Kiki Bulldozer, Bio-Experiment Survivor (JB) - Raging Heroes

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Kiki Bulldozer, Bio-Experiment Survivor (JB)

Kiki Bulldozer, Bio-Experiment Survivor + 40 mm round base.

Available in resin. Heroic 28mm scale.


Genetic manipulations, nano technologies, combat drugs. All elements that play a big part in creating ultra-performing warriors, especially for nations like the Kurgans, who have very advanced scientific research abilities. And of course, where better to test this research than in human rat labs...

Kiki was locked up in a maximum security cell when the walls trembled under the shock of the advancing Jailbirds' heavy weaponry. Something had gone horribly wrong in her research protocol and the Kurgans had not yet decided if it was better to terminate such a powerful creature, or to push it further to make her into an even more dangerous weapon.

When the Jailbirds removed her chains and nursed her back to health, her radical mood swings eased and she turned herself into a rather gentle giantess. 

But she's fiercely devoted to the members of her new family. Threats or violence of any kind aimed at them will inevitably unleash all of Kiki's strength and ruthlessness, with devastating results.


(We nicknamed them the Rambettes.) They were the ones that started it all. They are a bunch of low-life bad-ass big-attitude girls who all ended up in planetary prison held by the Kurganov government. In the game, they will be used as small penitentiary contingents led by the Kurganova Shock Troops, or as a full autonomous faction (because, as you can easily imagine, many of them have escaped captivity).
They are commando-style units with nothing to lose, and they specialise in acquiring enemy equipment for their own purposes.