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January 30, 2013

Edit June 4th: The Kickstarter is LIVE!! Click here!!

What an amazing response!
Edit (2/2/13): We've responded to your comments: Part 1 (with new image) and Part 2

Your reactions to the announcement of our Kurganova's Rambettes Kickstarter and of our Female SciFi Paladins (the Sisters of Eternal Mercy) as well as our Dark Elves armies have been many and very positive!

It has started many conversations, even on forums and blogs that we hadn't reached yet.

And we received a large quantity of comments and emails that make us feel that, with your help, these projects are likely going to be quite successful. For example, we encouraged reader to subscribe to our newsletter if they wanted to be kept informed on our Kickstarters, and we collected over 200 new sign-up in the 3 days following our announcement. So we are very excited!

We will start to answer all your questions in detail in our next post. We will also share a new image this week…

In the meantime, please continue to send us you comments and suggestions. What do you want in these armies? What kind of troops? What kind of light vehicles? Etc.

We also strongly suggest that you ask us (Asharah Raging) as a friend on Facebook, (for communication purposes, "Friending" Asharah is more effective than "Liking" the Raging Heroes page). At this point in time, Facebook is probably the best way to get real time info on what's going on with our Kickstarter and other projects.
You can also follow us to your Twitter feed. We're not yet a very effective Twitterer, but all our Facebook posts do get an automatic update on Twitter.

And also please, to make this a success, PLEASE, SPREAD THE WORD!

See you soon!

PS/ In our previous post, Regarding Akzeltolt, originally, I linked to a former version (from 2010) instead of linking to the latest versions (2011). this has since been corrected, but don't hesitate to check it out in case you missed it...

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