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February 12, 2021 2 min read

2020's All New Raging Heroes Army!

News has reached the cathedral cities that many chaos tribes are amassing on the edge of the northern wastes. Setting aside historic hatred and petty arguments to form a war-host, unparalleled in the world's history. 

Trekking across the barren mountains to add their own might comes the brutal and shamanic Furianns

Xar-Kahli the Wrath Caster

Xar-Kahli the Wrath Caster guides the destiny of the entire Furiann tribe. Summoning dark and ancient forces with the blood of the vanquished, she unleashes terrible storms of wrath. Xar-Kahli leads her tribe with foresight and prophecy granted by powerful spirits, the most recent of which compelled her to march far from home with every single warrior she could muster.


Krezia the Black on Oriniax

Krezia the Black rides on the back of her war-steed Oriniax, from where she leads the Furianns into war. Tested across countless battlefields her aptitude for war is unmatched, as is her ability to inspire her warriors to commit terrible acts of violence, furthering their tribes conquests.


Furiann Archers

Furiann Archers deliver silent and precise death. Experts in ambush tactics and laying traps from years of hunting and raids. They are however, equally happy loosing a shrill battle-cry as they form skirmish lines, disrupting the enemy in open battle.


Furiann Warriors

Furiann Warriors strike a fearsome visage as they stare down any would be foe. Those brave enough to charge the warriors are met with vicious axes and monstrously spike blades as they are cut down mercilessly.


Kahr Marrohk the War Mammoth!

This grandest of Furiann war-hosts has mustered the tribes full might, including Kahr Marrohk the War Mammoth!

Revered as a demigod of war by the Blood Tribes and feared as an unstoppable destroyed by their enemies. Barbarians are honoured to ride atop her armoured howdah raining down arrows and spears on any foe lucky enough not to be crushed under hoof or swept aside by great swings of her spiked tusks!

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