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TGG1 - UPDATE #110 – 90% Shipped! + Address Changes + New Photos and Painted Minis + TGG Public Release + Foundry Trip

September 10, 2015 3 min read

Over 90% of the TGG Rewards Selection have now shipped! That's over 3700 parcels!

All that's left to complete is the Large Size models, the Connoisseur Pack and the Digital Artbook.

The production of the 3 54mm Freedom Fighters and the 3 Large Size Mascots should have been done by now, but it is taking longer than expected at the foundry. Long story short, this is due to the large scale of the bodies. The foundry has had to experiment with several different techniques in order to obtain the best possible results. It now looks like the winning formula has been found, so their casting is back on track this week. This means that we are likely to receive the casts ready for shipping early next week, at which point, we'll be dispatching the remaining Rewards Selections.

The Connoisseur Pack is also expected to ship next week. All the carefully quality hand-poured minis have come in and each has been quality controlled by our staff. The 54mm Nepharya also came in late last week, and we are re-ordering a few more, as there were a couple of tiny issues that we want fixed before we ship. We have also secured special packaging, with a few items still coming in this week. We are getting the Numbered and Signed Certificate of Authenticity ready as well.

For the Connoisseur Pack, all that will be missing is the Printed, signed and numbered Artbook, which will be produced and mailed separately as soon as the Digital version of the Artbook is completed.

Maddeningly, the Digital Artbook had to be put on ice for the last month, as our collaborator for this project had to move on. We are now restaffing the position to complete this book. We will keep you posted on its progress. It is probably the project that is most dear to our heart at the moment, and one of the most fun thing we have to work on. So please be assured that this book is definitely one of our key focuses.


If you have moved since choosing your Rewards and if you have not yet received your parcel,you MUST contact us immediately with your address change. You can do this via the Kickstarter message system, or via email at

Please remember that if you changed your shipping address yourself in the Pledge Manager, we will NOT know! You must contact us so that we can change your address manually...

New Photos

Below are new photos of some of the latest models produced for the TGG Kickstarter. Also, you may be happy to hear that that we are currently preparing assembly guides for the Mechaswhich we plan to share with you next week, as we've received several requests for this.

New Painted Minis

Meanwhile, our painting artists are continuing their work. We hope you'll enjoy

  • Doctor Von X (IE)
  • Keela Krupps, Transmission Specialist (IE)
  • Jaheda Kano, Armoured Division Officer (KST)
  • Nertha, The Faceless Mother (IE Freedom Fighter)
  • Lieutenant Parker (JB)
  • Raven, The Chainbreaker (Freedom Fighter and Leader of the Jailbirds)
  • The KST Heavy Troopers and Command Group

Public Release of the TGG

As we are now about to conclude the shipment of the TGG Kickstarter minis, we are preparing to unleash these ladies (!) on the (perhaps unwary) general public. This will be done over the remainder of 2015 and may well stretch into the beginning of 2016.

In the coming weeks, look out for the release of Jaibirds troops as well as Kurganova Shock Troops and Iron Empire Heroines. 

This upcoming scheduled release includes:

  • The Jailbirds Troops and Command Group
  • Aaqila Noyakin, Heavy Gunner (KST)
  • Karmina Noxx, Elite Sniper (KST)
  • Nurse Karoline, Field Medic (KST)
  • Kristina Karlstein Armoured Division Officer (IE)
  • Lieutenant Drakkan, Iron Storm Officer (IE)
  • W101, Cyberzombie Bodyguard (IE)

An Early Foundry Trip

As you may remember, we had planned to visit once again our US foundry this September. But as always, the gods of miniatures move in mysterious ways, and we had to get there earlier than expected.

So, we are now just back from 2 full weeks in the United States. Of course, this meant reshuffling our priorities and schedules, but the trip proved immensely productive for everyone involved, and for our backers and customers as well. You can read more about this in the upcoming Update #29 from our TGG2: Light and Darkness Kickstarter, which will be published later this week.

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