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Assembling WarStages

Need a hand putting together your WarStages Cathedral?
We've got you covered!
Scroll down for 
PDF files and YouTube videos we made just for you.

1. PDF Instructions

We created PDF files to share how to best assemble your Gothic Cathedral (added Feb 2022).

Right-click on the links and choose Save Link to download the pdf files to your computer.


Putting your Cathedral together (pdf files)

These have been the most requested instructions, so we're putting them first:

Architecture (pdf files)

Furniture (pdf files)


2. VIDEO Instructions

We filmed the assembly of WarStages in a series of short videos, and dropped all those videos into a full YouTube Playlist so that you can watch all 36 videos back-to-back.

For your convenience, we've also broken out the videos into different topics, so that you can easily find exactly what you're looking for. To watch directly the assembly of a particular item, here are the direct links:

Architecture (YouTube videos)

Furniture (YouTube videos)


Full Playlist begins here (36 videos):