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Feedback needed: the Kurganovas go Fantasy

October 18, 2012 1 min read

Edit (Nov. 10): The three von Königsmark sisters and their dog Walter are now available for pre-order!

Since we've started working on the Kurganova sisters, many have asked us for Fantasy versions. But before we go any further, you might want to know that the Sci-fi versions are an absolute hit: we've already sold a quarter of The Kurganovas Limited Edition boxed setin less than 4 days!! So we'd suggest that you don't dally if you want one…

So, back to the Fantasy versions… There are really quite a few characters and races that we could explore with the Kurganova sisters…We have decided to go with something we haven't touched before: imperial germanic style characters.

We have several ideas in mind, but we have not explored everything yet…
Currently, we are thinking about elder sister Olga as a high-ranking, fully armoured officer.
For Ivanka and baby sister Malinka, we are hesitating between two options: either a firearm and machinery specialist / sniper type of character, or a hunter wearing a long cvoat à la Van Helsing.
Or perhaps, one of each.

So we'd like your take on this, ASAP because we are ready to move very fast on this.
You may also build up on what we suggest, or go in an entirely different direction.
But please suggest things that you are likely to want to use in your games.

We're eagerly awaiting to hear from you!

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