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On this page you'll find various information, most of which culled from our blog, that we wanted to keep readily accessible.



Raging Heroes minis are designed to be playable in many different armies in most of your favourite games, including RPGs. You can assign them game stats and characteristics, and switch bases to fit your needs. >> more...

Painting / Collecting

All Raging Heroes minis come in two sizes, 28 mm and 54 mm, and are shipped complete with a Certificate of Authenticity. This first series is only available as a Limited Edition of 500 units in each model and size... >> more...


Raging Heroes' characters not only all have a story to tell but, with time, these stories will grow and change. And so will their figurine. >> more...

Assembly Charts

We have created several assembly guides to help you assemble several of our minis, such as Syl-Iriah, the Manticore, Kahn-Urkan, Nepharya, the Mechas... We will keep adding to this as we go.