Q&A on upcoming Kickstarters - Part 2 - Raging Heroes

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Q&A on upcoming Kickstarters - Part 2

February 02, 2013 6 min read

Edit June 4th: The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter is LIVE!! Click here!!

Here's is Part 2 of our replies to your feedback on the upcoming Kickstarters. (Read Part 1 here.)
Among other things, you'll find some info on scale, on weapons and vehicles, and more...

If you are new to this conversation, you should know that we are planning three different Kickstarters, one for each of the following armies: the Kurganova Shock Troops (a.k.a. the "Rambettes"), a Dark Elves Army, and the Sci-Fi Sisters of Eternal Mercy.
The Kurganova Shock Troops will be our first Kickstarter project.
Check out the first Kickstarter installment if you missed it.

Q&A (continued)

How compatible in size will they be to other companies products to fit in with armies already owned. Now I have both fantasy and Sci-Fi blood vestals and they are very different in scale, so will they continue as they are or will the dark elves be separate to the vestals?
This is a really tricky question.
We realized that, for some games, the Fantasy Blood Vestals would feel just a tad small/petite. However, we felt that it fitted well this particular unit of delicate yet deadly female warriors.
For the upcoming Dark Elves releases, we will probably up their size and bulk a little bit, since everybody in the industry is slowly migrating to 32mm as opposed to the traditional 28mm found in Fantasy.
This is less a concern for the Sci-fi Blood Vestals, which are already pretty much all in 32mm, hence their larger size. However, we must also add that what most people seem to like in Raging Heroes minis (grace, nice proportions, feminine look, etc.) is nearly impossible to make in old-school-style 28mm scale, because, even if you may not realize it, the proportions are so distorted and squat and so, hardly suitable for female characters.

Will the sisters and the rambettes be to the same scale as your scifi vestals?
For now, they are planned to be of the same size and scale as the Kurganova sisters, which is very slightly smaller than the SF Blood Vestals. We chose this size because, from what we could see, this was the best for most games / armies for these particular minis.

Please if you must have different arms give them something substantial for the glue to take hold because the scifi vestals were a bitch to keep the arms in place and are still prone to falling off. This could mean plastic if it is viable?
Multi-part metal models are always a mystery. Some will instantly glue and hold forever. Others seem to have a mind of their own. Plastic is indeed part of the plan and will take care of this issue.

I’m excited to see the Kickstarter come online, and I’m happy to help spread the word once it does.
Thanks! The more you'll talk about it, the more models we will be able to release.

- Sisters – I think that in your company best interest is to deal with it like with Kurganovas, I mean both sci-fi and fantasy versions,
We will probably do that, and the Fantasy versions will be made after the Sci-Fi versions are done, unless there is a huge demand for them, in which case we may move up their production.

- and as for the Kurganovas – it could be a great idea to make a unit/units for the ladies from fantasy version (the von Königsmark),
That may happen too.

- …some sort of supporting mechanisms for heavy weapons like in second part of “Alien” (it would give a chance for options – I mean exchangable arms with normal/heavy weapon),
Don't know yet if it could work, but that's a nice idea.

- I would fancy both – armoured transport and some more heavily hitting tanks (tank commander the like of Kurganovas sister would look great in one of these).
For now, there are no plans for heavy vehicles...

As for the costs – have you been thinking of going for some kind of plastic casts for the units?
Way ahead of you there ;-)

Let them have the Sorceress on Pegasus.
Will do!

Maybe cool would be a Slave Mistress with slaves too (guess that would sell like crazy).
There's a good chance of that happening.

Can’t wait to see the Dark elves, but I’d rather the blood vestals be a stand out unit, and most of them to wear kind of baroque, bladed armour.
Yes, that's pretty much the plan.

I would love to see a heavy armoured female infantry unite.
We know that probably evberybody wants that. It's a bit harder to keep the sexiness/feminity there, but we're working on it.

A whole Dark Elves army? …

By your command ;-)

I’m in for all three of those if they are up to your usual standards.
One request though, try to rein in the pin-up aesthetic with the rank and file soldiers. No high heels and clothing that at least looks vaguely suitable for a battlefield.

Regarding the "Rambettes", the heroines will definitely be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, Tarentino-esque characters. Some of them being really sexy, other more rough and masculine…
The rank-and-file will be a bit more toned down and as they will be multi-part minis, you will probably be able to customize them as you wish to fit your own style.

I’ve purchased most all your sci-fi kits already and i have been extremely happy with them.
And BTW, for independant reviews as well as brilliant painting advice, go check out painter James Wappel's blog and current Kickstarter.

With your track record of unfinished projects, how can I allow myself to get excited over any of these?
We can understand your concern, but it looks like you haven't read our previous blog entry quite entirely: the reason we dropped or delayed several projects was not because of our inability to finish them, but because of their potential lack of profitability. In fact, most of these shelved projects are already sculpted and ready for production! But our experience tells us that it would not cover our various development costs if we were to release them now.
Conversely, we know for a fact that the three armies we are working (a great part of which is already done) are eagerly awaited and will be released as planned.
So be excited! Be very very excited! There's lots more fun coming up!!!

There’s nothing wrong with giving these females some muscle tone. Like their male counterparts, these female soldiers haven’t just popped out of the academy, give them some wear & tear and credibility.
We'll mix it up. Some will look like old veterans, some will be fresh-out of the Academy.

Really excited about your kickstarter. I thought I might be of help here… Have you ever heard of the RPG : “Macho Women With Guns” ?
Our minis will definitely be a good match for this game.

Since you’re up for potential suggestions/ideas how about a squad based off the 5 girls from the movie Sucker Punch.
Indeed, SuckerPunch is one of our many references but for obvious reasons, we can't do the same characters...

The sisters - Lots of nice poses and characters to lead them, special weapons teams and jump infantry with really dynamic poses. Lots of head variants would be nice with options for helmets and bare-headed. Would it be possible to have separate weapons?
Excellent! This is pretty much what we are planning.

The Rambettes: you mentioned light vehicles, what have you in mind?
Probably some sort of Matrix/Aliens/Avatar light mech suits, and bikes or trykes.
But that really depends on how much there's a demand for them.

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