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Raging Heroes, operating with our sister company Loud'n Raging, has successfully been on Kickstarter since 2013. 

To know all about our Kickstarters, you'll want to


TGG: the GAME!

Our next Kickstarter project will be the game, featuring many of our armies and characters. The game has been developed and is currently in testing. Expect fast and exciting game plays, memorable experiences, more scenery and new models. Project is planned to launch in late 2019. Stay tuned!



Our third Kickstarter was called WarStages. It is an epic and completely unique modular scenery for all scales of games, set in a faithful gothic environment. The design team worked on it for two years. The production is being done with an industrial partner, leaving the Foundry free to focus on the miniatures. Late pledges are still accepted, but not for much longer, and the print run will be limited and final. There are no plans for reprints once the project is manufactured! 


TGG2: Light & Darkness

Our second Kickstarter, TGG2: Light & Darkness covered 6 armies (Dark and Lust Elves and Sisters, in both Fantasy and Sci-Fi). It ran for 16 days and gathered over US$800,000, and over 50% more in Late pledges. About 300 different sculpts were created for it. The entire project was successfully delivered to the backers and all the miniatures from that campaign are available on this website.


The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy (TGG)

Our first Kickstarter, The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy (TGG), launched 3 armies of female miniatures (Jailbirds, Kurganova Shock Troops, Iron Empire). It ran for a month and netted nearly US$700,000, and nearly 50% more in late pledges. Over 150 different models were created. The project was successfully delivered to all backers and all the miniatures from that campaign are availabe on this website.