Asharah on a Dark Pegasus WIP

Due to popular request, we made a last-minute decision to create a mounted version of Asharah. She most definitely needed to have a mount matching her sense of excess. So here’s a work-in-progress of Asharah on her Dark Pegasus. In the 28mm scale, this mini should be between 20 and 25 cm tall (8 to 10 inches)!

It is hard to show this miniature correctly in a flat picture since the shape of the wings is so insane. In the next few days, we’ll post a 360° movie of it on the blog so you can really appreciate how it looks.

Please note:
These images are 3D sculpts work-in-progress: accessories will be added to the mount, the wings are not done sculpting and, most importantly, the Asharah model has so far simply been dropped, “as is”, on her horse. We still need to determine her final posing. If you post these images on the web (forums, etc.), please be kind enough to mention these details.

We also plan to place Asharah on a more “normal” mount. The question is, what type of horse should it be? A light or a heavy horse? Demonic or Undead? Alive or not? A raptor? … There is no lack of options. So why don’t you chime in with your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you. Send us your feedback via the comments below.

Also with the 28mm version of Asharah’s Pegasus, we are wondering if it is reasonable to create a 54mm version which would be at least 35 cm high! If you collect 54mm, we would really like to know if such a big piece would interest you. Again, do send us feedback via the comments below.

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