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TGG2 - UPDATE #27 – Bonus Unlock + Production Update + Sculpting Workshop + Drink Mats + Angels' Weaponry...

August 06, 2015 6 min read 1 Comment

We know how you are all eagerly awaiting the monthly Update, and it may seem like we're taking a cruel pleasure in making you linger for a few extra days before releasing this. And on top of this, this Update comes with very few images! We are really sorry about that... The truth is that the summer months are always a bit hard on the planning and scheduling. A big part of the creative team is currently on holidays, and 2 of our sculptors, Andrea and Francesca, just welcomed Gino, their very first baby, last Thursday!

Nevertheless, a lot of work has been accomplished in July. The only thing missing are the images to share with you. That's because preparing the renders takes about a full week of work for 2 to 3 people, and we chose to keep the focus on the sculpting work since we're operating with a reduced crew until the end of August.

The good news is that you'll get a double dose of images in the September Update! And the other good news is that we have a very special surprise for you this month...

Bonus Unlock – The Huntress!

“Can we work towards unlocking the Huntress next? The concept art is fantastic and both the Fantasy and Sci-Fi versions would work for a very wide variety of games/settings.” – Arthur Monteath-Car

We know that this one has been a favourite of yours since the beginning, and we received many messages like this one :) 

Not to mention the fact that you're not the only ones to like this gal. Alex, one of our sculptors, started working on her in his spare time, so eager was he to convince us that we had to unlock her! His work was so good, we could only agree with him. We then passed on his work to Svetlana, another one of our freelance sculptors, and boy did she deliver!

So now, both Sci-Fi and Fantasy versions of The Huntress are UNLOCKED and will be available for our backers.

But who is this girl exactly? Why does she look so different than the rest of the Sisters? Some say that she is the blade in the shadows. Others swear that she's the one Sister who does the dirty deeds. Most agree that she's the one without a name. She's just The Huntress.

→ The Huntress (Sisters – Fantasy – Heroine)

→ The Huntress (Sisters – SciFi – Heroine)

And, guys, just so you know: please do NOT expect more bonus unlocks in every Update :)

3D Print Preview

The 3D prints are arriving to our office at a steady pace. Here's a sneak peak of the most recent ones.

Sister Celenia
Sister Celenia

Kraash, the Beastmaster

Kraash, the Beastmaster

One of the beasts
One of the beasts

Beedle, one of the Sisters' Minions
Beedle, one of the Sisters' Minions

Krudle, one of the Sisters' Minions
Krudle, one of the Sisters' Minions

Nope, probably everyone's favourite Minion
Nope, probably everyone's favourite Minion

Vladimir the Virtuous
Vladimir the Virtuous

Doralys minus her tears
Doralys minus her tears


Sorceress Shiveryah
Sorceress Shiveryah


Sister Trematta
Sister Trematta

Completed Sculpts

Below are all the sculpts that were finished this month and are about to be sent to the 3D printer.

A lot of great stuff here. One of our favourite is probably Lady Melith, who turned out extremely and will probably become a painter's favourite. 

Also, we know that some of you were not too keen on Violet, the Dark Elf Mascot, as even if we put much effort in the concept, a lot of what we were looking for was not there yet. So we put a lot of work on the sculpt, going through three versions before finalising her. In the end, she now has that old lady haughty and nasty look that we were looking for. 

Finally, you'll notice that we added back Zailith to this list: despite showing here as completed in Update #26, we were not completely happy with her posing. So we tweaked her pose a bit and we now feel that she has the regal look she was supposed to have.

Again, as mentioned above, there are no renders to show for this Update, due to lack of manpower this summer. We plan to have them for our next monthly Update.

  • Arkiish, The Black Reaper (Dark Elves – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Lady Kashala, Dark Elf General (Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Lady Kashala, Void Elf General (SciFi – Heroine) 
  • Lady Melith, Courtesan (Dark Elves – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine) 
  • Liligrith, Exsanguinatrix (Dark Elves – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine) 
  • Sephea, Executrix Champion (Dark Elves – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine) 
  • Sister Trematta, Field Resurectrix (Sisters – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Tobias (Sisters Mascot – Freebie) 
  • Violet (Dark Elves Mascot – Freebie) 
  • Zailith (Dark Elves – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine) – Updated version (see above)
  • Zaraya, Pilgrim Priestess (Sisters – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Zaraya, Pilgrim Priestess (Sisters – SciFi – Heroine)

Sculpts Still in the Completion Queue

You might notice that the sculpts in this list have been here for some time. The reason for this is because some of these sculpts were in the hands of Andrea and Francesca, and they've been busy bringing to life a little miniature of their own these past few weeks. Other sculpts actually need special attention from the Art Director, and with so many other sculpts getting done at this time, he's got less time than he would like to directly work on these sculpts. But don't worry, they will get time for their close-up too.

  • Asharah (Dark Elves – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Asharah (Void Elves – SciFi – Heroine) 
  • Sister Altarii (Sisters – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Sister Altarii (Sisters – SciFi – Heroine) 
  •  Sister Ardanna, Pillar of the Faith (Sisters – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine) 
  • Templar Ela Seraqui, Demon Slayer (Sisters – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Templar Ela Seraqui, Demon Slayer (Sisters – SciFi – Heroine)

New Sculpts Near Completion

Quite a few sculpts are now almost done:

  • Senshyrha, Slave Master (Dark Elves – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Senshyrha, Slave Master (Lust Elves – SciFi – Heroine) 
  • Sinzirith, Blood Vestal High Priestess (Dark Elves – Fantasy/SciFi – Freebie/Heroine) 
  • The Daughters of the Orphanage (Sisters – Fantasy – Command and Troops) 
  • The Daughters of the Crucible (Sisters – SciFi – Command and Troops)

Sculpts in Progress

These Sculpts were started up several weeks ago, and are continuing to move forward.

  • The Blood Vestals (first the Sci-Fi version, then the Fantasy) 
  • The Davidians (mostly the SciFi version) 
  • The remaining Freebies Xarsiss and Rithali-in 
  • The Throne of the Succubi 
  • The War Pulpit

New Sculpts in Progress

Here is are the new sculpts that we started working on since our previous Update. It does not mean that all will be finished by the time the next Update (next month) rolls around, but significant progress will have been made on these characters.

  • Ascended Sister Erzebel, Great Seraphim (Sisters – Fantasy/SciFi – Heroine) 
  • Varaseesh, The Venomous (Dark Elves – Fantasy – Heroine) 
  • Varaseesh, The Venomous (Lust Elves – Sci-Fi – Heroine) 
  • 3 Stingrays - Command Group (Lust Elves – Fantasy – Troops) 
  • 3 Stingrays - Command Group (Void Elves – SciFi – Troops)

Sculpting Workshop

In the previous Update, you may remember us saying that we had added new sculptors to the team. To get them up and running as fast as possible, and also to refine our workflow once more, we invited 3 of them to the studio for an intensive week-long training session. 

So from Madrid, Oslo and Helsinki they came, and it was an absolute blast. Everybody learned a lot during that week. And on our end, we saw how working together in the same room for a time had a impact even on the sculpts that we have yet to meet in person. But we worked so intently all week that none of us thought to snap a picture of our time together!

We will definitely do more sculpting workshops in the future, so that we can bring in other members of the sculpting team in the next coming months and continue to raise the bar.

Drink Mats

As we had to reprint more beer coasters mats for the TGG1, we took this opportunity to assemble a first series of TGG2 Drink Mats! This series is all about the Daughters of the crucible, but I'm sure you'll agree this is not a bad choice :) And just like we did in the TGG1 shipments, we'll include random drink mats in your parcels when we ship you your Rewards. We'll also soon add them to our webshop, in case you're planning a TGG party at your place or gaming club!

The TGG2 Drink Mats, featuring the Daughters of the Crucible
The TGG2 Drink Mats, featuring the Daughters of the Crucible

Angels' Weaponry

In the last few weeks, we've received a significant amount of questions about the Sisters' Angels, especially concerning their weaponry. As you saw in the campaign, we've planned them with lances, but many of you have asked if we could provide other weapon options.

As you know, while we work on production, nothing is really set in stone, and so there's always time to make things evolve. But if we choose a specific kind of equipment, let's say, the lance, or a sword + shield, we probably won't be able to put both options in the same box. 

So, given this, what would be your favoured choice?

Well, that's all for now. Feel free to browse over to our latest TGG1 update, for more pretty pictures and a couple of images for our upcoming TGG1 Artbook.

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Tom Pisapia
Tom Pisapia

October 01, 2016

I love the huntress! Where can I get one?

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