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Reveriel the Fifth, Queen Saint (Sisters- F)

Reveriel the Fifth, Queen Saint, is a Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light, a new Raging Heroes' army! Here's her story:

Holy Queen of unrivalled beauty and wisdom, Reveriel is loved by the people as much as she’s feared by the enemies of the Kingdom.

With the strength of her words, she can rally the most broken warriors and put a flaming faith in the heart of the most cynical.

Armed with a sword imbued with divine powers, she pierces through the King’s enemies with no effort, as if was floating above the ground with grace and elegance.

Loved and adored, Reveriel is beautiful as a rose but deadlier than a poisoned thorn.

She is finely crafted in resin. She will fit all perfectly with 37-40 mm miniatures and armies. Box includes a 40mm round base.

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