TGG2 Update #68 – Production News, Photos and more...

In our previous Update, we were pretty excited to give you a schedule of the TGG2 fulfilment. The foundry had overcome many technical obstacles, and since all the work is now in their hands, we were pretty confident that they would deliver on time. But that was not to be. Here's an email exchange with a TGG2 backer this week-end:

From Kristoffer – a TGG2 backer
I was wondering when I would receive the last part of my kickstarted pledge?
I am still missing the bulk of the pledge seeing as I mainly ordered the angels, but also other stuff.
I can see that the angels are set to be in stock.
The last I heard, was that shipping was to begin end of January, as such, I thought I would just check up and make sure everything was in order.

From Raging Heroes
The only thing missing from your remaining Rewards are the Daughters of the Orphanage. They are beginning to trickle in this week, so we should be able to ship your remaining rewards within the next 15 days. The foundry has been disappointingly slow on supplying our models in sufficient quantities, hence the delay.
I truly hope this is not too much of an inconvenience. I can assure you that it is keeping me awake at night :(
Don't hesitate to be in touch at any time.

From Kristoffer
No worry.
I just wanted to make sure that no mistake had happened :) 
In Denmark, we have an expression:
When waiting for something good, one is never waiting in vain!


Here's the production status now:

Augusta Fantasy, Augusta Sci-Fi and the All-Stars Daughters of the Orphanage (Command Group and Troops), have now begun shipping.

In 3 to 4 weeks, all the Rewards Selection that do NOT include Monsters&Machines, Yscarloth, the Centaurs and the Mounted Knights will have been shipped. 

This means that while virtually all TGG2 backers have already received a portion of their Rewards Selection, within the next 3-4 weeks, more than half of our backers will have received their entire Rewards Selection.

So, as you can see, there are delays. You may recall that one of the key things we had asked the foundry last year was to solve the release agent problem that was occasionally making some casts difficult to clean and paint. They tried several different approaches, and finally found a release agent that was the perfect solution. Many tests were made to confirm this, and with all the indicators to green, we all agreed on the process.

But once the moulds started getting into heavy rotation to produce the hundreds and thousands of casts needed to complete TGG2 fulfilment, the foundry progressively came to realise that this new agent was ageing the moulds much faster than usual.

This means that they have to redo the moulds much more frequently. This is adding to their workload and is at the same time reducing their planned output. So we are getting longer productions times than what we were quoted.

So we decided to bite the bullet on this and to continue the production so that all fulfilment gets done. But we are already looking into that problem and we are confident that we will soon find a solution just like we have in the past with the many challenges we've faced so far. At this time, we just don't want to stop the production and make you wait more while we are resolving this.

To minimise the impact of this situation for you, we have put in place a totally new logistics system. Normally, we should have received from the foundry in bulk the quantities we are ordered from the start, and we would have systematically run through all of your Rewards Selections, prepared them, and shipped them.

But instead, we are receiving the various models in small batches.

So while your Rewards Selection may appear to be fully 'In Stock', that is not necessarily the case. In fact, if it has not yet shipped, it is because we don't have enough of each model to send it to you all yet. Items have been going from 'In Stock' to 'Backordered' all the time: quantities change up and down nearly every day, as new stock comes in and new Rewards Selection go out. So I have updated the stock spreadsheet and replaced the 'In Stock' and 'Backordered' categories by 'In Production' to more accurately reflect what is going on.

However, we have access to an algorithm that allows us to maximise the distribution of available stock. Each time something come in, we instantly know where it can be allocated to maximise the number of backers whose complete Rewards can be shipped.

So every Rewards Selection is handled individually, instead of in bulk. Without going into a whole bunch of boring details, it has meant a lot more work, having to make 3 incompatible software talk together to set up the working algorithm. Yet in the end, it is very efficient. And as noted above, if the foundry can continue at its current rate, in 3 to 4 weeks, all the Rewards Selection that do not include Monsters&Machines + Yscarloth, the Centaurs and the Mounted Knights will have been shipped.

Those are in the pipeline. I know that you all would like something more specific in terms of schedule. This is very legitimate. Yet with the unexpected delays at the foundry, I am uncomfortable giving you production dates that may not be firm. What I can tell you is that everybody is working their tail off to make sure production happens as quickly as possible while maintaining our quality standards. I will give you more firm info as soon as I have it.

We understand how frustrating this may be for you, our backers. It's incredibly frustrating for us too. As you know, our work at the studio has been finished since last Fall on TGG2, aside for a few simple print preparations. 

But What Do People Think ?

Despite this setback, if you are still waiting for your rewards, it is important that you know that the overwhelming majority of the feedback we receive on the minis is extremely positive.
So, as Kristoffer wrote in his email above, we hope that you'll agree that “When waiting for something good, one is never waiting in vain!”. All the delay we experience are always because we absolutely refuse to cut corners and we'll do and re-do things several times so that you get the best possible products.

Here are a few of the messages we received, and for which we thank their authors wholeheartedly!

“Hey everybody,
Just wanted to drop you all a quick note. Recieved the last of my kickstarter order and everything looks great. I am really happy with how everything turned out. Oh, and the new way you guys are spinning the moulds... Brilliant. Detail is preserved better, less bubbling, and the 'sprue' border protects the model. Really dreading/looking forward to starting painting these models, there is just so much detail I hope I can do them justice. Just airing them out and starting to prep things soon. Again, excellent job with this model line.
Regards” – J. Christensen, March 22 2017 (via email)

“I have no problems with the delay, I am as always, looking forward to seeing what arrives, the miniatures are fantastic so far, both  from the original tgg1 and the items that I have so far received from tgg2, and I know these will live up to my expectations.” – M. Russel, Feb. 4 2017 (via email)

“Sol-Sarya, St Lady of the Birds
What a great mini! And I got it for free for being a returning babker for TGG2 Kickstarter! The quality of the sclupt is mind-blowing. Thank you UNKNOWN Raging Hero sculptor.” – D. Gutsucker , March 19 2017 (via Instagram)

“J'ai récemment reçu la deuxième vague de figurines et vous remercie pour la qualité du matériel. Elles rendent vraiment justice aux concepts dessinés pendant la campagne. Félicitations pour le travail abattu, de la conception à la livraison.” – J. Haesslein, March 22 2017 (via email)

What Else Is Going On?

Since the studio finished the TGG2 work quite a while back, we have been working on many other things. You already know about the upcoming Terrain Kickstarter project and the TGG game. There has been much development made on these 2 projects, including new art, new sculpts, and, of course, rules and extensive beta testing.

We'll have more on all of this in a special Update dedicated only to these projects in coming days, so stay tuned!

New 3D Print image

In the meantime, we have photos that you've never seen before of the 3D prints masters. Most of the Monsters & Machine are actually bigger than originally planned, so you are really getting a hell of a deal because their retail prices will be higher than planned, and in some cases, much higher...

Here are new photos of the Avatar of Shaah, which will be quite a sight on the tabletop:

Photos of the Spider Mother's parts, which is a totally massive piece as you can judge by these images:

By the way, the reason why we never show you fully assembled 3D prints is that the parts have to go to the foundry without any residues of glue, blue tack, or other adhesive substances.

New pictures of the War Pulpit, showing several assembled parts:

Several elements of the Dark Elves Draahk Chariot:

And finally, part of the huge Yscarloth:


General Release of the First TGG2 minis

What is crazy with the stock situation is that we have tons of stocks for most of the references that were produced last summer, such as the Freebies. And now that all of you who were eligible to Freebies have received them for quite some time, and we absolutely need to clear some space in our stock to accommodate new references that are being sent to us, we will start to release the Freebies to the general public.

We've written backgrounds for these characters and creates several videos for them. We want to give you, our TGG2 backers, an exclusive preview, so we'll be sending you a new Update featuring stories and videos in the next few days.

Packing and packing and packing, the office is full of boxes everywhere. Some days you cannot find a free spot where to stand.

A car expedition to the post office, fully packed with loads of TGG2 minis. We work with one of the biggest post office of the south of France, located directly at the Montpellier airport; they tell us that we are their biggest client for parcel shipping, which definitely means something.

Painting the TGG2 Minis

As you know, painting of the studio minis started a few weeks ago. It is a very delicate time as colour schemes need to be established and finding the exact look we are looking for is always a challenge, but we are pretty happy with what is coming up for the Sisters. Here are photos at various stages of completion.

New images of the painted Daughters of the Crucible. They are now just waiting for their bases to be done.

Newly painted Icariates ready to strike from the sky.

The Officer from the SF Sisters' Command Group

Archpapess Arthenya VI SF and her minions:

Here are Great Seraphim Erzebel's wings:

We are always quite excited to see how you, our backers, decide to paint the TGG2 minis. Today, we focus on Vizart Minis who has already painted a pretty big collection of TGG2 models. We really like what he has done and we thought it might also inspire you. You can find more of his work on his Facebook page.

The Minions:

The Minions


The Stingrays:



Sister Trematta and Zaraya:

Lady Melith:


New Videos

We are aiming to do more and more videos to help you get the best out of you Raging Heroes minis and to make you discover various aspect of the TGG universe. So this time, here is a video explaining  how to assemble and prepare the new version of our Manticore. If you recall, she was not unlocked in the Kickstarter, but we made her available to our backers at a discounted price.

Assembling Lady Kashala on Manticore:


Straightening bent resin parts:

Here is also a video about how to straighten bent resin parts. If you get extremely bent parts or if you want to make a conversion that requires re-positioning an important part of a mini, this video will answer your questions. Most of all, it will show you how simple it is to get the result you want.

A word of caution, though. The Raging Heroes team tend to behave like Vikings: they eat rocks, sleep on beds of nails and don't care about plunging their skin in boiling water. OUCH! Please, when you use hot water to bend resin, always be very careful and please

  • DO make sure the container you are using is very stable
  • DO place the container in a sink so that if hot water splashes, it won't splash on you
  • DO use tweezers to fish out the parts from the hot water, DON'T plunge your fingers in the hot water 


Removing from sprue delicate kits - Preparing the Mantis Warriors:

Finally, if you want to know how to prepare a delicate kit, like the Mantis Warriors, and how to un-sprue fine and delicate parts, this video is for you:


Well, that is all for today. Please stay tuned for some the aforementioned Updates in the next few days.

And remember: if you have questions or concerns, please contact us directly for a fast resolution, either via Kickstarter or via email at

TGG2 Update #67 – Casts Now Coming In

This is happening! The second wave of shipments for TGG2 is now starting!

Shipping plans

We are super excited to send you this update today as we are about to launch a massive shipping operation beginning this Monday!

We had hoped to start shipping about 2 weeks ago, but the foundry ran into a few unexpected quirks that they had to iron out. But this is now over and we are now being flooded with boxes and boxes of minis.

So this weekend we are preparing the very first parcels and start shipping on Monday.

If you visit the production status page, you'll see what minis have been produced.

However, keep in mind that the fulfilment is a massive task in itself, so we will spread the work over several weeks.

To be more specific:

  • If your pledge reward contains what is shown as currently available, your parcel will be shipped this month. 
  • If your pledge rewards contains the Mounted Knights Command Group and Troops (Sisters – Fantasy), Daughters of the Orphanage Command Group and Troops, Augusta Mother Superior (Fantasy and SF), Mahleezariah Lust Elf Matriach (F/SF), Shyveriah (Void Elf (SF)), the Centaurs Command Group and Troopers (Fantasy and SF), it will be shipped during March.
  • If your pledge rewards contains the Monsters and Machines listed in previous updates, that is, the Altar of the Succubi, Asharah on Pegasus, the Avatar of Shah, the Draahk Chariot, the Draahk Chariot with Horses, the Spider Mother, the War Pulpit, Yscarloth the Harverster of Flesh (Fantasy and SF), we expect these to start shipping between March and April (as these moulds will be made during the second half of February and they then need to be cast and shipped).
  • Please keep in mind that the metal version of the Heroines will be done last. I am unable to provide you with a ship date for those yet, but as soon as I can, I will let you know.
  • Also, contrary to what was planned, the Dark Elves Male bits are already available, as we have decided to directly 3D print them and send you these 3D prints.

We plan to pack and ship between 1000 and 1500 parcels every month until the fulfilment is done.

So, how do the minis look?

Well, we keep on being amazed every time we receive a box from the foundry! The minis are stunning! Look at these sisters, they look just like the 3D renders, maybe even better:

We have had very little time to assemble some for ourselves, so you might have yours ready to do battle before we even have a unit of each ready at the studio, but just looking at the sprues.... oh god! Which ones look best ? The Knights of the Chalice, the Worm Riders and the Draahks and Sol-Sarya, and, arghh... no... I can't choose...

If you are not in the mould making business or something similar, it is hard to realise what the foundry has been pulling off, but it is truly insane. Just look at the Knights of the Chalice sprue below. Observe the density and complexity of its layout, and you'll be able to understand how crazy it is to set up such an intricate contraption, knowing that, at time of mould vulcanizing, these little parts will have to stay in place while being engulfed in liquid melted rubber under 20 to 40 tons of pressure!!! And this is just one single step of the process...

So if you appreciate their work, don't hesitate to send them a little love in the comments or on our Facebook page as they really deserve it and we've been driving them nuts these last few months.

A little help coming your way

Some of the minis are pretty intricate so for the most complex ones, we will prepare assembly guides. We'll keep you posted on this.

We've also created several videos to show you how to correctly cut your minis from their sprues without damaging them, and how to clean, glue and prime them. We made them for several Heroines and Troops so that you can get a good feel for the process on different minis. You'll find the first one at the end of this Update, on how to prepare the Sci-Fi Sisters Regular.

Also, painting has started just this week. This means that we will have beautiful images to show you in future Updates, and also inspiration for you if you need some when you start to paint your TGG minis.

The Pledge Manager is closing for good!

To be able to process the shipments, we need to close the Pledge Manager, so please note that if you still want a little something, it is now or never! Hurry up, it will close this Wednesday, February 8, 2017.

What's next ?

Well, the TGG2 project is slowly but surely coming to its conclusion. It has been a hell of a ride and you made it way bigger than we expected (maybe naively, we didn't think it would be possible to do as good as TGG1) and the whole team has produced a massive set of minis with a quality that we think is even perhaps one notch higher than TGG1.

So now that you will have your TGG2 armies, what will you do with them? Here's a suggestion:

Our first game is now very much under way!

In the past few months, we told you about our plans to release a game with a set of 54mm minis. The game designers originally wrote and tested our first game as a 54mm game as we wanted to cautiously enter the game business with a project to test our base concepts for what will be our 28mm TGG wargame.

But very quickly, we realized that we had something that was going way beyond our original plan. The core system is at the same time super simple and yet so versatile that we started adding more and more options to the game. Very quickly, it became obvious that we should go straight to 28mm as it allows for more complex scenarios, more intricate game boards and, more than anything, that you can use your TGG 28mm minis in this game. We are not yet sure exactly in which form the final game will be, because it keeps on growing. But what we know for sure is that:

  • The game will come with a super cool modular board with 3D cardboard scenery.
  • You'll be playing in film-like settings, not just a series of small rooms and corridors. Imagine sets such as the giant lab of Doctor Von X, the bridge of Ardanna's Destroyer Starship, etc.).
  • Each of your TGG heroines will display her unique and flamboyant character through the gameplay.
  • And so much more...

Testing the 28mm version of the game using some Battle System scenery before we are done with a prototype version of our own board.
→ Testing the 28mm version of the game using some Battle System scenery before we are done with a prototype version of our own board.

And what about the Scenery Kickstarter ?

Ah, this project is at the same time so epic and so damn hard! The design involved in this is so complex that it makes our brains melt... Creating a fully modular environment that look like real architecture, and yet complies with the needs of gaming and the 28mm scale is a pain. 

If you missed the original info about this project, it is the project we gave to our creative team once the creative work on TGG2 was done.

The team first started working on modular buildings for KSTs and Sisters. Soon the project got SO big that we decided to just work on the Sisters' environment first.

The very epic concepts that we received from the concept artist are at the same time super exciting and frightening because of their epicness and scope. Honestly, they are so vast and big that we've so far refrained to show you anything before we could make sure that we would be able to re-interpret these building into something that will preserve their look while making them into something of a more reasonable size...

At this point, if we were to make a real world cathedral in 28mm scale, it would likely tower at about 2 meters high (6,5 ft) and it would be twice as long. Even if you have a very large game room, this might be a tad much...

So a lot of the work has been about finding tricks to bring these buildings down to a proper size, something that won't scare your spouse or your wallet shitless, yet that still look as towering and imposing as the true thing.

And we are finally getting there.

We don't have any completed pieces to show yet but it is now a matter of days before we can share some sneak peaks.
Well, ok... since you asked, here are two images:

First, some research on the gothic ornaments:

And here, a work-in-progress image of the front of our cathedral with Tania Tanker rolling up her sleeves before doing a little bit of masonry work.

So which will come first?

Well, we don't know yet as the game and the scenery projects have been moving at a very different pace. We will keep you posted on this, but it won't be long before we decide when and in what order things will happen. So, as usual, stay tuned for our next episode :)

New release: TGG Warbikes and Trikes available now!

It’s time to start the year with brand new wheels! Swirling around the enemy like dangerous hornets, the TGG bikers are ready to set your gaming table on fire…


We are proud to finally release the very popular bikes and trikes from the Toughest Gilrs Of The Galaxy. The Iron Empire, the KST and the Jailbirds all get their very own Warbikes Squad and Combat Trike.

Warbikes Squads includes 3 motorbikes with 3 different riders, 3 extra heads and 3 extra arms, while the Combat Trike package features one trike with 2 different riders. Their head and arms use the same customisable ball-joint assembly as the other TGG minis (e.g. troops, bikers, etc.)

And we are offering you the free shipping until next Monday (January, 16th) ! Just use the code SUPPORTCREW when checking out at (le code est aussi valide sur ).

New TGG release: 9 Heavy Weapons Teams!

It's time to upgrade your strike force with our new Heavy Weapons Teams. Finally available from the Toughest Girls Of The Galaxy collection, here comes the missing squad to complete your armed-to-the-teeth troops and lead them to victory.

The Iron Empire, the KST and the Jailbirds all get their own 3 different Heavy Weapons Team. Each squad comes with 1 artillery base, 2 different weapon mounts, 2 servants, 2 extra heads, 1 pair of alternative legs, 1 extra pair of arms, 1x40 mm round base and 2x25 mm round bases.

About the weapon mounts, the team #01 will open fire with a Mortar and a Cannon. Team #02 will intensify the attack with a Gatling and a Machine Gun, and Team #03 will finish the enemy with a Rocket Launcher and an Energy Gun.

Now, we're talking about some serious heavy artillery...

And you are lucky: we are offering FREE shipping until next Monday (January 16) ! Simply use the code SUPPORTCREW when you go through checkout at Le code est également valide sur

TGG2 Update #66 – Pledge Manager re-opens!

Moved? Need to change your shipping address?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you need us to change your shipping address, the ONLY WAY to do so if to NOTIFY US. Going forward, please use this new Change of Address form to do so. 

Note: Changing your address in your Customer Account has NO EFFECT on where you shipment goes: your original Rewards Selection has already moved to a different database which is NOT linked to your Customer Account.

Survey Results

Our Survey about Reopening the TGG2 Pledge Manager was very successful, with nearly 800 replies. (Click for Full report)

The results were massively in favour of re-opening the Pledge Manager, as you can see on the interactive image below:

→ So we are reopening the Pledge Manager, effective immediately. ←

Many of you also expressed an interest in purchasing additional shipments, as you can see on the full survey report.

This got us thinking that maybe we could do something more for you... So it took us a bit longer than planned to announce the re-opening of the Pledge Manager, because we used that time to work on reducing the price for additional shipments. Keep reading for more details!

Free Shipping

First, you'll be happy to know that Shipping is now Free when you go through the Pledge Manager a second time. We will combine your selection with your previous Rewards Selection.

(Note: If for some reason this is your FIRST time going through the Pledge Manager, then please know that we have just now adjusted your Store Credit to cover your shipping cost. Contact us directly (opens an email window) if anything is unclear.

Additional Shipments

Over the past few weeks, we were able to negotiate a special one-time deal with our shipping partners. We also reviewed how we could lower our in-house costs for this now that we've got you all set up in our shipping databases.

And the result is that we have been able to lower the shipping cost for additional shipments to $11.90 each, instead of the forecasted $14 we announced in our last Update. On top of this, if you recall, those who answered the survey now have an additional $5 Store Credit to spend, so if an extra shipment is something you want, it will only cost you $6.90!

To purchase additional shipments and understand when they will ship, head over to the EXTRA SHIPMENTS section and choose ADDITIONAL SHIPMENTS. All the details on how this will work are explained there. Remember that you must Sign In to see these pages...


After spending the last few months working with the foundry on many aspects of the manufacturing (better sprues, better gate systems, new mould layouts for more efficient picking, etc.), we finally sorted another issue that has been in the way for some time: a few batches of our minis were tricky to clean and even, if a few rare cases, nearly impossible to get the paint to stick to them.

As you can imagine, it was a major concern to us, especially because despite our many efforts and a crazy number of tests we did, it was nearly impossible to replicate the problem. Some of you were very helpful as they also ran their own tests in many different situations.

In the end, it turns out that on occasion, one of the release agents that was used by the foundry was generating a bad reaction with the resin, but only on certain occasions. The suppliers of the resin and of the release agents were unable to give an explanation on what could be happening.

So, the solution was to have a release agent specially formulated for us, based on the very particular specifications of our foundry and the unique requirements of resin spin-casting.

In the end, this means that the miniatures manufactured from now on will be a breeze to clean. While we still recommend, for best results, that you follow the cleaning instructions provided in each parcel we ship you, the tests we did showed that the miniature can be perfectly cleaned by washing them with dishwasher liquid and warm running water, then wiped dry with a paper towel. The wiping is important as it helps take away any film residue left over.

New Coasters and Bookmark

We have a bunch of brand-new drink mats for you, this time covering the evil girls of TGG2, that is, the Dark Elves and the Lust Elves. You'll be getting one or more of them in your shipments. And if you'd like more of them, they'll soon be available online for purchase in our regular shop.

We also have a brand-new bookmark, this time showcasing Ascended Sister Erzebel, Great Seraphim, and the Avatar of Shaah. It's a small thing, but we love to be able to have some extra goodies to give away to you our backers whenever we can!

Production Update

As planned, all the moulds for the Heroines and Troops are now done, and we have approved all their prototypes. The foundry is now in full casting mode for them. Once the bulk of that casting is done, the moulds for the Monsters and Machines will be created, then they too will be cast. Metal Heroines will also be done around that time. You can review our previous Update for more info on this process.

As always, you can follow the production schedule in real time to know when models become in stock. 

Casting Order

At this time, it is not possible to give you a precise order for casting the miniatures. We first want to focus on the most popular minis of the project: they are the Regular Sisters, and Erzebel. It allows us and the Foundry to fine-tune the work on the new moulds. But many other factors impact production, so the order will be altered dynamically every week, if not every day.

But of course, we are continuing to update our live production schedule. And if we can add some info on the casting order in the next few days, we will do that ASAP.

Remastering the Draahks

Finally, we wanted to share with you some more behind-the scene work. The thing is, we were not really happy with how the Draahks had turned out in the end. We felt they were a bit too small and that the miniatures were not doing justice to the sculpts. So, despite the extra cost, we scrapped the moulds and the casts, increased their sizes, reprinted the masters and went through the moulding process a second time. Now, they'll truly strike fear in the heart of your opponent when you'll deploy them on the gaming table.


And finally, the entire team extends our warmest wishes to you all for a happy and wonderful holiday season!

Take a break from the holiday frenzy, grab your favourite mug of tea, a hot spiced wine or some eggnog, and check out these images, which represent a sample of the prototype sprues that we've received over the last several weeks.

And as always, if you have any questions, concerns or issues, please contact us directly (opens an email window) at, or use the forms listed here.



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TGG2 Update #65 – The Foundry Is Hot!

After loosing so much time this summer because of the Paypal crisis, things are now back to full speed. As you can see in this update, there is plenty of prints and moulds and test spins done, and you'll also get more specific information about delivery dates and about our other projects. And don't forget the survey at the end, with a special bonus for you !!

New Prints - New Casts

If you have a hard time envisioning how massive our current output is, here are just a few of images of the minis that were printed and moulded since our last Update. Please keep in mind that not everything is shown here. For specific details on each model and its production status, please scroll down to the last section of this Update.

Production Update

In our last Update, we promised you we would go into more details on what's currently manufactured and how our new workflows impact the production.

Some of you have been concerned about the fact that we did not share much info about when the next shipments would start to happen. Of course, we understand that you want to get your Rewards as soon as possible, yet it is always tricky to give precise planning information as there are always the chance of a few mishaps happening that might just delay the production a bit more. So we try to stay very prudent every time we give you dates.

But today, we are very happy to announce that the work we put in to upgrade the workflow and processes has been super positive. Everything we had planned regarding manufacturing has been running right on schedule for the past few weeks!

From an outside perspective, this might seem perfectly normal, but if you look at the amount of minis that moved into production, got moulded, and are now ready to be cast since the last Update, you may realise that this is nothing short of extraordinary. We don't think that even the biggest names in the industry output more than this in a full year. Anyway, we are currently keeping up with our best projections, that is, outputting a full unit every day!

Why update the workflows?

If you are among those who've been commenting on why we once again chose to update our workflows, well, it's precisely for this: to finally be able to get the kind of output rate we are now getting. Thanks to your backing our project and your constant support, Raging Heroes has grown in a very short time from its early days as a small craft studio. This transition continues to be a massive daily challenge on each and every member of our team, and of our suppliers.

We are doing more and more parts of our business (design/creating/production/sales/marketing/logistics/etc.) fully in house. Ultimately, this integration means more and more efficiency on all level and the current 3D Printing / Mould Making process is a perfect exemple of that.


When Will You Get Your Rewards?

As creating the moulds for all Troops and Heroines will be done by very early December, the Foundry will then enter a massive casting phase for all of December. The improvement we have made to the production process with the pizza pie Family moulds (which we showed you in our previous Update) means that we will have a faster and more effective process of picking, quality control, and packing, thereby speeding delivery.

Consequently, this means that the next round of shipments would start in January for the bulk of our backers, and possibly earlier for some of you. We look forward to working with the Foundry in this upcoming casting phase to more accurately forecast the delivery process for you.

What If Your Rewards Selection Includes the Avatar of Shaah, the Altar of the Succubi, or any of the other Creatures/War Machines?

If these models are part of your Rewards Selection:
  • Yscarloth, The Harvester of Flesh SF and Fantasy
  • Avatar of Shaah Fantasy/SF
  • War Pulpit SF
  • Asharah on Pegasus Fantasy
  • Spider Mother SF/Fantasy
  • Draahk Chariot Fantasy
  • Altar of the Succubi Fantasy
  • Horse Chariot Fantasy

... it is pretty likely that the moulds for these models will be created towards the end of December. However, before giving you any precise scheduling on this, we need to see the speed rate of the casting production process. So we'll have more to share with you on this in our next Update.

That being said, the first one to be moulded and cast will be the Avatar of Shaah, the most popular of our Monsters and Machines. So it is very likely that the shipments of Rewards containing the Avatar of Shah will start in late January. And the others will follow.

Next Kickstarters

You may remember that we announced a scenery Kickstarter for November... But as you might have noticed, this campaign has not yet launched. One of the reasons we are always reluctant about making announcements on what is coming is that much happens while we develop projects: new ideas come up, new concepts, new twists... Very often, it feels like it would be quite sad not to give that some extra time in order push the best of these ideas to fruition. So we decided to allow more time to this project.

During this Fall, two things happened. First, there were a few pretty big projects running on Kickstarter in November, and so it felt that the timing to launch our campaign was not optimal. Then, we received new concepts for the Sisters of Eternal Mercy's fortifications and other buildings. They were so crazily good that, in turn, new interesting ideas popped up and so, it made a lot of sense to reorganise this Scenery project.

So, since there will be much more than expected for this gothic themed scenery, we have decided to push back the whole Scenery Project a little, and break it up in 3 distinct Kickstarter projects.

  • The first one will be the Sisters / Gothic theme.
  • The two other ones will be KST scenery, split in 2 different projects: brutalist/Art Deco/Soviet-looking fortifications, and a Ghost in the Shell-type urban environment.

The idea of splitting the Scenery Project in 3 will have several positive impacts:

  • It gives us more time to design more awe-inspiring constructions
  • We are likely to have all the 3D work done before we even launch each Kickstarter project
  • Fulfilment for each project will go much faster as the Foundry will only have one third of the Scenery to manufacture at a time.
  • If you are very excited about these pieces, it will allow you to spread your expenditures over a longer time period.

So we definitely think this will be a win-win for everybody.

So, will it really look cool?

Well, here is a sample of something we are working on.

Imagine some sort of labyrinthine construction into which the Sisters store their massive knowledge and prayer tomes. Something like a giant underground library that would make The Name of the Rose's one look ridiculously simple.

We've designed this environment, as well as the others we are working on, as a series of building blocks from which you'll be able to create simpler, smaller, but gorgeous and evocative structures all the way to a massive convention-like table. In fact, to be honest, we think you might have rarely seen convention sceneries as awesome as what we are preparing for you...

What About Games???

We are working hard on this. We had a first set of alpha tests last month, and we have another series all of next week.

We currently have 2 games in development. They somehow run on the same DNA and are very complementary in terms of development. What it means is that working on one help us finesse the concepts of the other.

Of course, one is the 28mm TGG game. The other, also set in the TGG universe, is a 54mm game for up to 5 players. This will be a fast and fun game where you'll be able to unleash your inner megalomaniac super-villain...

So stay tuned! We can't wait to share more on these 2 projects.

Production Status

If you have not taken a look recently at our live production spreadsheet, here's a quick summary of what's going on (as of Wednesday Nov. 16. Please note that this spreadsheet is updated every day or so. 

Status: 5/ Back-ordered
These 5 models are back-ordered, but they should be back in stock within 14 days:

  • Shiveriah, Sorceress Fantasy
  • Lady Kashala, Dark Elf General Fantasy
  • Santa Dolores, The Lady of Sorrow, Psychic Seer Fantasy/SF
  • Arkiish, The Black Reaper Fantasy
  • Silkeeriss, Hunter Pack Leader Fantasy

Status: 4/ In Stock
There are 44 items in this category, or 45 items when we count the Freebies box (which is made up of items from this list, but which does take a while to assemble). All of you who made their Rewards Selection before July 28 have already received most of these items. Some of you missed out on some, because we could not anticipate their success. The reorders were made over the months of September and October, and will be shipped along with the remainder of your Rewards Selection.

  • 3 Stingrays - Troopers Fantasy
  • 3 Stingrays - Troopers SF
  • 3 Stingrays - Command Group Fantasy
  • 3 Stingrays - Command Group SF
  • 5 Daughters of the Crucible - All Stars Troopers SF
  • 5 Daughters of the Crucible - All Stars Command Group SF
  • 5 Mantis Warriors - Troopers Fantasy/SF
  • 5 Mantis Warriors - Command Group Fantasy/SF
  • Sisters' MINIONS Fantasy/SF
  • Manticore (NOT unlocked) Fantasy
  • Arthenya VI The Archpapess SF
  • Sister Altarii Fantasy
  • Asharah TGG2 SF
  • Asharah TGG2 Fantasy
  • Sister Altarii SF
  • The Huntress Fantasy
  • Sister Trematta, Field Resurectrix Fantasy
  • Zaraya, Pilgrim Priestess SF
  • The Huntress SF
  • Lady Darkryss Fantasy
  • Zaraya, Pilgrim Priestess Fantasy
  • Sister Trematta, Field Resurectrix SF
  • Arthenya VI, The Archpapess Fantasy
  • Silkeeriss, Hunter Pack Leader SF
  • Lady Darkryss SF
  • Kraash SF
  • Lady Kashala, Dark Elf General SF
  • Kraash Fantasy
  • Tobias the Tenacious (Sisters' Mascot) 
  • Vladimir the Virtous (Sisters' Mascot) 
  • Violet (Dark Elves Mascot) 
  • Sister Ardanna, Pillar of the Faith Fantasy/SF
  • Sister Celenia, Scout Fantasy/SF
  • Doralys, Virgin Oracle Fantasy/SF
  • Rithali-in, Expiatrix Fantasy/SF
  • Sinzirith, Blood Vestal High Priestess Fantasy/SF
  • Sephea, Executrix Champion Fantasy/SF
  • Xarsiss, Harpie Queen Fantasy
  • Lady Melith, Lust Elves Courtesan Fantasy/SF
  • Shaliah, Death Dancer Soloist Fantasy/SF
  • Zailith, Blood Vestal Secultrix Fantasy/SF
  • Liligrith, Exsanguinatrix Fantasy/SF
  • Vanvyssah, Lust Elves General Fantasy/SF
  • Onyx, Master Assassin Fantasy/SF
  • (The Freebies kit is included in this list)

Status: 3B/ Ready to Cast
The production moulds for these 34 items are ready. The casts prototypes have been validated. The moulds will be spun as soon as everything that is in category '3A/ Moulds in Progress' is finished. So we are looking at A LOT of spinning in December.

  • 5 Daughters of the Orphanage - All Stars Troopers Fantasy
  • 5 Daughters of the Orphanage - All Stars Command Fantasy
  • 5 Sisters Regular Troopers - Troopers SF
  • 5 Skinners - Troopers SF
  • 5 Sisters Regular Troopers - Command Group SF
  • 5 Sisters Regular Troopers - Troopers Fantasy
  • 5 Davidians - Troopers SF
  • 5 Davidians - Command Group SF
  • 5 Blood Vestals - Troopers Fantasy
  • 5 Angels - Troopers Fantasy
  • 5 Flesh Eaters - Troopers Fantasy
  • 5 Skinners - Command SF
  • 5 Flesh Eaters - Command Group Fantasy
  • 5 Sisters Regular Troopers - Command Group Fantasy
  • 5 Angels - Command Group Fantasy
  • 5 Icariates - Troopers SF
  • 5 Icariates - Command Group SF
  • 5 Blood Vestals - Command Group Fantasy
  • 5 Blood Vestals - Command Group SF
  • 5 Blood Vestals - Troopers SF
  • 3 Vestal Riders - Troopers Fantasy
  • 3 Vestal Riders - Command Group Fantasy
  • 5 Hunters - Troopers SF
  • 5 Hunters - Command Group SF
  • Ascended Sister Erzebel, Great Seraphim Fantasy / SF
  • Sister Reyallia, Sanctifier of the First Legion Fantasy
  • Sister Reyallia, Sanctifier of the First Legion SF
  • Mahleezariah, Lust Elves Matriarch (new name) Fantasy/SF
  • Augusta, The Mother Superior Fantasy
  • Augusta, The Mother Superior SF
  • Angel wings for Icariates x5 
  • 1 Sister Regular with Flame Thrower 
  • 1 Sister Regular with Fusion Gun 
  • 1 Sister Regular with Heavy Submachine Gun 

Status: 3A/ Moulds in Progress
There are 44 items in this category, and they are swiftly moving up to the next one.
The 30 Troops will be done first, and should move up in 7 to 14 days.
The 14 Heroines will be done immediately after, and are expected to be done in less than a week.

  • 3 Mounted Knights - Troopers Fantasy
  • 3 Mounted Knights - Command Group Fantasy
  • 3 Worm Riders - Troopers Fantasy
  • 3 Worm Riders - Command Group Fantasy
  • 5 Death Dancers - Troopers Fantasy
  • 5 Death Dancers - Command Group Fantasy
  • 5 Blade Maidens - Troopers Fantasy
  • 5 Executrix Regular Troopers - Troopers SF
  • 5 Long Swords Regular Troopers - Troopers Fantasy
  • 5 Executrix Regular Troopers - Command Group SF
  • 5 Long Swords Regular Troopers - Command Group Fantasy
  • 5 SpearWomen - Command Group Fantasy
  • 5 Crossbowmen Command Fantasy
  • 5 SwordWomen - Command Fantasy
  • 5 Blade Maidens - Command Group Fantasy
  • Shiveryah, Sorceress SF
  • 5 SpearWomen - Troopers Fantasy
  • 5 Crossbowmen - Troops Fantasy
  • 5 SwordWomen - Troopers Fantasy
  • 5 Knights of the Chalice - Command Group SF
  • 5 Knights of the Chalice - Troopers SF
  • 5 Harpies - Troopers Fantasy
  • 5 Harpies - Command Group Fantasy
  • 3 Draahk Riders - Troopers Fantasy
  • 3 Draahk Riders - Command Group Fantasy
  • 3 Centaurs Fantasy - Troopers Fantasy
  • 3 Centaurs SF - Troopers SF
  • 3 Centaurs SF - Command Group SF
  • 3 Centaurs Fantasy - Command Group Fantasy
  • 5 HalberdWomen - Troopers Fantasy
  • 5 HalberdWomen - Command Group Fantasy
  • Varanith, Captain of the Draahk Riders Fantasy
  • Varaseesh, The Venomous Fantasy
  • Sol-Sarya, Priestess of the Sun of Thorns Fantasy
  • Templar Mona de Costemore, Demon Slayer Fantasy
  • Sol-Sarya, Priestess of the Sun of Thorns SF
  • Templar Mona de Costemore, Demon Slayer SF
  • Varaseesh, The Venomous SF
  • Senshyrha, Slave Master SF
  • Senshyrha, Slave Master Fantasy
  • Keshyrii, Centaur Heroine Fantasy
  • Keshyrii, Centaur Heroine SF
  • Mistress Slithiss, Excruciatrix SF
  • Mistress Slithiss, Excruciatrix Fantasy

Status: 2/ Sculpted (and awaiting 3D printing and moulding)
There are 12 references in this category. The first 2 will move up to '3A/ Moulds in Progress' within the next 5 days. The remaining ones (mainly Creatures and WarMachines) will deliberately NOT be Moulded for several weeks, while the Foundry shifts its focus from Moulding to Casting.

  • Xehzirhya, Demon Steed Rider Fantasy
  • Xehzirhya, Demon Steed Rider SF
  • Yscarloth, The Harvester of Flesh SF
  • Yscarloth, The Harvester of Flesh Fantasy
  • Avatar of Shaah Fantasy/SF
  • War Pulpit SF
  • Asharah on Pegasus Fantasy
  • Spider Mother SF/Fantasy
  • Draahk Chariot Fantasy
  • Altar of the Succubi Fantasy
  • Horse Chariot Fantasy
  • And all Male Elves Bits

Status: 1/ WIP
This category is empty. Everything is done.


Reopening of the Pledge Manager? Additional Shipments?

And to end this Update, we need your feedback:

  1. Would you like us to re-open the Pledge Manager?
    As the Christmas season is approaching, this would allow you to add more stuff to your Rewards Selection and get it sent over with your second shipment?

  2. Also, if your Rewards Selection includes one of the larger items (which won't be ready at the same time as the Troops and the Heroines), would you want to be able to purchase an additional shipment, so that you can get your Heroines and Troops as soon as they are ready, and the large items later in another shipment? The cost for this would be $14.

To reply, please complete this one-minute survey no later than Wednesday, November 23, and to thank you, we'll add a bonus $5 Store Credit to your TGG2KS account for you to spend if/when the Pledge Manager is reopened. 

We'll share the results in our next Update!

Edit (Nov. 22): Also, don't hesitate to leave a comment and tell us what you think about The Toughest Sceneries of the Galaxy... (Note: Comments are moderated to avoid SPAM, of which there can be A LOT; they are approved once a day on the 3 days that follow the publication, and less frequently after that.)

Super Moon Wolves Special Deals! Three days only: Nov. 13-15, 2016

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So we're having very exclusive Super Moon Wolves Special Deals in our webshop! The perfect opportunity to get either some of our classic Cyberwolves (in VERY limited quantities), or all our most recent insane and unique TGG WereSheWolves for a great price! And we've also added Sniper Extraordinaire Karmina Noxx and Commander Elektra Eisenstein, as they both turn unto WereSheWolves on the battlefield!

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TGG2: Update #64 – The Halloween Update

Happy Halloween! 

As grizzly ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal our doom...

we've decided to move this and future Updates to the blog, as the big bad souls of the world-wide web have given us a run for our money over the past few months. So keep reading for exciting news on production updates AND a special Halloween offer...

We may have now entered the season of less visually exciting Updates are there are no more new sculpts to share with you, and a lot more technical stuff to talk about. However, we think we are in a very exciting time nonetheless, as in the past two months, we've been making massive progress on nearly every aspect of the production process!

October was mostly dedicated to implementing new workflows and ideas, and we are now reaping the results of an extensive reorganisation in production. You'll get many of the technical facts below, but mostly, despite the amazing complexity of the TGG2 miniatures, our 3D printing pipeline as well as the moulding side of the foundry are now getting to outputting one unit every day. This is totally mind-blowing!

Read on for more details and other news!

production cast of Augusta

Augusta - size comparison

Let's Start by what's most Important: the Progress of the Production

First, to clarify things, we realise that the Production Status online spreadsheet with which you can track what's going on has become a bit misleading. If you've been following this document, you might feel like: “I don't get it, things are going into production, and then, never come out of it...”. And so, you might feel that not a lot of progress is made.

But that's not the case, a lot is happening!

The reason for this is that, as we have been working closely with the foundry to redefine the manufacturing pipeline, we realised that it would be much more effective to have nearly all the moulds done before we start spinning them.

So, it means that everything that gets moulded shows up stuck in the In Production category, and doesn't move to the In Stock category because we are doing all the production moulds first before we spin them. To reflect this, we will add a new category in the tracking spreadsheet. This will be done this week. So you will have a clearer view of what's going on.

Overall, we are pushing for having all the Troops and Heroines production moulds done by the end of November. We are still working out the order of production for the bigger pieces such as the Altar of the Succubi, the Avatar of Shah, etc.

Better Focus and Speed

Allowing the entire foundry team to focus on the very delicate task of mould-making ensures more efficiency and quality, and allows us to optimise this process. The same will happen when the foundry starts spinning the production moulds, as the more senior members of the team, who usually focus mostly on mould-making, will be fully available and part of the spinning process, again guaranteeing better quality and improved efficiency.

We now have attained our aim of outputting the production moulds for one new unit every day at the foundry!!!

This is a pretty amazing feat, considering the tasks involved in making this happen. Of course, this is our ideal production plan, which is occasionally slowed down with the occasional breakdowns but overall, this is now going very well.

Improved Quality

In the last Update, we told you about our new 'Pizza Pie' layout system for the Troops. We now have production casts of these, and they look most excellent!

Overall, they allow for less intrusive gates (the connections between sprue and miniature which feeds the resin into the parts), and for us, they simplify the whole packing process with more accurate and speedier picking and sorting while making the sprue more robust.

Creating moulds for a full unit box (we call them Family Moulds) instead of having one mould for each single one miniature of the unit considerably speeds up the mould-making process. It came with other challenges for picking and packing, but we found ways to successfully solve them and so, we are also working on a similar process for the Heroines so they can eventually fit in blister packs once they are commercially released.

The Pizza Pie casts

The Big Paypal Problem

You may have noticed that during the summer, we took down the Paypal payment option in the Pledge Manager. At that time, we did not go into the details of why we did that, because we did not want to unnecessarily risk alarming anybody about something we knew would eventually be resolved. However, we went through a pretty rough time there. If you read our Risks and Challenges section on the Kickstarter, where we compare a KS campaign to a long journey at sea, well, this certainly qualifies as a Category 4 storm!!!

To give you a quick and simple explanation, Paypal can freeze an account and retain all the funds in it until they are given proof that the activity is legit and not a scam. This usually works well with regular businesses. However, when it comes to crowdfunding, Paypal does not have a history of being fair and thorough with project creators. We won't go into the details here, as we are still pondering what actions we might take now that this has been resolved. But just so you know, Paypal tends to say black one day and white the next, or, as one of their representative plainly told us: “Our policies change all the time”, and “I cannot put anything I am asking you in writing”.

The amount involved was staggeringly high. It forced us to make huge adjustments to our production plans. It altered staffing, as you can imagine, as we had to pause the work with some of our regular collaborators. We had to negotiate with our suppliers who thanks to our long-term relationship building, agreed to temporarily act as our bankers. Our careful approach to managing funds over the entire Kickstarter paid off, as we were able to draw on (and complete deplete) all of our reserves to get that first wave of shipments out as quickly as possible and keep operating our business.

The situation was resolved earlier this month, but it took an enormous amount of work and energy to get through it. All this was made by Paypal to supposedly protect you, the customer whereas instead, it made the delivery of the Rewards much more problematic. Had we been a younger company, less organised or less careful, it could have easily sank the project.

Nevertheless, onward and forward, and we are now nearing the end of our journey in calmer waters.

And Other Creepy Stories about the Internet Giants...

Oh, and by the way, Paypal was not the only one to have fun with us. Facebook decided to close our Asharah Raging page and then took two months to start answering our messages.

Google threatened to remove us from their search engine, and I'm still at a loss to figure out what they want.

And Kickstarter still has the sh#@!ty interface that makes every update we make super-long to upload and edit, which sealed the decision to move our Updates away from there.

We're now waiting from Instagram and Twitter to put us in their crosshair ;)

But hey, it's Halloween! Let's party tonight!

Faster 3D Prints Turnaround

One of the impact of the Paypal situation was that it prevented us from getting a new software that considerably speeds up and improves the 3D print workflow. For this software, we were dealing with a new supplier, and so we had to wait to have the cash on hand before being able to proceed on this. It created a bottleneck of nearly 2 months for a product that does in about 30 seconds what can otherwise take half a day to make. You can easily imagine the impact on production.

This has now been implemented, and you can expect most of the remaining miniatures that still show on the Production Status online spreadsheet as Sculpted to be upgraded to In Production within the next 2 weeks. 

Why We Keep Updating Our Wokflows

We already told you that in our previous update, but it bears repeating; what we are doing with the foundry is a major overhaul of the whole manufacturing process, from the time a 3D sculpt is finished to the time the miniature is put in a ziploc bag.

You might think: “Oh, you have already told us several time that you are revamping your workflows.” This is absolutely true. You might also be wondering: “Why do you keep on changing stuff?” The truth is that with a team that has been multiplied by 3 in just about two years and sculpts that in TGG2 have become so complex that technically, they have little in common with the TGG1 (let alone with the minis we did before that), we cannot stand still, do business as usual and hope for the best. We know that the foundry team is reading this update, and we want to take this opportunity to thank them for their hard work and dedication, as well as their willingness to work with us to improve practices and workflows to achieve the impossible.

Still Reading?

We know that is already a wall of text, so we'll stop now, and have another Update in a few days with additional information concerning re-opening the Pledge Manager, purchasing extra shipments, showing you the next TGG2 beer mats which will be included in your Rewards shipment, and fresh news on our 2 upcoming Kickstarters (Terrain and Game).

Halloween Promo: Harry Gets Lost in Zombie Land!

Head over here for 50% off on selected items with this discount code: PUMPKIN
But don't wait. Deal ends on the night of November 1!

TGG2: Update #63 – News from the Creative, Production and Logistics Department

You may be wondering why you haven't heard from us a bit earlier this month. Well, a good way to summarise this is that August and the beginning of September have been pretty intense. Not a lot of sexy stuff, but a massive amount of work nonetheless.

As you may already know, Raging Heroes is made up of three key departments: Creative, Production and Logistics. As the Creative work of TGG2 was completed at the beginning of the summer, the Creative team has now moved on to other projects (Scroll down to the Creative section to find out more about what's coming up). 

Also, please note that we've got a SALE with FREE SHIPPING going on in our regular shop!

Both Production and Logistics department are currently in full swing to manage the completion of TGG2 and everything related. Because of that, this Update is split in 2 sections, so you can have a better understanding of what is going on and who is doing what.

Oh, and just so you know... now that the sculpting is done, we did a few calculations of what the Creative Team has accomplished: in total, the number of individual characters, vehicles and mounts created and sculpted adds up to a staggering 450 sculpts. This is about twice as much as the number of sculpts created for TGG1!!!

All these sculpts were made in about 300 working days. This works out to 1.5 sculpts every day!

News from the PRODUCTION and LOGISTICS Departments

Over 3,300 Parcels have already been Shipped!

First of all, for reasons which we shall share with you in a forthcoming Update, shipping the TGG2 took truly epic proportions. The entire team at the studio stopped whatever they were working on and started packing, sorting orders, answering messages, and running to the Post Office with cars filled to the brim with parcels. As you can see in the picture below, there was a point where most of the workspace was filled with bags and bags and bags...

bags, bags and more bags of minis
Bags, bags and more bags of minis


On our way to the post office
On our way to the post office


empty stocks after a few crazy weeks of shipping
Empty stocks after a few crazy weeks of shipping

We are still waiting for some of you to get in contact with us so that you can choose your Rewards. So please get in contact as soon as you can.

Dealing with your Enquiries

Unfortunately, as always, mistakes can happen. If there was anything wrong with your shipment, please head over to this page and complete the appropriate form.

You would not believe the kind of crazy stuff that can happen during a Kickstarter fulfilment.

For example, we got a message from one of our US backers who wondered why the tracking of his package was showing that it was on its way to a faraway land... We discovered that he had entered CA for California in the Country field instead of the State field... And so the parcel was on its merry way to Cambodia!

Then there were the lucky few who got their parcel shipped twice, because the printer jammed and ended up printing their Rewards Selection twice. These errors were usually discovered the evening that the parcels had been dropped off to the Post Office, when we were entering the tracking numbers in the system...

Not to mention the on-again, off-again threat of the Canada Post strike, which meant we packaged but had to store those shipments upon individual Canadian backers' requests, concerned that their shipment would be held off for weeks... (In the end, the strike never happened.)

And then, there were the English backers who wondered about customs and shipping fee if Brexit were to be effective... (No change for at least 2 years, as it turned out.)

There are many little stories like that, that keep happening every week.

Ioana answering your messages
Ioana answering your messages

Still got questions or concerns? Please contact us directly through the forms on this page.

Vacations and Staff Changeovers

Then of course, there were many vacation days accrued to our collaborators, and they kindly waited for the bulk of the shipments to happen before taking off. So from late August to early September, the place was a bit of a ghost office.

And then, with the end of our key TGG2 activities, some members of the team arrived at the end of their mission with us and went off to other projects, whether permanently or for a few months. We wish them all good luck for their new ventures. Of course, on our end, this meant some internal reorganisation and reassignment of duties.

For example, those of you who have been in touch with our Customer Service have most likely been in contact with Sandrine. While Sandrine is still with us, she had moved on to other missions and work with us less often, so Ioana has taken over. The transition slowed down the department for a bit, but the good news is that your messages can now be responded in one of 4 languages: English, French, Romanian and Italian!

Upgrading the Production

This time in a Kickstarter project is also very special for us because, now that sculpting and shipping is done, it is a period were we can focus very strongly on making every aspect of the production better.

Thank to your feedback on your TGG2 minis, we can spot things that may have been missed before, as well as uncover recurring issues.

Of course, our focus is always on the quality of your models. That's the reason why we've been doing a massive overhauling of the printing as well as the mould-making process. It's a tough decision to make, because it means that the production is slowed down or partly halted (which is why you haven't seen a lot of updates on this document until now), but the delay is always worth it.

- 3D Printing

We have completely transformed our 3D printing pipeline. This is really huge!!! We have multiplied our 3D printing capacity by over 400%. This not only means that we can print much more rapidly, but it also means that we can more easily test stuff for a much more reasonable cost.

For example, below is something we could never have done before: a test print of the massive Erzebel. Now, as you can see, the print is crappy and very low-rez, but just being able to do that allows us to check proportions, assembly, and more in a way that is incredibly effective.

Crappy, low rez Erzebel test print for size purpose
Crappy, low rez Erzebel test print for size purpose


Printing tons of stuff
Printing tons of stuff


It might be hard to believe, but these are Blade Maidens
It might be hard to believe, but these are Blade Maidens

We also took the time to test several different software for the 3D printing tasks. Without going into the boring technical details, we can tell you that some of the solution we have encountered makes many improvements on all levels.

Working closely with the foundry, we have also determined a new system for splitting the miniatures in several different parts. In the end, it will mean cleaner casts and gates (a gate is the part that attaches a mini to its sprue) that are more optimally positioned.

- Foundry

First, let's start by acknowledging what an amazing job the foundry does for us. Yes of course, miscasts and other problems can happen. But if you are not versed into the technical aspects and know-how of mould-making and casting, it is probably hard to appreciate how the casting of the TGG2 Kickstarter is such a big leap up from TGG1. In the end, you might not see the difference, but TGG2 miniatures are so much more complex, intricate and full of details that for the foundry to be able to cast our minis is almost like pure science-fiction.

The deadly beautiful Malheezariah
The deadly beautiful Malheezariah

But of course, just like us, the Foundry team is not the sort of guys who sit on their laurels. So in the past few weeks, we've been engaged in much testing and brainstorming on how we can make sure that the quality of the cast always remain at the top level and that the way the miniatures are laid out in the moulds helps us to have less mistakes made in the packing department.

A truly big character
A truly big character

Below, you can see two new types of layout that we have been experimenting with. The 'pizza slice' system seems to have a lot of potential for many reasons. And if it is the system that we choose to go with, it might even yield special bonuses for you that were not even planned before. To our knowledge, no other brand has done this before. It's nothing big or exceptional, but I'm sure you will appreciate it...

A test for a new type of mould layout
A test for a new type of mould layout


The soon to be famous pizza slice mould technology
The soon to be famous pizza slice mould technology

And, with the massive influx of new moulds and stock for TGG2, we've also had to reorganise our workspace. The foundry is already ahead of us, as they've now built many new shelves and stacks to accommodate all the new moulds, current and upcoming. And our end, we are still in the process of moving stuff around and adding shelves everywhere.

more moulds, more shelves, more moulds, more...
More moulds, more shelves, more moulds, more...

Production Update

So, as you can see, we have been far from idle, even with the vacation time. But since our available time has been mostly taken up with process improvements, it means that the production itself slowed down a bit. However, this work is absolutely crucial for the good health of any project, and this was the best time to do it. But the production pace is already picking up. All the Troops' 3D printing will be finished at the end of next week, which is a massive achievement! And the printing of Heroines will be done most likely the week after that. Then, we'll finish the printing process with the Monsters and Machines.

The production schedule at the foundry will somewhat follow the same order, except for the most popular items, which we will try to place earlier in the queue.

If you are still waiting for some Rewards, please stay tuned for our next Update as our planning should be much clearer by then. Meanwhile, keep an eye on our Production page which is updated in real-time.

Blood Vestals just out of the 3D printer
Blood Vestals just out of the 3D printer


Daughters of the Orphanage
Daughters of the Orphanage

Your Feedback on the Models

When we opened the Pledge Manager earlier this summer, it was really great for us to be able to interact directly with so many of you, and to feel your excitement about the upcoming TGG2 miniatures. From the massive amount of positive comments we received when you got your minis, it looks like they have lived up to your expectations and maybe in some case exceeded them. After so much hard work, it is a great reward for the team to get this praise and to feel that we've made you happy. So here are few of these comments and messages:

Dux: " Just got the first wave of my TGG2 models last night, and I'm just blown away by the details. These gals look so gorgeous. " (Facebook - September 2016)

Christopher : "Amazing details in these figures. What a fantastic job you have done.Feel proud to be a backer on this project.Thanks!" (Facebook - September 2016)

Benoit : "Hey Raging. I just received my models from you and I have to say you have outdone yourself again!!! I am so happy with the money I have spend with you. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work." (Facebook - September 2016)

Solène : "Yesterday i just came back from the ETC in Greece and i saw i had a package waiting. I opened it and instantly drooled all over your models. They are gorgeous, stupendious, well detailed and amazing. These girls look so though and sooo sexy at the same time! I have to stop myself from spending even more money on them ! Thank you so much" (TGG2KS - August 2016)

Stefan : "Hey you awesome Raging Heroes Team :) Thanks you for your great work <3 The Minis are perfect .... so perfect that i want to ask you if i can maybe get a bit MOAAAAAAAAAARRRR AWESOME RAGING MINIS :DDDDD I know the Manager closed with 10. August but... i can write you so i try :P Wish you all all the best, be AWESOME like all the time ^^" (TGG2KS - August 2016)

Li Keel : "Hi Team, First of all, let me just take the time to remark on the quality of the models, amazing, I am super impressed with these models and dunno how you beat your last kickstarter but.. it happened. So great job on that. I'd also like to use this time to thank you for the service you are providing. I cannot begin to understand how much effort the entire raging heroes team must put in to make this all possible. So really guys, thank you, your models are impeccable and your service is amazing." (Mail RHTeam - August 2016)

Veronika : "Hi, I would just like to let you know I have received the first shipment of freebies and two more heroines and they are absolutely outstanding. I haven't touched them in any way yet, still waiting for them to air out as you recommended, but all the details... I expected top quality from you after previous experience, I drooled over the renders, but this is a whole different level. They are so small! So lovely and full of character! Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work, dedication and pure artistry. Best regards - Veronika" (TGG2KS - August 2016)

You also sent us some pretty cool pics:

A wonderful Arthenya VI from Australia, if I'm correct
A wonderful Arthenya VI from Australia, if I'm correct


Great bunch of Sisters by Omegamarine
Great bunch of Sisters by Omegamarine (Canada)


A sexy Shiveryah by Astadriel
A sexy Shiveryah by Astadriel


A great looking Xarsiss spotted at the Gencon
A great looking Xarsiss spotted at the Gencon


A gorgeous Shaliah by our own Claudia Zuminich, the only member of the team who manages to paint some TGG minis. I think she has completely given up on sleep.
A gorgeous Shaliah by our own Claudia Zuminich, the only member of the team who manages to paint some TGG minis. I think she has completely given up on sleep.


What about the Occasional Miscast?

However, we are fully aware that unfortunately, some of you received a few less than optimum models. Despite all of our efforts, there were a few miscasts in a few batches that escaped our attention. We have to admit that at the time, the fact that this happened was a bit of a mystery for us. All our miniatures are double, and sometimes triple-checked. And yet, despite this, some miscasts slipped through.

After investigation, it looks like some of the specific information given for quality control would occasionally get lost or distorted through the chain of command. We have put steps in place to fix this. We also effected some staff changes. And of course, we completed this by reviewing and upgrading our manufacturing process, as described above.

Cutting the Model from the Sprue

We have seen here and there some concern about the complexity of some of the sprues that the miniatures, and the fact that it might make it hard to properly cut the parts away from the sprue without damaging them. This is due to the very high complexity of the minis, and, as noted above, we are already working with the foundry to make the gates (the parts that connect the miniature to the sprue) less intrusive for the next batches.

However, we have also published a tutorial on our site to share with you the optimal way of cutting the model from the sprue without any damaging it. I strongly suggest that you read this short information.

Feel and Colour of the Resin

We've also seen here and there comments as to how the colour of the resin might affect its other qualities. First of all, please keep in mind that contrary to plastic injection moulding, which is most often done in big Chinese factories with massive machinery, spin-cast resin is a craftsman process where every single mould is created and handled by hand by a team of very talented artisans.

Like every item made by hand, it means that in some way, each item is unique. The colour differences you might see in your various TGG miniatures is simply due to the amount of dye that is added to the mix. It does not affect the composition nor the quality of the resin in any way. Some batches may be darker, some others may be lighter. But in the end, it is always the same resin.

News from the CREATIVE Department

After finishing the sculpting of TGG2 in early summer, the creative team started to focus their twisted minds towards new goals. As we already told you, several projects are currently in the works.

TGG3: The Game!

We already have tons of concept for TGG3. And the sculpting of these new characters will start this October. There will be probably a bit less miniatures on TGG3 than in TGG2, because TGG3 will be centered around our miniature game. But as always, if things go really crazy, who know how many new minis we might make.

The TGG game will be a science-fiction game featuring our six current Sci-Fi armies. If you are a Fantasy gamer, however, know that we also have plans for you.

We plan to run the TGG3 Kickstarter sometime this winter.

But First...

But before that, we've got something else planned: we will soon launch a Scenery Kickstarter. We have been playing with a lot of cardboard and boxes this summer. And even if the photos below are not quite impressive, we can tell you that we are planning some pretty insane stuff... And we think that your gaming table will never look the same again! More on this very soon.

Ok, it's really not impressive at all, but that's how a project starts
Ok, it's really not impressive at all, but that's how a project starts


Definitely not there yet, just a very early mock-up, but I guarantee you it's gonna be epic!
Definitely not there yet, just a very early mock-up, but I guarantee you it's gonna be epic!

News from the SALES Department

In case you missed TGG1, it's now been over a year that we have started releasing the TGG1 miniatures publicly. And this month will the next-to-last release of new TGG1 models, both on our website and with our retailers.

To celebrate this and the back-to school season, we will be having some super attractive deals for you with our brand-new Army Packs within the next few days. Also, we are now releasing the WereSheWolves, both individually and in a specially-priced box of 4. And within the same week, the Mechas are going to join the fun.

To top it all, we now have FREE SHIPPING until October 2 on our entire webshop at Check it out!

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