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Lord Carmalian, Battlefield Hero (Sisters - F)

Lord Carmalian, Battlefield Hero, is one of the Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light, a new Raging Heroes' army! Here's his story:

From an early age, Lord Carmalian made an oath of allegiance to the King and to the Eternal Light.

Master of arms, hero of many wars, and demon slayer, he crushes his enemies without any fear, not even of death itself.

On the battlefield, Lord Carmalian always says prayers and blessings for his King which create an aura of holy protection around his Liege. A skilled warrior beyond measure, he strikes not only to crush his enemies but to be the shield that protects his companions.

He is finely crafted in resin. He will fit all perfectly with 37-40 mm miniatures and armies. Box includes a 40mm round base.

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