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January 21, 2022 2 min read

The Avatar of Shaah is the iconic model from our Second Kickstarter campaign.

She was the boldest and biggest miniature of The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2, towering over 200 mm and rapidly became one of our best-sellers.

It’s no wonder as she’s a work of art: her design is a contrast between beauty and evil.

She’s an exquisite beauty with delicate features but unequivocally dangerous and deadly.

She’s fascinating, unpredictable and lethal as her Lust Elves counterparts, all as gorgeous as they are cruel.

The Avatar of Shaah can strike delight as much as she can strike fear and her body is a sweet mix of sensuality and terror.


This Re-Design is a Massive Upgrade

The Avatar of Shaah is an impressive miniature (literally and figuratively) and we understand it can feel like a little bit of a challenge to assemble. That is why, based on your comments and feedback, the Design team went on a creative quest to redesign the Avatar of Shaah and present you with her Second Incarnation.



The new Avatar of Shaah has been redesigned with the goal of bringing the charm and intensity of the original version to the next level.



We’ve added new features and more detailing to exalt her divine beauty with a new enhanced armor, fabulous adornments and embellishments.

And she’s even more lethal than before with a slew of flaying tentacles.



Much easier To Assemble!

Extra perk, this new version is a breeze to assemble and the whole process is very much enjoyable!

The biggest challenge of this new version was to do justice to its greatness/grandeur while making it easier to assemble. 

Our team of sculptors worked with our foundry to reduce the number of parts to just 20 (compared to 44 for the old version) without sacrificing the high detailing and quality of the model.



To achieve this, the entire team needed to rethink and enhance the manufacturing process with the most advanced technology available.
New molds with higher specification were designed to create this new model while ensuring that all intricate features were impeccable once unmolded and that each part would fit perfectly together without gaps.


The whole process is taking twice as long compared to the original version but the new model is considerably easier to build and looks ravishing(check out the assembly manual here)


So beware as you look at her as she is already casting a seduction spell on you! What, you crossed her gaze…?
Aaaahhh you damn fool…
It’s too late for you now!
Run if you don’t want to fall in love. Or maybe you do???


Yes I'm in LOVE



Need ideas to paint this magnificent beauty?

Have a look here for some inspiration!


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