreme lustful nourishment it can provide.

We'd love your feedback:

We want to particularly thank those of you who have shared their feedback on the stories and backgrounds in the previous Updates.

You can read our replies to your feedback in the comments below the Dark/Void Elves Update.

We haven't yet written up our replies for the Sisters Update, so feel free to add your voice before we do.

And for this update, do tell:

  • What do you think about the Lust Elves?

  • What else would you like to know about them?

  • Does the fact that the Fantasy Lust Elves are not a purely evil race, but more of a strongly chaotic and hedonistic force change your view on them? If so, how?

  • It's hard to conceive of a race whose every member is evil. In Game of Thrones, for example, it is very obvious that many characters are neither completely evil nor good, or have a quite different take on life than their relatives. So in your opinion, what motivations could drive good, or not-so-evil/twisted characters?

  • And finally, how would your Lust Elves army see the world? What would its goal be? Who would be its sworn enemy? Who might it consider its ally?

Looking forward to hearing from you in the Comments below.

TGG2 Update #71/72 – Sisters: A New Video, and New Stories

And now, more TGG2 Heroine backgrounds, and another video, this one featuring the Sisters:

If you like this video, you can download a high-rez version from this page

Watch this space for more video coming up. 

After the Heroine's background stories, you'll find a recap of the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Sisters' background.


Ardanna, Pillar of the Faith


Ardanna is without a doubt the most loyal Servant of the Chalice. She's the epitome of paladin-hood. She will never fail you. No one can shake her faith and her unflinching courage inspires even the worst Unbelievers.

She may be wearing an armor, but she has always refused to wear shoes or sabatons. She says that walking barefooted serves as a perpetual reminder that she is nothing but an humble servant in the service of the Mothers.

Stern and taciturn, when Ardanna does speak, her words cut like steel. And the most hardened liars break down under the strength of her clear blue gaze.

But her steadfast and pure soul could also be her downfall: Ardanna's rigidity and righteousness make her unable to imagine the dark side of things happening within her own Order. How will she cope when she discovers that there lurks darkness and wrongdoings? 


Sister Celenia


Sister Celenia is a Sister scout. The Sisters prefer to use the term “scout” but in fact, such scouts most often act as assassins...

Very subdued, an introvert, Celenia carries out her missions without any exuberance or emotion but with a laser-focused attention to detail and to work perfectly done.

Yet what secret hides behind this inconspicuous and composed appearance?  




The Sisters of Eternal Mercy discovered the power of True Resurrection a long time ago. However, being resurrected is a daunting experience, and one that can sometimes deeply transform the resurrected in most unpredictable ways.

A bit like Santa Dolores (another Sister character), Doralys' resurrection was a traumatising experience that turned her into a powerful psychic seer. Her reborn virgin spirit seems now irrevocably attuned to the sufferings of the living. She endlessly roams through the tangled fabric of time and souls, anticipating all the dreadful and painful things that will happen around her.

She can use this gift either to predict future events, or to turn the despair she lives in into a wave of psychic energy that will transform her enemies into hopeless wandering souls.


Rythali-in, Expiatrix


Repentant sinners are often rigged with weaponised pillories, then dispatched to the front lines of the battlefield to try and earn a chance to be forgiven. Expiatrixes are at their side: they make sure repentant sinners stay in line and do their penance.

Like most Expiatrixes, Rythali-in has a very dark past and has been more than once on the receiving end of the whips she now carries. Her masked face, her spikes, her blade-covered outfit are a perpetual reminder that, even after long years of penance, a sinner of her magnitude should never be too closely approached. 


Vladimir the Virtuous and Tobias the Tenacious


The Terrible Twos! Vladimir the Virtuous and Tobias the Tenacious are the Sisters' mascots. Vladimir is a little owl-griffin with a twitchy eye, and Tobias is a wolpertinger with a perpetual frown.

It is hard to be small and fluffy and cute when all you want is to be a mighty creature that instills fear and respect in the heart of your enemies. 

Vladimir and Tobias ardently wish they could be gigantic beasts who kick ass on the battlefield, and nothing gets them more annoyed than when the Sisters and the Orphans squish and squeeze them and ruffle their fur or feathers and call them by sweet endearments.

The only way they found to vent their frustration and live their dream of grandeur is to boss around the Minions, the small subdued demons who perform the Sisters' lowly tasks. You can often see gangs of Minions scatter in terror whenever the Terrible Twos appear.


Background of Sisters SF and Sisters Fantasy

Most of what follows was covered in early updates during the campaign, so we thought it was time for a slightly updated refresher. It also serves as an introduction to the background of our upcoming game. 

The Sisters of Eternal Mercy: the Birth of Cathedra

If you followed our previous Kickstarter The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy, you know that the Iron Empire was built by a human colony: they were the first humans who chose to flee a dying Earth and try to find a new place for themselves. Sadly, their expedition was doomed from the start. Radiation, sickness, catastrophic hardships: colonists and crew were decimated. The last few survivors managed to land in extremis in a far-away belt of asteroids, where they stumbled upon the relics of a very ancient Egyptian-like civilisation. And hidden away deep in the Pharaonites' tombs, necromantic knowledge enabled the colonists to raise from the dead their deceased companions.

Armed with this necromantic magic and the many artefacts found in the tombs, the colonists set about rebuilding a new society. But, unsurprisingly, the radiation they endured during their journey had lasting effects: most of them had become sterile, with the colony unable to renew its population. When the Iron Empire's leaders decided to forcibly enlist their few fertile citizens into a breeding programme, many went into hiding rather than become breeding slaves, while other tried their luck once more and, with stolen space transports, left their home again. But the Iron Empire pursued, mercilessly killing many of the very people who could have been their future...

And yet, some managed to get away, among them, several pregnant mothers-to-be, of which seven became leaders of the exodus. When they reached an habitable planet a year, later, they were the one to name this new world Edenia, when  it downed on them that this world had been the one the original colonists had been searching for.

Once settled near a large river, the new settlers felt revived. In fact, they were in better health than ever. Some probably believed that their bodies had been longing for a real planet rather than a cold asteroid.

One night, all 7 mother-leaders had the same strange dream: a cryptic message, delivered by a being of light, telling them to go forth and explore. And so quest teams set out to see and map their world. Some went far and away. Others stayed closer to home to better understand the area around Cathedra, their new home settlement. One such team set out looking for the source of the river that fed their home town. This led them to a large cave from whence the river emerged. As they explored it the cave narrowed down to a small passage. Abandoning their vehicle, they walked, then crawled through the diminishing stone corridors. The water flow was running thin, like a small stream seeking to merge with the rest of the river... Hours later, cold and shivering,  the questers emerged into a gigantic subterranean cave. And then their hearts nearly stopped: the cave was a field of giant crystals running tens of meters high, with myriads of stalactites and stalagmites appearing to hold the ceiling.

And in the middle of the cave, a group of stalagmites stood on a small hill. The questers, uneasy, approached in silence as the seven stalagmites' shapes increasingly evoked those of 7 pregnant women... And at the feet of the 7 stalagmites, there was a natural basin from which the water came. One of the quester slowly pulled a cup from her bag, and scooped up some of that water to bring back to Cathedra.

It didn't take long for the people of Cathedra to relate their good health to the sacred water. When completely pure and drunk from the source, this water could literally bring back to life what things had been dead. Not in the dark way that the Iron Empire necromancy could. This water meant real life, the holy grail that the Iron Empire couldn't find.

Should this transcendental knowledge and power be shared with the Iron Empire? The seven Mothers and their Council argued on and on. But in the end, they could not forgive or forget the past.

And this would be their curse... (to be continued) 

The Order of the Sisters of the Orphanage (Fantasy)

The Order of the Sisters of the Orphanage, were at first a small religious non-fighting order dedicated to helping the poor and teaching the illiterates. Most of them were organised in small churches and took care of street urchins and orphans, which is how the order became known as the Sisters of the Orphanage.

But when times grew hard, these women, who were mostly teachers, nurses and pacific religious souls were left to fend for themselves. Some got serious about their weapons training and gradually, the order developed into a full-blown knighthood order.

Today, it is a gigantic military force. Yet a few nuns still live among the common people and have maintained their tradition of protecting, teaching and fighting. Their founder was Mother Superior Augusta, a woman you don’t want to mess around with. Augusta has now joined the ranks of the Regular forces, but she'll sometime come back and side with her fellow nuns when they are in dire need of extra striking power.

Sadly not all of them have kept a pure heart. As the Order grew in power, its organisation became more and more convoluted, ripe with internal rivalry, secret societies and political agendas. To think that the Order was only made of chivalrous, pious and pure individuals would be a very naïve misconception... 

Do tell:

Quick questions:

  • What do you think about the Sisters?

  • What else would you like to know about them?

  • And if you were to have an army of them, would it be more of

    - a streetwise team protecting the poor and the weak?

    - a heavy military force enforcing a moral code with an iron hand?

    - a troubled political power navigating in the shadows?

    - or even another option of which little has been said: a rebellious faction that fights to restore the original values and spiritual secrets of the Sisterhood? 
Don't hesitate to leave your thoughts in the Comments below.

    TGG2 Update #70 – Dark Elves and Void Elves: Stories and a Video

    As promised, we are proud to share with you several new TGG2 Heroine backgrounds together with a special video we created for their public release:

    If you like this video, you can download a high-rez version from this page.
    Watch this space for more videos coming up for the Sisters and the Lust Elves. 

    After the Heroine's background stories, you'll find a recap of the Dark Elves / Void Elves background.



    Sephea, Assassin/ChampionSephea is an Executrix or a Long Sword Champion. She wanted to be a Blood Vestal, but her parents had other plans. They said that she was to follow the family tradition of serving as an Executrix / Long Sword Champion, one of the elite royal troops. “You won't be one of these hysteric sluts!”, always said her mother. “There is a proper way to spill blood and it has nothing to do with these vulgar bitches!”.

    Sephea was never able to escape her parents' will, but her dream of becoming a Vestal never went away. Her fighting skills quickly made her achieve the title of Champion. That what when she ditched her amour and developed a fighting style very close to the Vestals' own, mixing their swift moves and fury with the heavy hitting power of her massive sword.


     Onyx, Master Assassin


    Onyx, Master AssassinAs a Master Assassin, you need to move like a Lust Elf, sneak around like a Shadow, and strike like a Scorpion.

    Yet Onyx is so much more than that. She does not move, she glides. She is gone before she was ever there. She strikes without leaving a trace. When her target hits the ground, she is already far away. Could there be some magic behind her insane skill?


    Sinzirith, Blood Vestal High Priestess


    Sinzirith, Blood Vestal High PriestessDespite what the whirling chaos of their fighting moves might suggest, the Blood Vestals operate within a very strict hierarchy, and Sinzirith ranks among the highest.

    Becoming the High Priestess has not been an easy path, one littered with the blood and the flesh of her many rivals, lovers and friends, who have all been sacrificed on the altar of her burning ambition.

    But in the end, what are a few pounds of flesh compared to the exhilaration she gets riding to war atop the Grand War Altar of the Succubi (coming soon), bathing in the blood of her enemies, enthralled in the wisps of incense smoke and vapors of frenzy drugs. No doubt, she stands on the top of the world.


    Violet, a.k.a. The Duchess


    VioletThe mascots have been a huge success in our TGG1 Kickstarter. In fact, to this day, they are among our bestsellers. Since the beginning, we've wanted to add a little fun to some otherwise very dark universes and stories, and this is how characters like the mascots, the Lulus, the Minions were born. We definitely plan to have a board game starring all these little characters.

    Violet is the magical vulture of Lady Kashala. She is an old lady vulture with precious mannerisms and a very high view of herself. She looks down on everybody else. Think of the Countess Dowager of Grantham from Downton Abbey and you'll have a pretty good idea of Violet's character...

    No one knows through what kind of twisted magic she was given the gift of speech, but the sorcerer who did this should burn in hell to have set loose on the world such a dreadful curse! Never engage into conversation with this damn bird !!


    Xarsiss, the Succubus Queen


    Xarsiss, the Succubus QueenMeet Xarsiss, the Succubus Queen. If the Harpies are ferocious and vicious creatures, you can probably guess what their queen is like. On top of being an agile fighter and a ferocious killer, Xarsiss is a manipulative and seductive creature who is also able to hypnotise and control the most experienced warriors. Stand too close and she'll rip your heart out.

    It may seem like Harpies are just half-intelligent creatures, nasty scavengers who follow the Dark Elves' wake of blood and destruction to feast on an ongoing gore banquet and to gather vast troves of shiny and precious trinkets.

    But the Harpies are far more cunning than one might think. And no one exactly knows what happens in their nest-realm, which hides so high in mountain spires that no one is known to have ever reached it and returned.


    Zailith, Blood Vestal Secultrix


    Zailith, Blood Vestal SecultrixThe Blood Vestals are a wild cruel bunch. Fighting like a pack of furious cats, they are always ready to turn on each other. Worshipped and adored by a large part of the Dark Elves society, covered in lavish gifts that are supposed to bring good fortune to the givers, representing the ultimate fantasy of most male and many female Elves, they live flamboyant lives that are usually short and brutal.

    However, there are those who manage to outlive the pack in an impressive way. Every year, the previous year's greatest Blood Vestal fighter, called the Secultrix, has to fight three challengers to prove that she is still the best, or else, die under the blade of the new Secultrix.

    Despite new ferocious and hungry Vestals rising to the challenge every year, many decades have passed and the current Secultrix remains undefeated. Her name is Zailith...


    Dark Elves and Void Elves background

    Most of what follows was covered in early updates during the campaign, so we thought it was time for a slightly updated refresher. It also serves as an introduction to the background of our upcoming game.

    Sci-Fi Elves: The denizens of the Void

    We thought it would make sense to share with you how the Void Elves and the Lust Elves came to be.

    First, we could say that, in a sense, the Lust Elves were a happy accident.

    Well, from another point of view, there is no doubt that it could be said that they are a tragic accident that keeps on happening.

    At first, we wanted some sort of Void Elf army, as they perfectly fit a specific place in the TGG universe.

    But, we will not yet tell you the exact truth about where they come from or what they really are.

    Deep and dark secrets lie in the TGG background.

    So, for now, let us say that the Void Elves are a race of truly immense powers (heck, they don't even need to diet to stay slim or exercise to stay fit...). And contrary to what you might think when you see them, Void Elves never go to war. Warring is beneath them. Void Elves just wanna have fun. Ok, twisted fun, but hey...

    In fact, from all the intelligence gathered so far about them, it looks like the Void Elves could well be just a small group from a much larger civilization, a small band of demented individuals who gather together for sick perverted games...

    The only thing that's known for sure is that the Void Elves do not have a physical body per se. At least, not on the battlefield. Instead, it appears that they are able to project themselves as solid-light holograms of sort.

    At this time, there appears to be two kinds of Void Elves: the Hunters and the Sculptors, but there might be more.

    The Hunters target convoys, settlements, or even planets, and raid them for sport and trophies.

    The Sculptors are worse: it is hard to truly understand their motives, but they seem fascinated by flesh, as it is something that they do not have. Their thing is to create insane constructs of flesh and technology that they use as vessels to incarnate and harvest even more flesh. They appear to see this as some kind of performance art, although their spirit and intelligence is so much beyond human standards that who they are and what they do is unfathomable.

    Working from this premise gave us much room for crazy visual ideas, and we went completely overboard with the number of concepts and characters we designed for the Void Elves. And while in our mind, it was always one single army, we ended up with enough material for two. And it was obvious that fluff-wise, some armies would be made only of Hunters, some only of Sculptors, and that some armies would mix both. Even in the characters themselves, you can probably feel the mix between these two tribes. And since the Void Elves have no physical limitations in the way they will create their “bodies”, it is only logical that even Hunters don't necessarily limit themselves to two arms and two legs.

    In our future game, please know that we consider the Lust Elves as part of the Void Elves army, as they are basically the same people and so, you will be able to play, say, only Void Elves, or only Lust Elves, or a combination of both. This is also why we put the Stingrays with the Void Elves in the Sci-Fi section, and with the Lust Elves in the Fantasy version, as their roles and the army they fit in will be a bit different depending on the Fantasy or Sci-Fi stetting,

    FANTASY: The Story of the Elves

    The Elves are one of the oldest sentient life form ever. But when the world was young, they were quite different from now... Each Elf integrated two different parts: a vegetal one and an animal one. In a simple way, one could say that there was a living breathing body merged with a tree. The tree stayed rooted in one place forever, but the animal body was free to roam the world. The tree provided shelter, a strong base, a place to regenerate and replenish one's strength. The animal body brought the experience of the outside world, the elation of moving freely, the joy of exploration.

    Living in perfect symbiosis, these two parts complemented each other perfectly, and Elves lived in harmony and happiness. There were several kinds of Elves, several tribes, each with its own makeup such as different animal and vegetal forms.

    But this wouldn't last. Rivalries arose between the tribes. At first, they were tempered by the trees' wisdom. But the animal forms were impatient and excitable. One day, one tribe committed the irreparable: going into a grove where elven trees had been left alone without their animal counterparts, they burned them to the ground. The connexion between the trees and their animal forms was so strong that, even miles away, their animals were instantly covered in burns, their naked flesh transforming into black coal. They who had been so supple and handsome were suddenly burnt, black and brittle. But most of all, when they returned to the grove, their trees were gone. They had lost the most precious thing in their life, their halves gone forever.

    Despite other tribes begging for a peaceful solution to this unspeakable aggression, the Fire War spread. For months, nights turned red with raging fires. Elves by the thousands lost their tree forms and turned coal black. Vengeance became their only solace.

    When the Fire War finally ended, the Elf population had dwindled to almost nothing. The few tribes that did not give into war managed to force the Burnt Elves to leave, so that they would no longer be a menace to the remaining forests.

    The Burnt Elves disappeared to lick their wounds. They found sanctuary in a faraway land and sought magic to rid themselves of “The Burn”. Most of their bodies were now of  cracked and brittle coal, stiff and creaky and fragile like burnt branches. For centuries, they tried all the remedies they could find. A potent of black magic eventually somehow removed the burns. But their souls could never be appeased.

    On the dark journey to healing, several Burnt Elves Sorceresses stumbled into even darker ways. They bound their bodies to twisted demonic forces, going very much beyond what any Elves had gone before. Their new bodies appeared to have no more limitations. They could grow new limbs at will. They could make graceful amazing moves at speeds no other Elves could match. They were reborn into something that surpassed their previous vegetal-animal symbiosis.

    And this came with a heavy price... Possessed by entities that had transformed them into wicked killing machines, the Lust Elves were something that even the Burnt Elves recoiled from...

    Elves Terminology

    Our Fantasy Dark Elves will often be called Burnt Elves or the Burnt Ones.

    Our Sci-Fi Elves will be called Void Elves, although, when our game comes out this might change as we may leave out the reference to Elves.

    During the Kickstarter Campaign, the Fantasy version of the Lust Elves were be called the Flesh Elves. We have now settled on using 'Lust Elves – Fantasy' and 'Lust Elves – Sci-Fi.'

    As for our Sci-fi Lust Elves, we may leave out the reference to Elves when our game comes out.

    Do tell!

    And here's a quick question for you: Do the stories change your perception of these model? Don't hesitate to leave your thoughts in the Comments below.

    TGG2 Update #68 – Production News, Photos and more...

    In our previous Update, we were pretty excited to give you a schedule of the TGG2 fulfilment. The foundry had overcome many technical obstacles, and since all the work is now in their hands, we were pretty confident that they would deliver on time. But that was not to be. Here's an email exchange with a TGG2 backer this week-end:

    From Kristoffer – a TGG2 backer
    I was wondering when I would receive the last part of my kickstarted pledge?
    I am still missing the bulk of the pledge seeing as I mainly ordered the angels, but also other stuff.
    I can see that the angels are set to be in stock.
    The last I heard, was that shipping was to begin end of January, as such, I thought I would just check up and make sure everything was in order.

    From Raging Heroes
    The only thing missing from your remaining Rewards are the Daughters of the Orphanage. They are beginning to trickle in this week, so we should be able to ship your remaining rewards within the next 15 days. The foundry has been disappointingly slow on supplying our models in sufficient quantities, hence the delay.
    I truly hope this is not too much of an inconvenience. I can assure you that it is keeping me awake at night :(
    Don't hesitate to be in touch at any time.

    From Kristoffer
    No worry.
    I just wanted to make sure that no mistake had happened :) 
    In Denmark, we have an expression:
    When waiting for something good, one is never waiting in vain!


    Here's the production status now:

    Augusta Fantasy, Augusta Sci-Fi and the All-Stars Daughters of the Orphanage (Command Group and Troops), have now begun shipping.

    In 3 to 4 weeks, all the Rewards Selection that do NOT include Monsters&Machines, Yscarloth, the Centaurs and the Mounted Knights will have been shipped. 

    This means that while virtually all TGG2 backers have already received a portion of their Rewards Selection, within the next 3-4 weeks, more than half of our backers will have received their entire Rewards Selection.

    So, as you can see, there are delays. You may recall that one of the key things we had asked the foundry last year was to solve the release agent problem that was occasionally making some casts difficult to clean and paint. They tried several different approaches, and finally found a release agent that was the perfect solution. Many tests were made to confirm this, and with all the indicators to green, we all agreed on the process.

    But once the moulds started getting into heavy rotation to produce the hundreds and thousands of casts needed to complete TGG2 fulfilment, the foundry progressively came to realise that this new agent was ageing the moulds much faster than usual.

    This means that they have to redo the moulds much more frequently. This is adding to their workload and is at the same time reducing their planned output. So we are getting longer productions times than what we were quoted.

    So we decided to bite the bullet on this and to continue the production so that all fulfilment gets done. But we are already looking into that problem and we are confident that we will soon find a solution just like we have in the past with the many challenges we've faced so far. At this time, we just don't want to stop the production and make you wait more while we are resolving this.

    To minimise the impact of this situation for you, we have put in place a totally new logistics system. Normally, we should have received from the foundry in bulk the quantities we are ordered from the start, and we would have systematically run through all of your Rewards Selections, prepared them, and shipped them.

    But instead, we are receiving the various models in small batches.

    So while your Rewards Selection may appear to be fully 'In Stock', that is not necessarily the case. In fact, if it has not yet shipped, it is because we don't have enough of each model to send it to you all yet. Items have been going from 'In Stock' to 'Backordered' all the time: quantities change up and down nearly every day, as new stock comes in and new Rewards Selection go out. So I have updated the stock spreadsheet and replaced the 'In Stock' and 'Backordered' categories by 'In Production' to more accurately reflect what is going on.

    However, we have access to an algorithm that allows us to maximise the distribution of available stock. Each time something come in, we instantly know where it can be allocated to maximise the number of backers whose complete Rewards can be shipped.

    So every Rewards Selection is handled individually, instead of in bulk. Without going into a whole bunch of boring details, it has meant a lot more work, having to make 3 incompatible software talk together to set up the working algorithm. Yet in the end, it is very efficient. And as noted above, if the foundry can continue at its current rate, in 3 to 4 weeks, all the Rewards Selection that do not include Monsters&Machines + Yscarloth, the Centaurs and the Mounted Knights will have been shipped.

    Those are in the pipeline. I know that you all would like something more specific in terms of schedule. This is very legitimate. Yet with the unexpected delays at the foundry, I am uncomfortable giving you production dates that may not be firm. What I can tell you is that everybody is working their tail off to make sure production happens as quickly as possible while maintaining our quality standards. I will give you more firm info as soon as I have it.

    We understand how frustrating this may be for you, our backers. It's incredibly frustrating for us too. As you know, our work at the studio has been finished since last Fall on TGG2, aside for a few simple print preparations. 

    But What Do People Think ?

    Despite this setback, if you are still waiting for your rewards, it is important that you know that the overwhelming majority of the feedback we receive on the minis is extremely positive.
    So, as Kristoffer wrote in his email above, we hope that you'll agree that “When waiting for something good, one is never waiting in vain!”. All the delay we experience are always because we absolutely refuse to cut corners and we'll do and re-do things several times so that you get the best possible products.

    Here are a few of the messages we received, and for which we thank their authors wholeheartedly!

    “Hey everybody,
    Just wanted to drop you all a quick note. Recieved the last of my kickstarter order and everything looks great. I am really happy with how everything turned out. Oh, and the new way you guys are spinning the moulds... Brilliant. Detail is preserved better, less bubbling, and the 'sprue' border protects the model. Really dreading/looking forward to starting painting these models, there is just so much detail I hope I can do them justice. Just airing them out and starting to prep things soon. Again, excellent job with this model line.
    Regards” – J. Christensen, March 22 2017 (via email)

    “I have no problems with the delay, I am as always, looking forward to seeing what arrives, the miniatures are fantastic so far, both  from the original tgg1 and the items that I have so far received from tgg2, and I know these will live up to my expectations.” – M. Russel, Feb. 4 2017 (via email)

    “Sol-Sarya, St Lady of the Birds
    What a great mini! And I got it for free for being a returning babker for TGG2 Kickstarter! The quality of the sclupt is mind-blowing. Thank you UNKNOWN Raging Hero sculptor.” – D. Gutsucker , March 19 2017 (via Instagram)

    “J'ai récemment reçu la deuxième vague de figurines et vous remercie pour la qualité du matériel. Elles rendent vraiment justice aux concepts dessinés pendant la campagne. Félicitations pour le travail abattu, de la conception à la livraison.” – J. Haesslein, March 22 2017 (via email)

    What Else Is Going On?

    Since the studio finished the TGG2 work quite a while back, we have been working on many other things. You already know about the upcoming Terrain Kickstarter project and the TGG game. There has been much development made on these 2 projects, including new art, new sculpts, and, of course, rules and extensive beta testing.

    We'll have more on all of this in a special Update dedicated only to these projects in coming days, so stay tuned!

    New 3D Print image

    In the meantime, we have photos that you've never seen before of the 3D prints masters. Most of the Monsters & Machine are actually bigger than originally planned, so you are really getting a hell of a deal because their retail prices will be higher than planned, and in some cases, much higher...

    Here are new photos of the Avatar of Shaah, which will be quite a sight on the tabletop:

    Photos of the Spider Mother's parts, which is a totally massive piece as you can judge by these images:

    By the way, the reason why we never show you fully assembled 3D prints is that the parts have to go to the foundry without any residues of glue, blue tack, or other adhesive substances.

    New pictures of the War Pulpit, showing several assembled parts:

    Several elements of the Dark Elves Draahk Chariot:

    And finally, part of the huge Yscarloth:


    General Release of the First TGG2 minis

    What is crazy with the stock situation is that we have tons of stocks for most of the references that were produced last summer, such as the Freebies. And now that all of you who were eligible to Freebies have received them for quite some time, and we absolutely need to clear some space in our stock to accommodate new references that are being sent to us, we will start to release the Freebies to the general public.

    We've written backgrounds for these characters and creates several videos for them. We want to give you, our TGG2 backers, an exclusive preview, so we'll be sending you a new Update featuring stories and videos in the next few days.

    Packing and packing and packing, the office is full of boxes everywhere. Some days you cannot find a free spot where to stand.

    A car expedition to the post office, fully packed with loads of TGG2 minis. We work with one of the biggest post office of the south of France, located directly at the Montpellier airport; they tell us that we are their biggest client for parcel shipping, which definitely means something.

    Painting the TGG2 Minis

    As you know, painting of the studio minis started a few weeks ago. It is a very delicate time as colour schemes need to be established and finding the exact look we are looking for is always a challenge, but we are pretty happy with what is coming up for the Sisters. Here are photos at various stages of completion.

    New images of the painted Daughters of the Crucible. They are now just waiting for their bases to be done.

    Newly painted Icariates ready to strike from the sky.

    The Officer from the SF Sisters' Command Group

    Archpapess Arthenya VI SF and her minions:

    Here are Great Seraphim Erzebel's wings:

    We are always quite excited to see how you, our backers, decide to paint the TGG2 minis. Today, we focus on Vizart Minis who has already painted a pretty big collection of TGG2 models. We really like what he has done and we thought it might also inspire you. You can find more of his work on his Facebook page.

    The Minions:

    The Minions


    The Stingrays:



    Sister Trematta and Zaraya:

    Lady Melith:


    New Videos

    We are aiming to do more and more videos to help you get the best out of you Raging Heroes minis and to make you discover various aspect of the TGG universe. So this time, here is a video explaining  how to assemble and prepare the new version of our Manticore. If you recall, she was not unlocked in the Kickstarter, but we made her available to our backers at a discounted price.

    Assembling Lady Kashala on Manticore:


    Straightening bent resin parts:

    Here is also a video about how to straighten bent resin parts. If you get extremely bent parts or if you want to make a conversion that requires re-positioning an important part of a mini, this video will answer your questions. Most of all, it will show you how simple it is to get the result you want.

    A word of caution, though. The Raging Heroes team tend to behave like Vikings: they eat rocks, sleep on beds of nails and don't care about plunging their skin in boiling water. OUCH! Please, when you use hot water to bend resin, always be very careful and please

    • DO make sure the container you are using is very stable
    • DO place the container in a sink so that if hot water splashes, it won't splash on you
    • DO use tweezers to fish out the parts from the hot water, DON'T plunge your fingers in the hot water 


    Removing from sprue delicate kits - Preparing the Mantis Warriors:

    Finally, if you want to know how to prepare a delicate kit, like the Mantis Warriors, and how to un-sprue fine and delicate parts, this video is for you:


    Well, that is all for today. Please stay tuned for some the aforementioned Updates in the next few days.

    And remember: if you have questions or concerns, please contact us directly for a fast resolution, either via Kickstarter or via email at

    TGG2 Update #67 – Casts Now Coming In

    This is happening! The second wave of shipments for TGG2 is now starting!

    Shipping plans

    We are super excited to send you this update today as we are about to launch a massive shipping operation beginning this Monday!

    We had hoped to start shipping about 2 weeks ago, but the foundry ran into a few unexpected quirks that they had to iron out. But this is now over and we are now being flooded with boxes and boxes of minis.

    So this weekend we are preparing the very first parcels and start shipping on Monday.

    If you visit the production status page, you'll see what minis have been produced.

    However, keep in mind that the fulfilment is a massive task in itself, so we will spread the work over several weeks.

    To be more specific:

    • If your pledge reward contains what is shown as currently available, your parcel will be shipped this month. 
    • If your pledge rewards contains the Mounted Knights Command Group and Troops (Sisters – Fantasy), Daughters of the Orphanage Command Group and Troops, Augusta Mother Superior (Fantasy and SF), Mahleezariah Lust Elf Matriach (F/SF), Shyveriah (Void Elf (SF)), the Centaurs Command Group and Troopers (Fantasy and SF), it will be shipped during March.
    • If your pledge rewards contains the Monsters and Machines listed in previous updates, that is, the Altar of the Succubi, Asharah on Pegasus, the Avatar of Shah, the Draahk Chariot, the Draahk Chariot with Horses, the Spider Mother, the War Pulpit, Yscarloth the Harverster of Flesh (Fantasy and SF), we expect these to start shipping between March and April (as these moulds will be made during the second half of February and they then need to be cast and shipped).
    • Please keep in mind that the metal version of the Heroines will be done last. I am unable to provide you with a ship date for those yet, but as soon as I can, I will let you know.
    • Also, contrary to what was planned, the Dark Elves Male bits are already available, as we have decided to directly 3D print them and send you these 3D prints.

    We plan to pack and ship between 1000 and 1500 parcels every month until the fulfilment is done.

    So, how do the minis look?

    Well, we keep on being amazed every time we receive a box from the foundry! The minis are stunning! Look at these sisters, they look just like the 3D renders, maybe even better:

    We have had very little time to assemble some for ourselves, so you might have yours ready to do battle before we even have a unit of each ready at the studio, but just looking at the sprues.... oh god! Which ones look best ? The Knights of the Chalice, the Worm Riders and the Draahks and Sol-Sarya, and, arghh... no... I can't choose...

    If you are not in the mould making business or something similar, it is hard to realise what the foundry has been pulling off, but it is truly insane. Just look at the Knights of the Chalice sprue below. Observe the density and complexity of its layout, and you'll be able to understand how crazy it is to set up such an intricate contraption, knowing that, at time of mould vulcanizing, these little parts will have to stay in place while being engulfed in liquid melted rubber under 20 to 40 tons of pressure!!! And this is just one single step of the process...

    So if you appreciate their work, don't hesitate to send them a little love in the comments or on our Facebook page as they really deserve it and we've been driving them nuts these last few months.

    A little help coming your way

    Some of the minis are pretty intricate so for the most complex ones, we will prepare assembly guides. We'll keep you posted on this.

    We've also created several videos to show you how to correctly cut your minis from their sprues without damaging them, and how to clean, glue and prime them. We made them for several Heroines and Troops so that you can get a good feel for the process on different minis. You'll find the first one at the end of this Update, on how to prepare the Sci-Fi Sisters Regular.

    Also, painting has started just this week. This means that we will have beautiful images to show you in future Updates, and also inspiration for you if you need some when you start to paint your TGG minis.

    The Pledge Manager is closing for good!

    To be able to process the shipments, we need to close the Pledge Manager, so please note that if you still want a little something, it is now or never! Hurry up, it will close this Wednesday, February 8, 2017.

    What's next ?

    Well, the TGG2 project is slowly but surely coming to its conclusion. It has been a hell of a ride and you made it way bigger than we expected (maybe naively, we didn't think it would be possible to do as good as TGG1) and the whole team has produced a massive set of minis with a quality that we think is even perhaps one notch higher than TGG1.

    So now that you will have your TGG2 armies, what will you do with them? Here's a suggestion:

    Our first game is now very much under way!

    In the past few months, we told you about our plans to release a game with a set of 54mm minis. The game designers originally wrote and tested our first game as a 54mm game as we wanted to cautiously enter the game business with a project to test our base concepts for what will be our 28mm TGG wargame.

    But very quickly, we realized that we had something that was going way beyond our original plan. The core system is at the same time super simple and yet so versatile that we started adding more and more options to the game. Very quickly, it became obvious that we should go straight to 28mm as it allows for more complex scenarios, more intricate game boards and, more than anything, that you can use your TGG 28mm minis in this game. We are not yet sure exactly in which form the final game will be, because it keeps on growing. But what we know for sure is that:

    • The game will come with a super cool modular board with 3D cardboard scenery.
    • You'll be playing in film-like settings, not just a series of small rooms and corridors. Imagine sets such as the giant lab of Doctor Von X, the bridge of Ardanna's Destroyer Starship, etc.).
    • Each of your TGG heroines will display her unique and flamboyant character through the gameplay.
    • And so much more...

    Testing the 28mm version of the game using some Battle System scenery before we are done with a prototype version of our own board.
    → Testing the 28mm version of the game using some Battle Systems scenery before we are done with a prototype version of our own board.

    And what about the Scenery Kickstarter ?

    Ah, this project is at the same time so epic and so damn hard! The design involved in this is so complex that it makes our brains melt... Creating a fully modular environment that look like real architecture, and yet complies with the needs of gaming and the 28mm scale is a pain. 

    If you missed the original info about this project, it is the project we gave to our creative team once the creative work on TGG2 was done.

    The team first started working on modular buildings for KSTs and Sisters. Soon the project got SO big that we decided to just work on the Sisters' environment first.

    The very epic concepts that we received from the concept artist are at the same time super exciting and frightening because of their epicness and scope. Honestly, they are so vast and big that we've so far refrained to show you anything before we could make sure that we would be able to re-interpret these building into something that will preserve their look while making them into something of a more reasonable size...

    At this point, if we were to make a real world cathedral in 28mm scale, it would likely tower at about 2 meters high (6,5 ft) and it would be twice as long. Even if you have a very large game room, this might be a tad much...

    So a lot of the work has been about finding tricks to bring these buildings down to a proper size, something that won't scare your spouse or your wallet shitless, yet that still look as towering and imposing as the true thing.

    And we are finally getting there.

    We don't have any completed pieces to show yet but it is now a matter of days before we can share some sneak peaks.
    Well, ok... since you asked, here are two images:

    First, some research on the gothic ornaments:

    And here, a work-in-progress image of the front of our cathedral with Tania Tanker rolling up her sleeves before doing a little bit of masonry work.

    So which will come first?

    Well, we don't know yet as the game and the scenery projects have been moving at a very different pace. We will keep you posted on this, but it won't be long before we decide when and in what order things will happen. So, as usual, stay tuned for our next episode :)

    New release: TGG Warbikes and Trikes available now!

    It’s time to start the year with brand new wheels! Swirling around the enemy like dangerous hornets, the TGG bikers are ready to set your gaming table on fire…


    We are proud to finally release the very popular bikes and trikes from the Toughest Gilrs Of The Galaxy. The Iron Empire, the KST and the Jailbirds all get their very own Warbikes Squad and Combat Trike.

    Warbikes Squads includes 3 motorbikes with 3 different riders, 3 extra heads and 3 extra arms, while the Combat Trike package features one trike with 2 different riders. Their head and arms use the same customisable ball-joint assembly as the other TGG minis (e.g. troops, bikers, etc.)

    And we are offering you the free shipping until next Monday (January, 16th) ! Just use the code SUPPORTCREW when checking out at (le code est aussi valide sur ).

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