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April 09, 2021 2 min read

Get extraordinary miniatures to fill our your Drukhari army!

With the release of the new Codex: Drukhari you will be frantically re-writing your army list, adding new units, and looking for the ways to build your army to look exactly how you want it to! 

Our Void Elves and Lust Elves Sci-Fi armies fit perfectly into a Drukhari army, filling all the major battlefield roles, from incredible rank and file troops, to the most heroic commanders! 

Here are some of our favourites that have been flying off the shelves of Raging Heroes HQ this week!



 Perfect for to use as Wracks!!

Skinners are dark and twisted, even by the standards of the Void Elves. Intent on causing pain and suffering with their wickedly curved blades. These faceless warriors cause terror where ever they go!

These incredibly detailed, multi-part resin miniatures are available in packs of troops and command groups. 



Make awesome looking Incubi!!

Armoured and armed with the finest weapons the Void Elves war-smiths can create. These warriors absolute turn killing into an efficient, effortless art. None can best them with a blade. 
The Executrix come in packs of all unique models! every model in the command group and the troop unit are individual. Together with customisable ball-joints and multiple options, each squad will be as unique and elite as their status deserves!


A great replacement for Kabalite Warriors

Over running any outposts defences in mere moments, these visions of death deal out unstoppable fear as they quench their need to cause pain!

The Hunters come as troop units or command groups. These packs contain all unique models, infinitely poseable, with multiple weapons and accessory options!



  An alternative for Wyches

Feeding on the screams of others, Blood Vestals almost dance through the battlefield. Flipping over burnt out vehicles, vaulting up sheer walls, and pirouetting our of danger!

Blood Vestals are available as troop units or command groups. These packs contain all unique models, infinitely poseable to make them unique to you and your army!


Check out our full range of Lust Elves and Void Elves today!

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