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Real TGG #03 - Eleanor of Aquitaine, the action packed Queen!

April 14, 2021 2 min read

Real TGG #03 - Eleanor of Aquitaine, the action packed Queen!

Eleanor of Aquitaine!
The non stop, action packed, Crusading Queen!

Eleanor was one of the most wealthy and powerful women of the Middle Ages. Queen Consort of both Louis VII of France and Henry II of England, the only women to hold both titles! She was also mother to Richard the Lionheart and John of England.

 Frequently romanticised by historians fixated on her beauty, time and time again Eleanor showed epic political acumen and tenacity, influencing the politics, art, medieval literature, and the perception of women in her age!

 Crusading Queen

Between 1147 and 1149 she travelled to Constantinople and then to Jerusalem on the 2nd Crusade. Leading her own troops alongside her Husband, King Louis VII of France. 

At one point, marching along the route she led her troops to scout the path forward, not agreeing with the decisions of her husband, the King. While she was gone the King's forces were ambushed and badly beaten... Louis was furious that his troops were battered and bloodied while Eleanor's had escaped unscathed.

Legend has it that she disguised herself as an Amazon to lead troops into battle.

 The True Power In England

Once married and crowned queen, Eleanor refused to fulfill the expected role of homemaker, instead traveling extensively across the kingdom.

While her husband was away, she played a key role in directing government and ecclesiastical affairs of the realm and particularly in managing her own domains including Aquitaine.

When her son, Richard the Lionheart was crowned King of England and set out on the Third Crusade, she was left in the charge of the country as regent. She even took charge of the negotiations for his release after he was taken prisoner in Germany on his way home.

After Richard’s death in 1199, one of her other 10 children, John, became King of England. Although her official role in English affairs ceased, she continued to wield considerable influence.

 Eleanor's Death

Eleanor spent her last years as a nun at Fontevraud Abbey in France, and died in her 80s on 31 March 1204. impressive when considering 50 was thought to be really old in medieval world.

She outlived all but two of her 11 children: King John of England (1166-1216) and Queen Eleanor of Castile (c. 1161-1214).

An epic life of power, politics, and not bending to the expectations of others!

Create Eleanor on the tabletop!

Arthenya VI, The Archpapess makes a perfect model for Eleanor in her later life, the true power in England, pulling the political strings! 

As epic as she was what, stats and abilities do you think Eleanor would have on the tabletop!? 

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