Ivanka and her sisters launch with a very special Deal

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The three Kurganova sisters are now ready for the battlefield!
First there was Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova.
Now there is her younger sister Kommander Malinka Kurganova, and her older sister Admiral Olga Kurganova.

You can purchase each separately, or get your hands on the Kurganovas Limited Edition Box which contains
• the 3 Kurganova sisters,
• Charlie, their fearless, cigar-smoking, war bulldog,
• a brand-new additional optional arm for Ivanka.
Charlie and Ivanka's new arm version are ONLY available as part of the Kurganovas Limited Edition Box.

The Limited Edition box has been designed to be a hot deal, since it's almost 3 Euros less expensive than buying the 3 minis separately, and you've got Charlie and the special variation for Ivanka as well! But don't miss out: there are only 1000 boxes, and then they're gone...

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