Kommander Malinka Kurganova - Raging Heroes

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Kommander Malinka Kurganova

All attitude, and nothing but trouble!
Malinka comes with an optional gas mask and 2 left arm options: saber or mech sword. 

Meet the rest of the family:

• 28mm scale
• Fits into a regular unit on a round 25mm base (included)
• Resin
• 29mm from floor to eyes
• Her motto is Куда черт не поспеет, туда бабу пошлет" (When the devil can't make it, he sends a woman). However, because it was too long to fit on the back of her coat, we shortened it to 'Куда черт не поспеет…' (When the devil can't make it…).

Video made by our Ukrainian reseller Spellscape

Designed by Benoit Guerville, Mireille Frenette and Jean-Romain Barrau. Sculpted by Benoit Guerville and Jean-Romain Barrau.