Q&A on upcoming Kickstarters - Part 1 - Raging Heroes

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Q&A on upcoming Kickstarters - Part 1

February 01, 2013 5 min read

Edit June 4th: The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter is LIVE!! Click here!!

Thank you for your initial feedback on our upcoming Kickstarters!
Below you'll find answers to your many comments and questions so far. While we haven't addressed each one separately, we've tried to cover all those where we could provide more info on what's coming.

If you are new to this conversation, you should know that we are planning three different Kickstarters, one for each of the following armies: the Kurganova Shock Troops (a.k.a. the "Rambettes"), a Dark Elves Army, and the Sci-Fi Sisters of Eternal Mercy.
The Kurganova Shock Troops will be our first Kickstarter project.
Check out the first Kickstarter installment if you missed it.

Oh, and we thought you'd like a new image. This one is for the future Dark Elves Army Kickstarter.


Please give us a time estimate. I need to budget accordingly.
The "Rambettes/Kurganova" Kickstarter is currently planned for February, with an ending in late March. If all goes well, the rest should follow in turn.

Will you guys stop at nothing to take all of my money?!
Nope! We're evil ;-)

Dark Elves Army – Spear and xbows infantry, harpies, dark riders, heroes & lords, cauldron (or some kind of sacrifice altar), Pegasus would be more than welcome.
Yes indeed! More of less all of that is in the works…

Raging Heroes + Sucker Punch + Tank Girl = a very happy fan.
Yeahh! We do like to go for the deep philosophical stuff too ;-)

a Kickstarter thats coming to kick ass and chew gum.. just dont tell the girls the Kurganova’s blew the gum out an airlock.
Love it!

Lovely art, fun, cheeky, looks like trouble. Can’t wait to see concepts, characters, sculpts, and optional extras so big gangs dont look alike – head swaps (gotta have one blowing a bubblegum bubble), arms, weapons.
Yeah for the bubble gum.
As for the troops, they are planned to be multi-part and customizable.
And we also thinking of bits expansion packs…

Very sad my Phoenix is on hold, maybe one day it will be affordable.
We really like that project very much, so we hope so too.

Will you be making plastic kits?
Not injected plastics, but definitely some cool stuff. More on that soon.

For the sake of my bank account can the close be somewhere around late March/early April?
It's looking like the close will be around late March.

If you plan to stick to female minis, does it mean the DE army will be mainly or even exclusively female?
Each Dark Elves unit will be half female, half male, except for the Blood Vestals and the mounted Blood Vestals that everybody has been clamouring for.
Most of the hero characters will be female, though, unless you really want it otherwise.

My poor, poor money :(
Sorry about that… :-(

Glad to see your company sharing ideas and giving reasons for why certain things are happening, or not!
Yes, we think it's important to share with you what's going on behind the scene.

The Dark Elf army scheme has my full attention. Obviously spears and xbows are essential, harpies too.
Yes indeed, and all kinds of other units…

Elite infantry might have add on extras to produce characters rather than made separate minis.
We will definitely do some multi-parts troops, but we like to create hero characters that are more than some bits assembled together. While many people create amazing characters through conversions, many other like to fall in love with a mini that's been carefully designed with lots of 'oomph' and personality. We think that this is what helped the Kurganovas / von Königsmark be so popular. Also, we LOVE creating characters! That's what's makes our work exciting.

A center piece model such as an altar, or cauldron would be superb.
Ohhhhh, you're in for a crazy treat…

Some sort of familiar would be a nice touch.
There's a good chance of that.

I’d like to see, perhaps as a limited run, a character pack that included a slave master, assassin, torturer, robed/ semi naked slave etc.
Maybe not exactly this, but some pretty good equivalent…

There has been a distinct lack of female models on the market for years. (…) Now if you could just do some female head sprues, bald heads and some with hair. I’d buy 200+ heads if you did this!
Yes, we definitely think good-looking female minis are an asset to any army!
For now, we are not sure exactly how we will do this, but we are definitely considering doing some kind of expansion packs for our minis in the form of bits…

So this is what it feels like to have a miniature company dedicated to producing exactly what you want…
Thanks! We really try hard to stay in tune with what you guys are looking for.

I know you’ve heard it before, but here’s hoping Old Man Kurganova can make a showing, along with a version of Ivanka that can be mounted on a bike or cyberwolf.
Yes and yes… We definitely would like you to meet other members of the Kurganova family.
We have refrained from putting Ivanka on a bike because we are still not sure that there's demand for that. The Kickstarter will be a great opportunity to delve deeper on this topic.

Will the kurganovas be in the kickstarter or do i have to order them separately?
The Kurganovas will be included in the Kickstarter, but at this time, we cannot guarantee you that we will still have any Limited Edition Kurganovas Box Set left. This means that you will be able to get the three sisters but perhaps not their dog Charlie and Ivanka's special edition weapon.

Is the dark pegasus among the units shelved or part of production? Please be the latter as its the model I’ve most anticipated for the last two years.
You can rest easy ;-) The reason we have not yet released it is because it made more sense to release it as part of the Kickstarter. Also, we know that many gamers use several Pegasus with different types of riders in their armies. And so, if you feel that you might want two different models of Pegasus, tell us and we'll see if this is doable…


We've mentioned it before, but may we also strongly suggest that you ask us (Asharah Raging) as a friend on Facebook, (for communication purposes, "Friending" Asharah is more effective than "Liking" the Raging Heroes page). At this point in time, Facebook is probably the best way to get real time info on what's going on with our Kickstarter and other projects.
You can also follow us on Twitter. We're not very effective Twitterers yet, but all our Facebook posts do get an automatic Twitter update.

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