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Heroes Infinite (Raging Heroes 3D Printables)


Get ready for a seriously unmissable offer... 
But first, enjoy this awesome Summer Fairies of the Enchanted Forest video
(turn up the volume, too!):

Become a Patron and get this full set for only 10$

A PATREON PROJECT by Raging Heroes for

Got a 3D printer?
Thinking of buying one?
Love beautiful minis full of life and attitude?
Well hit that Subscribe button because
now YOU can 3D print a new collection of awesome models:

and more...

Every month!
For just $10/month!
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And now the monthly files even come pre-supported
(so less work for you!)

That's not all:
When you join, you also get our Welcome Gift to you:
a modular tavern with loads of accessories!

Become a Patron now:https://www.patreon.com/HeroesInfinite/  

Want to know exactly what you're getting for this ridiculously low price?
Glad you asked!
Check this out:

🌳 Summer Fairies of the Enchanted Forest 🌳

Here's all the printable goodness that what you get in our 
July 2020 release of our Patreon,
Heroes Infinite - Summer Fairies of the Enchanted Forest:


An amazing set of 18 characters, including 4 MASSIVE centerpieces!
Can you imagine the stories you'll tell, the adventures you'll live with them... 

But don't wait!
Summer Fairies of the Enchanted Forest  is our JULY Release
available here only if you join before July 31th at 11:59 PM PST (California time).

Subscribe now, become a Patron!

There's more! All Files are Supported! 

Hate preparing STL files for 3D printing?
We got you covered.
For this and all future releases, we teamed up with master crafter Yessik who prepares the supports for our 3D files. 
All prepared files are carefully tested to print easily with no surprises.
And Yessik answers questions on both our Patreon Discord (reserved for our patrons) and on our friendly private Facebook group (open to all so ask to join, you'll be granted access in less that 24 hours).

Prefer to make your own supports?
Files are also provided in unsupported version, for your convenience.

 Become a Patron and get this full set for only 10$

But that's not all...

When you join, you also get

The Welcome Box*:
3D print STL files to create a full tavern, modular to suit all your needs, AND with loads of accessories!

When you join our Patreon, at no extra cost, you also get this bonus:
access to the 3D files of this awesome Welcome Box.

As game masters and role players ourselves, we carefully designed this tavern so that you can make it as small or as large as you want! 

Start small and have a secret tavern no bigger than a hole in the wall...

Print more items and get yourself a hall as big as Vallhalla's...

 And we created many variations for the furniture, so that your tavern can be as original as you are! 

Print as many as you like, then go nuts with colours and texture...
Make this tavern your own and before you know it, your players
will just LOVE meeting up there for quests, secret meets, banquets and more...

*Honesty check:
welcome box files are not yet offered in supported file format,
but that's coming really soon

Become a Patron and get this full set for only 10$

Monthly Releases? YES, and...
...at the end of the month, they're gone!!!!!

If you missed previous releases, no worries:
we will make individual files available for purchase.
BUT it will cost you more, easily 10 times more!

And of course, without the bonuses and features exclusive for our Patrons.

So join our Patreon now and don't miss anything!

What's a Patreon?

It's a membership platform where you - as a patron - support artists and creators: for a $10 monthly fee (which you can stop at any time), you subscribe to our project and get access to new files and content every month at a just plain ridiculous low price!

Don't have a 3D printer yet?

Stock up on these files anyway, as this is the best deal on the planet.
At the end of the month, the collection disappears.
You'll be able to purchase the files, but for cost 5-10 times more... 

"Are you going to release these characters as regular minis in your shop?"

The short answer is YES!
We were surprised by the very enthusiastic reaction we received for our April Release: Pirates of the White Sea, so we will release the most popular characters here in our webshop.
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Raging Heroes's co-founder and Creative Director Benoit Guerville
introduces Heroes Infinite! 

Find out why we are doing this Patreon
and this new type of miniature-making.


A lot of you you have been asking:
"What if I don't have a 3D printer?
And I don't plan to buy one soon?
I would prefer to buy these in your regular resin! "
Benoit answers your questions and explains how we're not forgetting you!


If you're not familiar with Patreon,
here's a quick and simple introduction prepared when we launched in April 2020
explaining what you will get when becoming a Patron of Heroes Infinite!


You might be wondering "Why should I subscribe now?"
A few simple answers in this video!



Missed out on the Pirates?

You just joined the adventure, and realize you missed out on these stunning Pirates from our April release? We have good news for you: you can now get them in ourMy Mini Factory Store! To celebrate we’re giving you a special deal unti Monday night July 6th: use code Pirates30%Off and get a 30% off discount!


Not ready for 3D printing?

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