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October 14, 2019 1 min read

Get ready to crank the epic level of your Sisters Army because we have 3 new mechas stomping out of the shop! March into the battle with:

- The Pulpit of Exaltation with Ansaliah
- The Pulpit of Invocation with Serenith
- The Pulpit of Supplication with Yrianth

Want the 3 of them? The Machines of Prodigy Pack is here!

Of course, it's time to release an epic box featuring these 3 new Pulpits. It's time to upgrade your moving artillery!

The Terrifying War Pulpitoften lead the charge on the battlefield, but most of the time he's flanked with the 3 smaller Pulpits of Exaltation, Invocation and Supplication. They deliver a dreadful amount of havoc on the Sisters’ opponents.

Those smaller mechs are used as moving artillery pieces but are also terrifying psychic power amplificators. They use the skills of Psychers and Seers, and transform them into terrifying shockwaves that ripple throughout the battlefield.

Protected behind a force field generated by their own psychic powers, Ansaliah, Serenith and Yrianth - the Pulpits Pilots - walk to through the battlefield in a state of trance as their mind wanders connecting with the souls of their enemies, delivering them extreme energetic blows.

Size comparison with the War Pulpit:

War Pulpit Painted Photos

Curious to see the War Pulpit painted?
Check out this blog post!

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