The hottest deals extended to the end of the week! 25 to 47% OFF in the webshop!

A message from Drusilla and Trevor:

Last chance to SAVE up to 47%

Black Friday/Cyber Week Mega Deals continue to the end of this week!

Were you waiting for payday? You're not alone! That's why miniature gamers and collectors asked us to extend our deals, so Cyber Monday became Cyber Week! The hottest wargaming deals of the galaxy just got extended to the end of the week! 

SAVE UP TO 47% OFF the entire shop!
That's right, it's almost half price!
Want a good tip? The Army Packs got an insane price drop, for example
224,25€ (about US$240) instead of 427€ (about US$455) for the Iron Empire Annihilation Pack!

Shop by Discount:

Save 45% or + 
Save 40% or + 
Save 35% or + 
Save 30% or + 
Save 25% or + 


Order over 99€
and be one of the few to get our 
Exclusive Limited Edition 'Drusilla with Trevor'
for FREE (a €15 / US$16 value).

It's the only way to have her: she CANNOT be purchased.

Once again, Drusilla is ready to take flight for the holiday season and drop gifts everywhere ! She is currently on her way to deliver Trevor, a little Teddy Bear you might have already seen on another of our TGG minis...

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Tim Von B
Tim Von B

December 02, 2016

Not Drusilla – Drudolph!

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