Here's a short list of messages and comments regarding Raging Heroes miniatures:

Thanks for doing what no other company has done. – Li (Facebook)
These models are so incredibly awesome it almost hurts. – Daniel (Twitter)
These minis and concepts are so far ahead of whatever there is on the market. – Ornery Rzym (Facebook)
The TGG figures are a joy to paint every time. The brushes love to touch them! – James Wappel (Painter) (Blog)
Fantastic! Beautiful! – Daniel (Facebook)
Holy Throne that looks awesome!! – Lord Harra (DakkaDakka forum)
THEY. ARE. AWESOME. Period. – Adrian (Facebook)  


TGG2 Update #76 – New Casts + Pledge Manager Still Open + WarStages KS: First Teaser Image

June 10, 2017

Pledge Manager Reopening: a Few More Days If you missed in in our last Update, the Pledge Manager is now open because we received a lot of messages from backers who wanted to up their Pledge after seeing the casts of the War Pulpit and the Avatar of Shaah and the print of the Spider Mother. While we said it would remain open for just a week, we received many more messages asking us to keep it open just a few more days while they gathered up their funds. At the same time, the foundry has been burning the midnight oil to output the remaining Monsters&Machines, and after having them in our hands, we think they will also stir up... Continue Reading →

TGG2 Update #75 – Production & Shipping News + New Photos + Reopening of the Pledge Manager + ...

June 01, 2017

You might not realise this, but we are just like you. What I mean is that we're not just a company, we're a small bunch of people who gets very excited when new toys are delivered to us. So, when something like the Spider Mother comes out of the 3D printer, or when the very first casts of the Avatar of Shaah and of the War Pulpit show up, it feels a lot like Christmas!  Of course, we designed and sculpted them, so we know very much how they will look like, but nothing beats the experience of having the real thing in hand. And what we can tell you from our present experience is that you're going to love... Continue Reading →