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July 15, 2017 8 min read 3 Comments

In this Update:

  • A gift coming to your mailbox, address changes, how it's happening
  • The Altar of the Succubi reappears
  • Assembly Charts coming
  • Photos of Yscarloths and the Chariots casts
  • Where are the pizza frames
  • The Warstages Kickstarter is about to launch: see photos + video below

Minis in your mailbox

For a few weeks now, you might have a promotional campaign running on our regular webshop. The reason for this was that we were hatching a plan to make something special for you, our TGG2 backers...

You have been really amazing with your support, patience and trust on TGG2. And as much as there is not a lot we can do while the Foundry is finishing up all the casts, we wanted to find a way to get you your minis, or at least some of them, sooner.

Draahk Chariot

Well, the promotional campaign on our website has done just that: it's enabled us to gather up the funds needed to be able to offer most of you an extra shipment free of charge!

We are sending out a shipment within the next four weeks to all backers who have not received anything since last summer, whether their Rewards are 'fully ready to ship' or not.

In fact, we've already started shipping this bonus wave.

VERY IMPORTANT: if you have changed address and have not written in to tell us us yet,DO IT NOW at so your parcel is not delayed.

Yscarloth Fantasy

Why would their Rewards not be 'fully ready to ship'? Because while all TGG2 models have been approved for casting and are currently in the process of being cast (except for Yscarloth, the Chariots, the Spider Mother and the Altar of Succubi), the necessary quantities to fulfill ALL the pledges have not yet come in.

How we are proceeding

We looked at the best way to do this so that everybody gets something in the next few weeks. The key thing is to spread our stock wisely between everybody. We are doing our best to send you as much as we can.

To make this as fair as possible, we are going through our backer's Rewards Selections in chronological order, choosing backers who have not received anything since last summer.

Horse Chariot

Then, if your Rewards Selection contains items that are not yet ready to ship, we split your Selection and make sure it stays below 2 kilograms, to keep our costs manageable. If we have everything on hand and your Rewards Selection can be fully shipped, then it goes out in full.

Also please note:

- If you bought an additional shipment because you wanted us to send you 'whatever is in stock now', this purchase has enabled you to jump the queue, get most of your Rewards at that time and, in most cases, receive a hefty parcel (the free shipment we are offering now won't exceed 2kg). In that case, we will send you an additional shipment (or your final shipment) once the other backers have received this bonus shipment.

- If you recently bought an additional shipment because your initial Reward Selection had been fully fulfilled but you decided to take advantage of our low Kickstarter pricing to grab more models when we reopened the Pledge Manager, you won't get this bonus shipment since all the models of your initial reward selection have already been delivered.

To sum up, this effectively means that for many of you, this shipment will be a bonus one, free of charge, with yet another shipment to come once the Foundry has produced the full quantities that we have requested.

We can't yet send all Rewards to all backers because some Troops are not yet produced in sufficient quantities to accommodate all backers, and a few Monsters/Machines as well as metal Heroines are yet to be cast. However, 100% of the resin Heroines are made and fully stocked.

Yscarloth SF

We know how frustrating it can be to wait for your minis and we are trying to do literally everything we can to make the wait shorter. We strongly feel that the relationship between backers and creators is made of effort and support from both ends, and so whenever we have the chance, we try to show you how we care, from adding cool beermats to your parcel to unlocking additional minis after the campaign and more... And so, we are glad to be able to offer you this second free shipment on this Kickstarter (the first one were the Freebies last summer).

Altar of the Succubi

Altar of the Succubi

IMPORTANT – Have you been unable to access the ALTAR OF THE SUCCUBI in the Pledge Manager ?

We just realized that, for some obscure reason, the page of the Altar of the Succubihas been invisible since June 12th... 

We don't know what caused that bug, but if you have been unable to get access to this mini, this is now fixed. The Pledge Manager remains open for a few more days so you can now see it and add it to your Rewards.

Also if you notice any kind of problem of this type on the pledge manager (or elsewhere, on our website or store), please never hesitate to contact us.

Avatar of Shah / War Pulpit / Asharah on Pegasus

While these have been shipping for a bit now, we've suddenly realised that we forgot to provide you with assembly charts for the Avatar and the War Pulpit, which are fairly complex items. We will have these done on the next few days and share them with you in a special Update.

In the meantime, if you are struggling a bit to assemble your kits, please note that we have put letters on most of their parts to show what goes with what, so that should make things easier.


Yscarloth F + SF / Draahk Chariot / Horse Chariot

The prototype stage at the Foundry is now reaching its conclusion with the 2 versions of Yscarloth and both Dark Elf Chariots already done, as you can see in the photos of the prototypes sprinkled in this Update and shown below.

We are also about the receive the prototype of the Spider Mother. As noted in our previous update, we asked the Foundry not to deal with the Altar of the Succubi yet, so that they can focus on casting everything else.

While we have approved the prototypes, Yscarloth and the Dark Elf Chariots won't be part of the casting rotation until the quantities of Avatar of Shah, the War Pulpit and Asharah on Pegasus are fully done. This is to ensure that the bulk of the remaining troops can also be completed in a timely manner. All the required quantities for the Heroines have been cast and are now in stock to fulfill all Pledges.

The Draahk Chariot prototype cast:

Draahk Chariot

Draahk Chariot

Yscarloth Fantasy prototype cast:

Yscarloth Fantasy

Yscarloth Fantasy

Yscarloth Fantasy

The Horse Chariot prototype cast:

Horse Chariot

Horse Chariot

Horse Chariot

Yscarloth SF prototype cast:

Yscarloth SF

Yscarloth SF

Yscarloth SF

Yscarloth SF

Where are the pizza frames?

As the minis are manufactured, we make sure that the moulds stay at top quality so that the minis are always super crisp. This means that the Foundry redoes the moulds on a regular basis, and use this opportunity to alter the moulds layouts. This commitment to quality explains why the casting of the minis takes time.

As we went through this production process and the various iteration of the moulds, we came to realise that as much as we like the pizza frame concept, they have a heavy impact on the manufacturing costs, much more than originally anticipated. They take a lot of space in the moulds, gobble up hug amounts of resin, and increase our shipping costs. So despite the fact that we really liked this concept, we are gradually dropping up as moulds are being remade.

The good thing about this it is that it pushed the Foundry to experiment more on mould layouts and what they got from this helps ensure that even without the frames, the layouts they are currently working on are even better optimized to protect the mini's parts in the best possible way.

We must also note that as we receive and check hundreds of minis every week, we've come to this astonishing conclusion: our quality control team will soon be out of a job... because the quality of the casts received has reached a pretty amazing level! We hardly have any rejects any more! And we can tell you that in the miniature industry, this is quite a feat...

This is quite a brilliant achievement on the Foundry's part. When we started working with spin-casting resin, nearly everybody in the industry told us that it would never work. Well, thanks to you, we proved the naysayers wrong, and in the next few weeks, when you receive a shipment from us, you'll be able to enjoy these beautifully cast minis.

The WarStages Kickstarter is about to launch

While we are waiting for the foundry to finish TGG2 production, we've been busy on our end putting the final touches to our scenery Kickstarter called WarStages.
It is now nearly ready to launch and will start before the end of the month.
We are very excited about this new project, we think it looks like nothing on the market.

We are able to launch this Kickstarter now because it goes through a completely different pipeline than our miniature project: the Foundry is not involved and can therefore remain focused on producing miniatures, and the logistics will be managed by a different crew than TGG2's.

It will be a short campaign with some great Early Bird rewards, so be sure to check it out! We'll share with you the exact launch date in just a few days.


WarStages is THE scenery system you've been waiting for:
Modular as LEGO,
Epic as a Movie Set,
So Flexible that you can go from Super Massive Battles to
Skirmishes, even RPG, and everything in between!

Coming on Kickstarter in July 2017, with great Early Bird pledges, so don't miss the launch! Watch this space for more images, info, and the upcoming countdown clock...

Far from just a gigantic Gothic Cathedral, you can transform it in a few moments into nearly everything: Fortress, Urban Ruins, Multilevel Daedalus, Sci-Fi Interiors, ....

With the WarStages system you can play all types of games: Siege, Urban Warfare, Skirmish, Exploration, etc., with a single kit.

STUNNING: For the first time ever, your chance to get a gaming table as awesome, big, and epic as a convention center piece.

MODULAR: Make it yours! Assemble the Gothic Cathedral, reorganise its layout to your likes, or completely re-invent your own WarStages thanks to our super modular assembly system.

IMMERSIVE: Immerse yourself in a movie-like environment with loads of accessories that bring an unprecedented sense of atmosphere, scope and epicness to your games.

PRACTICAL: Easy to assemble, easy to store, no painting required.

GREAT VALUE: In our survey, you told us that you wanted great value for money, so not only are you getting the most insane gothic scenery ever at a great price, but it is also super modular, infinitely customisable, epic as a convention table, immersive as a movie set, and ultra practical, quite easily giving you the best possible of bang for your buck!

Video not loading? See it on Youtube

DON'T MISS THE LAUNCH: Sign up to our special Warstages Newsletter, and follow us on Kickstarter (make sure you enable notifications), Facebook.

→ Lots MORE INFO on our WarStages page 

3 Responses

Jonathan Salamon
Jonathan Salamon

January 08, 2018

First off, let me say I absolutely LOVE your figures. Just ordered a significant portion of the lust elves and dark elves for myself before the holidays and couldn’t be happier with them.

Unfortunately I missed the kickstarter and Yscarloth, The Harvester of Flesh is one of the best looking models I have ever seen. Will she be available for purchase after you ship to the kickstarter supporters or was it a kickstarter exclusive model?

darren marsden
darren marsden

July 16, 2017

great news I will finally be getting hold of most of my pledge and am sure its will be worth the wait .will be almost certainly be backing for the terrain for my sisters .so the only thing missing is a rule system to play these gorgeous minis with !


July 16, 2017

Thanks raging heroes – got my war pulpit this week. Couldn’t wait for the instructions though I just had to get building! Awesome model!

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