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April 07, 2021 2 min read

Building on our most popular Patreon Collection, April sees Greek Gods and Heroes of Olympus II

Complete your Pantheon and fill out your band of adventuring heroes with epic 3D printable miniatures available now!

Back By Popular Demand!

March’s collection was our most popular creation to date! Ancient Greek mythology is so packed full of amazing heroes and wonderful stories that it had to be revisited!

Our 3D printable miniature collections are driven by our incredibly excited and supportive community! Every month we ask the community for feedback, recommendations and ideas on the types of models they want to see!

Last month’s requests were loud and clear… more epic Greeks!!

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In April’s Leader Tier you’ll find more all-powerful Gods to fill out your pantheon, legendary heroes ready for the next epic adventure, and villainous monster intent on causing mischief and suffering.

While our new Overlord Tier also brings new troop units to fill out the NPCs and adversaries for any gaming adventure. Heroic soldiers ready to defend a town can face off against bands of ensnaring harpies,
shambling long dead skeleton warriors, and many more.

A full army for the price of a single Hero Miniature!?

The Overlord Tier offers a crazy number of miniatures!

April’s collection brings with it one of the largest number of miniatures in any Patreon subscription. Gods and Heroes, Monsters and Villains, terrain and war machines, as well as awesome troop units in the new Overlord Tier!

Introduced last month Heroes Infinite’s Overlord Tier has been incredibly popular with its patrons, with more than half of them already subscribing to this new tier.

Offering the full contents of the existing Leader Tier as well as the all-new troop units, modular terrain AND a tier exclusive miniature all for just a $6 add on!

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Something for everyone!

All interests catered for with every Heroes Infinite Release. If you are one of those who is not that much into an ancient Greek release, or if you are not currently running any Greek-themed game, fear not! Heroes Infinite still offer models for you to use, regardless of the month’s Patreon theme.

In every collection Raging Heroes ensure they include models for you to use in any game setting, as well as into an ancient Greek world.

In this April’s release, you’ll see for example that Hades can perfectly play a sly yet handsome necromancer as well as God of the Underworld. Pandora can fill the role of duplicitous sorcerer, a cunning adversary for any adventuring group. There is also an awesome Sphinx that you can use in many types of

With the crazy number of extra models in the OVERLORD tier, it has more than a little something for everyone too, with chilling Skeleton Warriors and ensnaring Harpies. All of them would look great in any fantasy setting.

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