Machines of Prodigy Pack (SoEM - SF) - Raging Heroes

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Machines of Prodigy Pack (SoEM - SF)

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Box includes:

These 3 Pulpits and their driver are all finely crafted in resin and stand 85mm tall. Scale is 35mm: they will fit all popular miniature wargames. Box includes 3 x 50mm round base.

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These 3 smaller mechs (compared to our gigantic War Pulpit) are used as mobile artillery, but with extra powers... They can use the skills of Psychers and Seers to send terrifying shockwaves. The pilots walk through the battlefield in a state of trance as their minds wander, connecting with the souls of enemies and hitting them with extreme energetic blows.

We also have a cool blog article on assembling one with magnets!  Check it out!