Xar-Kahli the Wrath Caster (BT - F) - Raging Heroes

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Xar-Kahli the Wrath Caster (BT - F)


Summoning forces of darkness past, Xar-Kahli the Wrath Caster weaves the spirits of the Ancients with the blood of vanquished enemies to unleash terrible storms of wrath and fury upon the Furianns' opponents. On her magical staff, skulls pulsate and shriek as from their eyes and mouths pours the blood of slain enemies. Only Xar-Kahli can shape this unholy flow into a whirlwind of wrath and death. Be ready to face the rage of the Furiann's Shaman...

Finely crafted in resin. Scale is 34mm. She will fit all popular miniature wargames. At her highest point, she measures 70mm high, and while she can fit on a 30 mm base, she comes with a 40mm base to do her justice.

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