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It's bragging time! Here are some of the messages and comments we get or see on the Web regarding Raging Heroes miniatures:

  • "I would like to say thank you for all your hard work and your generosity with the freebie shipment. I received it this morning and the models look spectacular. I'm greatly looking forward to getting them assembled and painted." – Fred W. (email, March 2015)

  • "Just wanted to drop a note. After putting together a few of the minis, I have to say these are the most impressive minis I've ever seen! Kudos to your sculptors, they're fantastic at working the right amount of detail in for the scale of the models! Looking forward to final wave and the next Kickstarter!" – John P. (email, March 2015)

  • "The figures certainly live up to my expectations! the detail is really crisp and I can't wait to paint these girls up :) actually the detail is so fine that I'm a bit nervous of how to paint them without loosing this awesome detail work on these figures."Lauge Andreasen, about his TGG figs (email - January 2015)

  • "I've just received my order and wanted to say thank you so much for making these mini's, they are so much better in the flesh so to speak than I thought they would be. The poses and details to be found on them are some of the best I've seen in a long time. These are going to be a delight to paint and can't wait for me to get some colour on them. Thank you again for making TGG some of the sweetest models to stride over the battlefield. " –Bernadette Hugues (via email - March 2015)

  • “The Dark Elves are one of my favourite fantasy races. They are a long time running project and I have collected and partly painted miniatures from different ranges - mostly Grenadier and Games Workshop.
    But this is the range I am waiting for. One or two years ago I saw and bought the first Blood Vestals from Raging Heroes (the best possible WitchElves ever in my eyes) and they are simply amazing.
    This new KickStarter will fullfill some of my dreams and I am happy that I saved some money over the last month just for this project.
    I also backed the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy from Raging Heroes and recieved the first two waves and the quality of the miniatures and the castings is fantastic.
    Come on Raging Heroes - I am prepared for this KS - Let the beauties come and take my money.” 
    – Elmar Fischer on Facebook, February 2015

  • "Just unboxed my second lot of TGG minis and they are stunning, I'm very pleased.” – George (email)

  • "I brought home my beautiful girls today! <3 <3 <3
    I know that it's the soloists and the characters that get all the attention, all the photo shares, all the limelight, but I have been waiting my whole gaming life for an army of interesting, elegant, but importantly, varied female soldiers, so for me, TGG was ALL about the troops.
    I will now be able to fill my troop choices exclusively with RH models, including the special, heavy and sergeant roles."
    – Dan (Facebook February 2015)

  • " Having just assembled this model today I will say everything about it is amazing". –Tate Lewis, about Hilda Von Stroheim (Facebook March 2015)

  • Thanks for doing what no other company has done. – Li (Facebook)

  • These models are so incredibly awesome it almost hurts. – Daniel (Twitter)

  • These minis and concepts are so far ahead of whatever there is on the market. – Ornery Rzym (Facebook)

  • The TGG figures are a joy to paint every time. The brushes love to touch them! – James Wappel (Painter) (Blog)

  • Fantastic! Beautiful! – Daniel (Facebook)

  • Holy Throne that looks awesome!!– Lord Harra (DakkaDakka forum)

  • THEY. ARE. AWESOME. Period. – Adrian (Facebook)