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June 10, 2017 3 min read 2 Comments

Pledge Manager Reopening: a Few More Days

If you missed in in our last Update, the Pledge Manager is now open because we received a lot of messages from backers who wanted to up their Pledge after seeing the casts of the War Pulpit and the Avatar of Shaah and the print of the Spider Mother.

While we said it would remain open for just a week, we received many more messages asking us to keep it open just a few more days while they gathered up their funds. At the same time, the foundry has been burning the midnight oil to output the remaining Monsters&Machines, and after having them in our hands, we think they will also stir up some additional excitement for you as well.

So we are happy to keep the Pledge Manager open for another week.

Production Update

Early next week, we will be receiving a first shipment of Avatar of Shaah and War Pulpits!!! And the rest will continue as planned.

If you have questions concerning your Rewards Selection, can't remember what you originally chose, not quite sure what's been shipped, don't understand why you're still missing stuff, the thing to do is to CONTACT US. Simply send us an email at, and we will be happy to personally help you.

We received the first prototype casts of the Centaurs Fantasy, (both Command Group and Troups), and of Asharah on Pegasus. We've already approved them, so they will be added to the regular rotation of moulds in the next few days.

Early next week, we will be receiving the prototype casts of the 2 versions of Yscarloth. The prototypes for the Draahks and Horse Chariots will be coming in the following days. Also, the Spider Mother has been mastered, so her prototype won't be far behind. And the foundry has already begun mastering the Altar of the Succubi!!!

At the same time, the foundry also continues to spin the quantities needed to fulfill the TGG2 Rewards. We're receiving 2 large shipments from the foundry every week.

New Photos

The Centaurs and Asharah on her Pegasus are looking really great. We are especially excited to finally get this mounted version of Asharah. In fact, if you go way back on Raging Heroes' blog, you'll find a very early version of this model, which has always been on our mind (see these 3 blog entries: Jan 2010, Feb 2010, July 2012). The final result is something very unique. We dream of someday having here done as a life-size statue. We dare to think it would be a nice addition to her equine cousins on the Alexandre III Bridge in Paris. 

Please note that in the photos below, we have assembled the models quickly, with parts taken straight out of the mould: we did NOT clean, prep, or file any of the parts to achieve a super-tight assembly. When you do this, your models will look even better!

(Click on images for larger size)

We assembled 4 of the 6 Fantasy Centaurs, and took a few pics. The poses of the Centaurs are so intricate and so beautifully 3-dimensional that is is impossible to capture their real look on a 2-d photo. If we can, we'll try to get some turntable videos of them to give you a better feel on how they really look.

(Click on images for larger size)

We are still in love with the Avatar of Shaah, so here's another shot of her, this time to feature the back of her. The gaps that you see are the result of a very quick assembly, as noted above. You will be able to easily assemble this model perfectly.

And one backer asked to see the back of the War Pulpit, which made us realise that we've been remiss in not showing it to you earlier, so here it is:


As we're putting the last finishing touches to the Scenery Project, we're getting very close to its Kickstarter launch. Here is a first teaser image. We will show you more in the next few days. As always, your questions and comments are welcome! Get ready for some epic WarStages!

2 Responses

Raymond Wiggins
Raymond Wiggins

June 13, 2017

How wide is the Avatar’s stance? In other words if you measure from the front of one foot to the back of the other how wide is it.

Ardanem Gana
Ardanem Gana

June 11, 2017

Haou, that look great. Can’t wait form more picture.
Ardanem Gana

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