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Hello Folks,

I completely, utterly, absolutely, positively love seeing you doing cool stuff with our minis, so it's awesome finding a blog like Mini Swelter!

Swelter is not only a painting machine, but also has a truly eclectic collection of mini's! Where else could you find Aleksandr Kurganov, the Chief Commander of the Kurganov nation, alongside a gnome in a gimp suit?!? Definitely a scandal the Kurgonov press would like to get hold of ;-)

Keeping that under wraps for now... let's start by taking a look at his rather cool Jailbirds Coyote Crew Command and Coyote Crew Troops instead!

Swelter has done a great job of using the Jailbirds prison inmate theme, going for a "Prison Pride" look on his veterans. By including elements of their orange prison colours in his paint scheme, it's both a nice fluff addition and to help them stand out on the tabletop too!

For the non-veteran ground pounders, he's gone for a more standard mix of army fatigues and varied bits of kit, along with adding red sashes, bandanna's and other flourishes in honour of the "Bloody Red Banner of Revolution"!

The minis have a cool post-apocalyptic squad feel, working without the usual military discipline, but at the same time still a unit. Bonded together through shared hardship, survival and camaraderie, rather than training and tradition.

Not content just to paint superb minis, the bases have had top notch treatment too! This really helps unify the squad and give their setting even more flavour... a meaty... dismembered flavour in certain cases...

Using them as 40k proxies, Swelter has done a great count's as breakdown of possible uses for the guns the girls are packing in this post: All the Jailbird Special Weapons and a new Raging Heroes Kickstarter

As with all our TGG command and troops boxes, the Jailbirds Coyote Crew Command and Coyote Crew Troops use our customisable ball-joint assembly system, so you can easily create highly customised unique units for your army!

The Coyote Crew Command box include parts to build, not only the command options, but also a range of special weapons, allowing the you to create veterans or special weapon troops.

The Coyote Crew Troops box is great for bulking your squads out and by mixing the parts together from both packs, you can tailor them to whatever battlefield role you had in mind.

The Troops box also includes the ever popular flamethrower and grenade launcher options too... perfect for bug hunting and zombie horde control duties!

For more of Swelter's awesome work, please check out his blog here:

Thanks for reading and please check out our Jailbird line up here Raging Heroes Jailbird Range and the rest of our goodies here: Complete Collection.

Cheers and happy gaming,


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