TGG2 - Update #42: the Update for Life, the Universe, and Everything (and the Icariates, too)

Welcome to Update #42 for the TGG2: Light & Darkness Kickstarter campaign!
(You can still Pledge on our special page, but hurry, there's little time left).

So, regarding the title of this Update, I said to one of our younger teammates: "You may not get this reference..."

Him (insulted): "Of course I do! It's from a wonderful Sci-Fi film! Wasn't the robot's name H2G2?"

Me: "As Marvin would say, I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed..."

Please feel free to propose a suitable punishment in the Comments below :)

Because we've already done all we could think of: he's the intern for whom we named the Little Alex character, the prisoner on Kiki Bulldozer's pole... 

And now, onwards with this Update!

The Icariates (Sci-Fi Angels)

By now, you know the drill: 24 images for this new Unit, we begin with 2 line-ups (Command Group and Troops), and this Update ends with our Flash Sale (yes, it's still on!).

Click for larger image
Click for larger image

Click for larger image
Click for larger image

Stay tuned for another Update tomorrow!


Someone once said that sometimes, people don't need a reason to buy, they need an excuse to buy. 

Well, we're happy to oblige! Here's an excellent excuse to get your hands right now on Raging Heroes minis: get 10€ OFF all orders over 69€ Euros at check out with Coupon Code tenOFF69

But hurry, this flash offer won't last...



December 03, 2017

Will these ever go on to general sale?

Devon Martinez
Devon Martinez

April 21, 2016

Ok. I backed this a while ago and was torn on if I thought it was worth my money. This update. This one say 100% sold me.

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