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March 16, 2016 4 min read

Day 14, the final day of our contest saw the Jailbirds Tania Tanker, Tank Specialist up for grabs.

Tania is such a characterful model, it's hard to narrow her down to just one role. With suggestions for 40k proxy Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle and as part of an inquisitor's squad, all the way through to Infinity and Dust proxies, it was great to see you guys felt the same.

For me, Tania is a serving in a dual role. She's a squad leader in a wargames army, but also stands in during Deadland's: The Wasted Westroleplay games too. Originally, she was going to be a player's character, but ended up fitting in nicely as a town mayor instead.

In case you missed the previous posts, we streamlined all the entries down to our favourites and then randomly selected a winner from the pot.

On to the finalists for today…

David Shreeve said:

Boom stixk Iron hand strachan for the imperial guard. Love the mix of 50s/60s pin up and pure bad ass-ness. Excellent!

Thanks David. Iron Hand Straken proxy... Metal arm, check. Bad ass attitude, check. Big gun. check. I think you're on to something here buddy!

Henrik Jensen with:

Esher Heavy, Necromunda or raider ganger, This is not a test

----- Sam

I would use this model in my Necromunda Escher Gang. She would be some kind of mercenary from her backstory, since her clothing style is a bit different from the Escher.

----- James Willetts

I would use her in Necromunda, as a House Escher heavy.

The Jailbirds certainly seem like a nice fit as Necromundaproxies, and with her dual weapon options, Tania is flexible as a heavy or leader. Her metal arm also makes me think pit slave proxy potential too, although she must be good, as she's not as mangled as they normally are!

P.A. with:

American Mum. I like that bionic arm! Would assemble her with the smaller firearm and make her an engineer for my Infinity Nomad force.

Infinity Nomad proxy,nice idea P.A. and with her shotgun, she'd fit right in too! Maybe she could sneak her missile launcher in for TAG control duties too :-)

AJ with:

Would probably paint her up as Gaige from Borderlands 2

I need an extra arm for high fives! Borderlands 2 is my all time favourite PC game, so thanks AJ! Great idea too. Would you just go with the same colour scheme, or actually try and paint her up in the cell shaded style too?

Johnny Bash with:

Move over Rosie! This riveting gal would easily help support any GW Astra Militarum squad with her long range missile launcher.

Riveting... Johnny, I hope your job makes good use of your word play skills, otherwise it's a wasted talent... unless your Batman. Being Batman is always the best choice.

Andrew Reynolds with:

I love the iconography with her pose! I would use her as a space marine scout with a missile launcher from warhammer 40k.. She looks like a team player and the space marine stat line with the iron hands rules would be both fluffy and represented on the mini well. She could work as a tech servitor as well. Thank you once again for making things I didn't know I wanted!

Space Marine Scout proxy, great idea Andrew! She's lightly equipped enough for hit and run attacks too and would certainly be an original model.

 Nicholas Petrie with:

I have to say I admire this model and the sculptor who made her. The model is an iconic fusion of the propaganda poster femmes merged with the Cyberpunk styling. You could see this character having been transported from the past into the future, accidentally being crippled, receiving a cyber-arm and then deciding to take up arms against her oppressors.

You could just as easily see her being a Cyberpunk that has taken on the retro styling of the past and carrying around a really big gun.

Thanks Nicholas. With a studio full of perfectionists, a lot of time and effort goes into each one, making sure it's meets our high standards and the look of the faction. So, it's great to get such nice compliments about our sculpts!

James with:

DUST have a Soviet-style side - she'd look great in that. The Workers Unite look is amazing, and a great paint job too! Personally, I'd use her as a Cadian heavy. Maybe convert a sidekick and have them digging for victory next to her on a larger base!

Great idea for a diorama, thanks James! She'd make a good infantry squad grunt too. Her metal arm reminds me of the Recruitment Officer in Starship Troopers, "Mobile Infantry made me what I am today son!"

Today's lucky winner though is Joe Terrill with:

I'd either use her in Warmachine as a Mercenary faction model. Or as a character model in the Shadowrun campaign I've been trying to get off the ground. Mostly I'd just like to take the time to paint such a nice looking model (that came off creepier than I meant it to).

Great entry Joe and it's great to see so many people using our minis as Warmachine proxies. As an old school roleplayer, it's even better to see them getting used in RPG's! Tania's cyberpunk look, would fit right in too, so best of luck with your game.

Don't worry about the creepy comment either, everyone here took it as a thoroughly innocent remark... err, yes security... that's the one over there :-)

Congratulations Joe!

OK, after a week of celebratory hiccups... in honour of you all... hit it!

Thank you ALL once again for your entries, you're all "Raging Heroes" and we're lucky to have you :-)

If it wasn't for you guys and girls supporting us, we wouldn't be making the finest miniatures on the planet. Whatever your game, we're glad you enjoy our models and may you do so for many years to come!

Cheers and happy gaming!

Jon Simpson

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