Theodan the Third, Paladin King (Sisters - F) - Raging Heroes

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Theodan the Third, Paladin King (Sisters - F)

Theodan the Third, Paladin King, is a Paladin Knight of the Eternal Light, a new Raging Heroes' army! 

King Theodan the Third rules his Kingdom with an iron fist.
A powerful and skilled warrior, he never hesitates to charge into battle if a conflict arises.
He's feared by his enemies and respected among his Kingdom.
As a true and great Ruler, he protects fiercely his people and his army is composed of only the best warriors.
Armed with his mighty sword and hammer, gift from the Goddess of Light, he never shows mercy on the Battlefield.

Our Paladins are finely crafted in resin. Towering at 37-40mm from the floor to the eyes, paladins surpass their puny enemies on the battlefield as all good paladins should! They will fit all popular miniature wargames. Box includes a 40mm round base.

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