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→ Can I trust you / this website / Raging Heroes?

Yes! We have been in business since 2009.
We've created since then around 450 different sculpts!
And we only exist because of you.

We want you as happy as we are.
(Ok, some days, I can be grumpy, but I promise, I don't take it out on you!).

So, if you have a question, get in touch!
If something's wrong, get in touch!
And if something's right, get in touch too, we love good news!

Our direct contact is RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com.


Where do you ship?


When do I get my order?

As quickly as the mailman can get it to you.
We ship Monday to Friday, from France. Shipping is prompt and via AirMail overseas.

Shipments to most of Europe have been regularly getting there in as little as 3 days, and to North America in 5. Busier times (such as the Holiday season, for example) or weather events (snow, ice, volcano ashes...), can delay shipments by a couple more days. 

How much does shipping cost?

We offer flat fee shipping, worldwide, at a low cost! The shipping fee for your order is fixed no matter the number of items in your cart, so go ahead and load it up!

France, Spain, Italy, Russia: 6.90 € for Regular Shipping.
Everywhere Else: 11.90 € for Regular Shipping or 6.90 € for Discounted Shipping.

REGULAR Shipping includes Tracking and Insurance. GET THIS IF YOU WANT TRACKING INFO. If you have not received your order after 30 days from shipping date, we will gladly reship it to you free of charge.
DISCOUNTED Shipping is NOT insured and there is NO tracking information. Should your order fail to arrive, that is exceedingly unfortunate, but regretfully, we shall decline responsibility for it.


→ Paypal or Credit Card?

It's up to you. Our payment platform is Paypal BUT, on the Paypal payment page, you can pay for your order with EITHER your credit card OR with your Paypal account. While we're using Paypal as a gateway for payments, Paypal no longer requires you to have an account to make a payment. If you do not have an account or don't want to use one, simply enter your credit card number when you are taken on the Paypal page (to do that, check out the lower left hand side of the Paypal payment page, that's usually where the credit card payment is).

→ Euros or Dollars?

All prices are in Euros. You can pay in whatever currency Paypal accepts, and Paypal will make the conversion for you and tell you how much you owe. Prices are in Euros, but you can see a conversion into your own currency here. Please note that this is an approximate estimation, your payment will be converted at time of purchase and may vary from this estimation.

Taxes, customs and duties

All items are shipped from our French warehouse. There are no custom and duties for all European Community countries. Shipments to non-EC countries may be subject to taxes, custom and duties, for which you, as a customer, are responsible to pay for. Please contact your local postal service and customs service for more information.


→ Why haven't you shipped my order yet?

We only ship an order once it's complete. We do not ship partial or fractioned orders.
If you have requested an item that is not yet available or not currently in stock, your order will be held up in queue until everything you ordered is available.

→ But I want it now!

Well, you do have one option: you can order separately available and non-available items. Just keep in mind that, in that case, you will have to pay shipping costs for each order.

→ Pre-Orders

We give you the possibility of pre-ordering some of our items when we expect them to be in high demand or to run out quickly. This is typically the case for Limited Edition runs. When you pre-order an item, your payment is processed at checkout, and your order is placed in a queue. You may have to wait several weeks for the product to be available and sent to you. In all cases, we attempt to provide you with as much information as possible as to availability dates. If your order includes other items that are already available at checkout time, nevertheless, they will only be shipped once your order is complete.


→ There's a mistake in my shipment / This is not what I ordered / There's a piece that's broken / missing

No worries, we'll fix it. Send us a message and photo(s) of what you received at RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com and we'll get back to you with a solution.

→ I don't like my mini!

No problem! We'll take it back! Contact us at RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com to let us know to expect it, and send it back with a tracking number. As soon as we've confirmed your shipment with the tracking info, we'll give you as Store Credit or reimburse you, your choice.

Return Procedure

If a product needs to be returned, please follow this simple 3-step procedure:
1. Send an email to RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com and briefly tell us why you are returning the product and if you want an exchange or a refund.
2. We'll send you an email to explain how to send the product back.
3. Send us your product according to the instructions received in your email. You will have to pay for your shipping. Your shipping cost for sending back the product will be refunded if there was a mistake on your order or if a product is broken or missing an element, but not if you changed your mind.

Product must be intact and in its original packaging, or the refund or exchange cannot be processed.

→ I never got my shipment!

If you live outside the European Community, be aware that sometimes, packages can be held up at customs (click for more info) for a while. This is something over which unfortunately we have no control. Also, if your order contains items that are not yet available or out of stock, then your order may not have shipped yet. Your order normally ships only when ALL the items are available for shipment. If you cannot wait, the best solution is to order separately available and delayed availability items (like items in pre-order). Of course, that means that you will have to pay shipping charges for each order.

If you had your order shipped using Regular Shipping and haven't received it after 30 days from the ship date, drop us a line at RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com and we will gladly reship it free of charge. If you had it shipped using DIscounted Shipping and it hasn't arrived, that is exceedingly unfortunate, but regretfully, we must decline responsibility for it.

→ My question is not on the FAQ

Contact us at RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com, we'll be happy to help!


→ In what scale are your minis? Will you work on other scales?

Our minis are 28 mm Heroic scale and fit most popular tabletop wargames. We also provide some models in 54 mm or "large" scale.

→ Are your 28 mm minis really in the 28 mm scale?

In general, when a mini is said to be in the 28 mm range, it can be hard to determine its true size. All mini manufacturers indicate that their minis are in 28 mm or 30 mm, but measuring them yield wildly varying results. There are many reasons for that. The 28 mm is measured from a character's heel up to his eyes, when standing upright. But the style of the sculpt also impacts on the general aspect and the perception you get of the fig.
When we work on our minis, we strive to set a scale that easily blends with the other minis you have in your collection. When we sculpt, we constantly compare the scale to other successful minis from various manufacturers to make sure they fit well together.
And so, to answer the question, yes, inasmuch as it is feasible, our minis are indeed in the 28 mm scale.

→ What are your minis made of?

Our miniatures are mainly made of resin, and some are made of lead-free white metal.

→ How do I use your minis in my favourite game?

Our minis are perfect for 28 mm tabletop games. They can be used as centrepiece characters to make a strong impression on the gaming table. You can incorporate them in an existing army list or create special characteristics for each of them. Check out our Gaming section for more details.

→ The base supplied with my mini is not the one I need for my game!

All our miniatures are designed to fit on the smallest possible bases so that you can incorporate them into any army want. This is true even when the base supplied with the minis is larger or not square. So whatever the size needed for your game, our mini should fit on it. To absolutely make sure that is the case, simply reveiw the detailed description provided for each mini.

→ Why is there a background or a story for your characters?

Even if our characters exist in a non-specific game environment, we want to bring them to life and inspire you for your gaming, painting and collecting pursuits. This is why many of our characters come with a rich background that we will keep alive as time passes. So not only do you get the backstory on a character, but you also get to see the character evolve and connect with newly created Raging Heroes characters. Our most popular characters with a most active life will be re-edited in new versions that will reflect the evolution of their personal story.

→ How often do you release new products?

Our goal is to have new releases pretty much every month or two.

→ Can I purchase them in my favourite store?

Yes! If your store is not a stockist, ask him to complete this simple information form, and we'll be in touch with all the relevant info.

→ Are you planning a game?

You bet we are! There are already plenty of great games on the market, so we're aiming for something different. It won't be your usual strategy game, and it will be announced in 2017! Stay tuned!

→ What other kinds of minis are you planning to do?

One frustration we've all experienced is finding the perfect mini… in the wrong genre or the wrong army for what we want. That's why we plan to release several of our minis in various versions: Fantasy, SciFi, Steampunk, ...