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Become our Digital Marketer Boss NOW!

Love the freelance life and a great challenge?
This is for you!
Work in the game industry,
live anywhere, 
set your own hours,
have unlimited growth potential,
and be part of a hardworking committed team of
(and I blush to say it) kind-hearted geeks!
(posted September 15, 2020)


We are looking for a kickass take-no-prisoner Digital Marketer Boss who can take our brand and sales to the next level. Oh, and did we mention that we have a slew of new projects coming up as we expand our offering in coming months?

You'll have to hit the ground running, bringing with you digital marketing's best practices for B-to-C, together with the nimble agility to scale up moving mountains and navigate the treacherous waters of passionate customers and fans. 

Are you up for this? Then read on, but remember, we'll want to see what you've got! Be prepared in all cases to think fast on your feet and out of the box, and at all times think at least 5 steps ahead…


1. Grow business

Key metrics require increases in conversion rate, qualified website traffic, loyalty rates, membership size.

2. Expand brand recognition

Key requirements include

  • Set up and nurture partnerships with influencers and industry news outlets
  • Grow organic and paid presence on FB/Insta - Pinterest - YouTube - Google
  • Cull and Grow active email list
  • SEO
  • Crowdfunding marketing campaigns

3 - Plan, Measure and Manage

  • Create year/month/week Marketing Plans and Events
  • Overview/execute pricing, launches, and bi-weekly events
  • Perform Sales and Mktg Analysis and adjust plans accordingly
  • Measure and report on metrics against targets
  • Manage Up: Plans, Reports, Analysis
  • Manage marketing collaborators
  • Source and manage vendors as needed
  • Manage marketing budget and make key budgeting/purchasing decisions

4 - Automate, automate, automate!

An essential and necessary mission for continued sustainable growth: envision and implement systems, then document and automate them with apps and software tools such as Recart / WebMonkey, Klavyio-like messagingJustUno / OptiMonk, etc.


  • You must have had excellent measurable results in marketing.
  • You need a solid experience with online selling businesses.
  • A geek culture/mindset is indispensable.
  • You must be kind.
  • Experience with Patreon, Kickstarter, Big Commerce, the miniatures and board games industry is desirable.


Evaluation begins when you apply.

First, record then upload to the web a 1 to 3 minutes video (no need to make it fancy, a selfie cellphone video will do fine) where you tell us a story about something unusual that happened to you.

Then, please complete this form:



Raging Heroes: Game, paint, collect, even 3D print into our ever-expanding world of extraordinarily beautiful fantasy miniatures!

Now over 10 years old, Raging Heroes continues to be a rising star in the wargaming miniatures industry.

Using innovative technological and artistic approaches, with 3 highly successful Kickstarters netting over $2 millions and a 5-figure Patreon, we are regarded as one of the most creative and qualitative company in the market.

We design and produce extraordinary wargaming miniatures that are widely recognised for their high design and art. We revisit the great archetypes of the miniatures and wargaming hobby with a unique touch of style, epicness and kick-ass attitude. And we give the main roles to powerful female characters.

Thanks to our strong background in writing and filmmaking, we aim to continue growing and developing our very strong IP, not only through strategy and board games but also through a wide variety of media such as video games, comics, books, animated series, etc.

International sales cover 60+ countries. Headquartered in France, we collaborate with a network of strongly committed freelancers throughout the world.

Due to our high artistic standards and commitment to perfection, working with us can be challenging, and not everybody is cut out for that. Yet our long-term collaborators keep on telling us how much they appreciate the growth and learning they have and continue to experience with Raging Heroes.

With this team of amazing people, we have developed a non-conventional work style which is at the same time friendly, laid back and casual, and yet completely focussed with a manic dedication to excellence. It does feel like a big family that is spread around the world.

If we were to summarise the company values, it would be smarts, wit, kindness and rock'n roll, with a geek spoonful of obsessive-compulsive reach for perfectionism.