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New heroine for the upcoming Kisckstarter

February 06, 2013 5 min read

Edit June 4th: The Kickstarter is LIVE!! Click here!!

Meet Sergeant Parker, one of the most hardened veteran of the upcoming Kurganovas' Shock Troops, coming this month on Kickstarter:

Also, here are some more replies on your comments and questions, with more to come again in the next couple of days, so don't hesitate to continue on commenting below.

Do you know the Game Lollypop Chainsaw? One sexy Modell with Chainsaw would be perfect your first Kickstarter project. (…)
Big Weapons and sexy clothes like in mangas / animes. All combined with a mohawk Haircut and other punk hairstyles would be very exciting for me.

→ There will indeed be all types of girl hero characters in the Rambettes Kickstarter. Although, for now, none are wearing mini-skirts…

Would it be possible for you to show a picture of the planned harpies? I’m currently planning to convert them from your Mantis by adding wings and would like to know if I should wait for the new release or not.
→ As we are moving closer to the start of the Kurganovas' Shock Troop KS, we won't be showing many designs for the other projects, however, we'll probably showcase one of the Harpies' concept this month.
Our advice would probably be that you wait for them to be released, because they'll look pretty good (if we do says so myself…).

Is there any hope for some kind of mounted Sci-Fi-Vestals and a female assassin, even for the BV too? This would be amazing!
→ For now, we are not working on other Sci-Fi Blood Vestals, but we might get back to them after the DE Kickstarter, if some of the designs we'll have prepared for Fantasy are of interest to the Sci-Fi crowd.
Regarding female assassins for the DE, it's a definite yes!

This is great news! (I’m talking about the Dark Elves!). I’d love to see (and would buy, of course) …
→ Many of you have sent us lists of units and characters they would like to see incorporated in the Kickstarters.
We can't answer each of those individually, but rest assured that we are listening and taking notes on what you're telling us, and the concepts you've yet to see should get you pretty excited…

Can the Vestal cavalry have spear, close combat and xbow weapon options. Riders separate from horses.
→ We would like to answer 'Yes' to this, but at this point in time, we cannot say how many options there will be in each unit.
Having created minis with load of options in the past (like Asharah and Kahn-Urkan), we have learned the hard way that adding many options can have a much higher impact on the production costs than anticipated. in some cases, just adding an extra shield and sword can take nearly as ugh space in the mould as a full-size mini.
This means that we get a mould that produces half the minis per spin. And so, this means that this nearly doubles the production cost of the mini…
We've worked a lot to develop new ways to optimize the space in the moulds to be able to put as many options as possible while maintaining a reasonable cost per mini.
Depending on the shape of the mini, though, sometimes it is nothing to add one or two additional arms without raising the costs, and sometimes, this is not feasible…
In any case, be sure that we'll do our best to give you the maximum number of options possible.

Please can we have separate head options for all armies although i think the Dark elves with their magnificent hair may well have to forego that.
→ Indeed, that's the problem with Dark Elves. We're working hard trying to get around this issue, but no promises yet…

If we are to have multi part figures please have the arm joins like a ball and socket type.
→ That's the plan.

you write: 'The Kurganova Shock Troops will be our first Kickstarter project.'
Does it mean that all the projects start to the same time or does it mean that the kurganova projects start first and the other will follow?

→ The Kruganova Shock Troops will be the first, and the other two will follow, but we have not yet determined in which order.

→ We received several comments on the male/female issue, such as these:
... Dark elves: I think it’s a wise move to have the infantry sets half male, half female...
... I am concerned about your idea of female/male units.Will there be an option of only purchasing female models as that is all most of us want anyway and too many companies already produce enough male figures anyway...

→ Unless the Dark Elves Kickstarter were to be very very successful, the cost of developing two versions of the same army, that is, one male and one female, would definitely be too costly, unfortunately. For now, what we plan is to have an army made of about 75% female and 25% male, and with the hero characters being 90% female.
The Dark Elf army project is a very expensive one to develop because there are so many different types of units and troops you guys will need… And so we much prefer offering you a good variety of all these units than being forced to reduce the number of units we design to ensure there is an exact duplicate of male and female versions…

When doing the Khurganova Shock Troops, please do not forget to use as a basis for one of the girls, Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) vs Alien Queen w/ the double gun set up. This character would make a good basis for a heavy weapons specialist in the shock troop team.
→ As you can expect, we cannot actually recreate movie characters without infringing IP. However, we do have ideas that should make you happy!

I would love to see some harpies that don’t look like shaven chimps, and are in good proportion. I am sure if anyone call pull it off, it’ll be you ;-) x
→ Thanks! In that case, there's a good chance that our harpies concept is likely to meet with your expectations…

Don’t forget a tank crew for the Rambettes!
→ The way we plan to make the troops as multi-part kits will easily allow you to use a torso to put in a tank turret and then use arms with binoculars (that will be available in the Kickstarter) to make a Rambette on the lookout in her turret tank.
If the Kickstarter is successful enough, we will most likely also have arm bits holding wrenches and other tools so that you can make a maintenance crew working on a tank.

Any chance of some heavily armoured BV cavalry?
→ If by Blood Vestals you mean female dark elves, yes, although this would likely be an advanced stretch goal for the Kickstarter.

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Asharah Raging is already up 150+ Friends since we've started communicating on this!
You can also follow us on Twitter. We're not very effective Twitterers yet, (but working on it); and all our Facebook posts do get an automatic Twitter update.

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And finally, we need YOU! To make this happen, PLEASE, PLEASE, SPREAD THE WORD!

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