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April 20, 2016 1 min read

Welcome to Update #43 for theTGG2: Light & Darkness Kickstarter campaign!
(You can still Pledge on our special page, but hurry, there's little time left).

Oh my... Another day, another TGG2 Update!

Meet the Crossbow Unit, with 23 images. The message ends with our Flash Sale, which is kinda turning into a full-week sale event!

A few of you have written to us with questions concerning the stability of the miniatures: please know that we are always very careful about this. The center of gravity will be placed right over the base to ensure stability. Also, please note that all of our miniatures always have either a tab or a plug to make sure that they are easy to put on a base (except for the ones that have a flat bottom like Harry, Charlie and Jinx, of course).

Also, just so you know, when we did all the renders you saw for the troops these last few days, we had not had quite the chance to finish all the different bare heads and faces required, so some of the ones presented in this and previous Updates will be updated to give you more diversity.

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FLASH SALE still on!

There's still a bit of time to get yourself Raging Heroes' champions and troops with 10€ OFF all orders over 69€ Euros. Just enter the following Coupon Code when you checkout: tenOFF69

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