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Hello Folks,

March has already been a cool month for new Raging Heroes releases and we're loving all the messages we're getting from you about Nepharya joining your armies!

While I'm a big fan of the NecroPriestess, it was a different release that floated my boat this month.... just don't tell her though... she's got a wicked temper and it would be annoying to end up as a cyber-zombie this close to the weekend!

As a Jailbirds collector, the highlight for me was the Jailbirds Sniper Unit.

The Jailbirds are a bunch of low-life, bad-ass, big-attitude girls, who all ended up in a planetary prison, held by the Kurganov government.

Jailbirds are a common sight on the battlefield, not only operating as penal contingents, under the control of Kurganova Shock Troops, but also as their own independent faction, formed from the many escapees, who managed to make a break for freedom!

Their daredevil attitude makes them well suited to commando-style roles, specialising in lightening raids, hitting fast and escaping before the enemy can bring reinforcements in to crush them.

Given their affinity for sneaky, hit and run tactics, it was only a matter of time before the Jailbirds managed to "liberate" some high velocity rifles during one of their raids and form their first dedicated sharpshooter teams.

Operating independently, they watch over enemy transport routes and facilities, keeping an eye out for choice targets and any interesting activity, reporting their findings back to the main Jailbird force.

Their lightweight load outs allow them to remain highly mobile and instead of giving remote cover fire during an attack, the sniper units like to move in close. Using their fieldcraft and stealth skills, they manoeuvre into position, take out sentries and plant explosive charges, preparing to sow chaos, when the Jailbird's main forces launch their attack!

All minatures are in our heroic 28mm scale.

You can see these miniatures and more on our website:

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Jon Simpson


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Nicholas Bonham
Nicholas Bonham

April 13, 2016

I love the look of these models. I’d love to learn the game system, or incorporate them into my sisters of battle army, where I think most of the models would add a nice flavor.

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