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The Kurganova Limited Edition Box

This Limited Edition features two exclusive bonuses:

1. The original sculpt of Charlie, the Kurganovas' war bulldog,
2. Ivanka's mech sword option.

August 11, 2019: We have ONLY 8 exclusive Charlie and mech swords, both available ONLY in metal. We also have limited quantities of Ivanka, Olga, and Malinka in metal. Please choose your combination of metal and resin using the drop down menu above. 

See each Kurganova separately:
Kommander Malinka
Kapitan Ivanka
Admiral Olga
And check out their ancestors for Fantasy: Gretchen, Hildegard and Brunhilde von Königsmark.


• 28mm scale
• Fit into a regular unit on round 25mm bases (included)
• White metal and/or resin
• Each Kurganova sister has her own motto written on the back of her coats.
   For more info: Kommander Malinka / Kapitan Ivanka / Admiral Olga

Download a larger image of the Ltd. Ed.

Video made by our Ukrainian reseller Spellscape

"Just received the Kurganova Sisters and their faithful companion. I wanted to immediately congratulate you for the sharpness of the sculpts and the quality of the casts." - Aulne (via email)

"I just wanted to let you know I got my Limited Edition Kurganovas box in and they are nearly Flawless. I cannot wait to assemble and paint these beautiful mini's. Wow is this amazing! I haven't stopped looking at them since they came in. Kudos. You 3 do excellent work. I"m already planning my next purchase." - Ryan (via email)

"Got mine this weekend. They are fantastic!" - Matthew (via Facebook)

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