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November 19, 2023 3 min read

When we first envisioned the Jailbirds, we weren’t just creating miniatures; we were crafting an army with the soul of a rock concert and the grit of a post-apocalyptic saga.

Think of it as if Motörhead decided to field an army, or if Mad Max's wild desert chases met the strategic battlegrounds of tabletop gaming.

One-Shot Blondie is our uber-popular deadpan Sniper with a touch of Clint Eastwood’s unflinching cool. Yet the Lulus, the stray orphan kids who roam the battlefields, follow her everywhere, showing that underneath that poker face attitude beats an heart of gold, adding a layer of depth to her story.

As for Raven the Chainbreaker, she isn't just a miniature; she's a rebellion anthem personified. A SciFi, punk-rock, female Braveheart’s William Wallace, leading with a spirit that echoes through each game.

Lieutenant Parker? With her big mouth, her beer can and cigar, she's a rock’n roll mix between Terminator 2’s Sarah Connor and the Full Metal Jacket’s drill Sergeant.

Need a medic? Mad Nurse Bernadette embodies the dark humor in a Tarantino flick, bringing her unique flavor to the field.

Cruz, the Heavy Gunner, the true child of Aliens’ Vasquez and Wendy O. William, is raining punk-loaded high-caliber metal shells on enemies' charges.

Our Mimi the Radio, with her teddy bear on her backpack, might seem like a soft note in this rock opera, but she represents the innocence of those thrown too early in the chaos of war. 

Kiki Bulldozer breaks the mold – she's our tribute to every character who transcends norms, a mix of power and allure.

Let's crank up the volume with Punky, the Army Standard. She’s not just a biker; she’s a headbanging, throat-cutting gesture to all things conventional. (Continued below)


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And then there's Yoko the Psycho – imagine if a pyrotechnics expert from a KISS concert got hold of a flamethrower.

And Lucy, the Spotter? She's got the luck of a Rolling Stones hit – always in the right place at the right time.

Harry the Baby Hippo, now he's the surprise fan-favorite – the unexpected Mascot that's as iconic as an Iron Maiden album cover.

Tania Tanker, the Tank Specialist, is of course a reference to the famous American World War II poster known as “We can do it” or “Rosie the Riveter”.

But wait, there’s more! Dive into the chaos with Kimmie Krüsher and Köökie Kütter, our Howling Jackals and Wild Dogs leaders. With their squads, they're like Mad Max meets the A-Team – a perfect storm of rock and roll commando action.

And then there are the vehicles, lovingly cobbled together with junkyard scraps and war trophies. Picture Roxy Rumble leading a parade of customized war bikes and trikes, each a tribute to the badass, over-the-top glory of '80s action and underground rebellion à la Tank Girl.

And for the grand finale, the Jailbirds Mech – a walking homage to sci-fi epics like Aliens. This beast isn't just a model; it's a scene-stealer from your favorite action classics, ready to bring cinematic flair to your sci-fi gaming.

This range is our love letter to the rock ‘n’ roll souls and the sci-fi enthusiasts. It's for those who look at their miniatures and see more than just figures – they see a band of characters, each with their own soundtrack.

So, to all the strategy gamers, the miniature painters, and the collectors out there, the Jailbirds are your backstage pass to a show like no other. They're not just miniatures; they're a high-octane tribute to all things rock, roll, and rebellion, perfect for reliving the most iconic moments from sci-fi legends like Aliens and Predator or any sci fi wargame where you want to turn the badassness to 11 !!!

If you want to see a bit more, take a walk through the Jailbirds collection with Benoit, Raging Heroes' Co-founder and Creative Director

Any thoughts on your end? How would YOU use them?

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