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October 11, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment


After the success of last year' special edition of Esperanza, you've asked us repeatedly to release something else in that direction for this Halloween. Well once again, we've outdone ourselves and brought it to another level!

The Daughters of the Crucible are back from the dead in a special "Day of The Dead" edition: not only Esperanza, but the full unit... and a brand new daughter!  We can only reveal her name for now: Suspiria!

But as per Day of the Dead tradition: these models will likely only be be hanging out in our mortal world for a very limited time (only available during Halloween season). That's why we highly recommend you to:

  • Join and enjoy our beautiful mailing list (if you're not there yet!)

  • Don't let the spam get your minis: make sure you receive our emails by "whitelisting" us: details here

  • Join our Private Painting Group on Facebook, where we'll share the collection a few hours before the public release!

Because these models will also be in limited quantities: first come first served! And based on how popular was the Day of Dead edition last year, we can tell you that this exclusive unit will burn fast before returning to the underworld until next year...

So don't miss your chance to get your hands on these awesome limited models!

Digital painting of the Halloween Limited edition of Esperanza:


Want to see more? The Daughters of the Crucible painted!

While waiting for this awesome new Day of The Dead unit, click the image below to see a few paintjobs of this best-seller of our Sisters Army!

More Halloween Treats!

It's not confirmed yet but there are rumors that a 3rd edition of the special Halloween Packs could be released... These are two boxes, the Monster Hunters, and the Creatures Of The Night, featuring a unique selection of heroines with a special exclusive bonus miniature, only available during Halloween time of the year. So stay tuned...

The collector mini of last year:
The Halloween Packs of last year:
Again don't hesitate to share your thoughts in comments!

We'll be especially curious to see photos of the Day of The Dead Esperanza from last year if you painted it!

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Kai Zech alias Don Chaos
Kai Zech alias Don Chaos

October 16, 2019

yiiiiiiippppyyyy i won 11 %

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