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January 19, 2022 3 min read

The epic Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light were originally released in our Patreon as STL files for 3D Printable models. But by popular demand, they are now invading our webshop and we added new models!!!!


PLUS Get a LIMITED EDITION mini as a GIFT with every order over 99€


Get to know our new Heroines and Heroes from the most powerful order in the Realm

Reveriel the Fifth, the dangerous and beautiful Queen Saint 

Holy Queen of unrivaled beauty, Reveriel is loved by the people as much as she’s feared by the enemies of the Kingdom.

With the strength of her words, she can rally the most broken warriors and put a flaming faith in the heart of the most cynical. 
Armed with a sword imbued with divine powers, she pierces through the King’s enemies with no effort, like if she was floating above the ground with grace and elegance.
Loved and adored, Reveriel is beautiful like a rose but deadly like a thorn.


Ilihan d'Espree, the Virgin Oracle

Resurrections often have tragic consequences, but Llihan d'Espree has been fortunate...

Her mind wanders in the void between realities and her body drifts between life and death. Anchored to this reality by a holy relic, she can only whispers.
Her owl is always by her side as only him can hear her murmur and retransmit the divinatory messages sent by the Goddess of Light to her champions. It is also a guide that helps to make her vision clearer in the spirit world.


Theodan the Third, King Paladin

King Theodan the Third rules his Kingdom with an iron fist.
A powerful and skilled warrior, he never hesitates to charge into battle if a conflict arises
He's feared by his enemies and respected among his Kingdom.
As a true and great Ruler, he protects fiercely his people and his army is composed of only the best warriors.
Armed with his mighty sword and hammer, gift from the Goddess of Light, he never shows mercy on the Battlefield.


Lord Carmalian, the Mighty Hero 

From an early age, Lord Carmalian made an oath of allegiance to the King and the Eternal Light.

Master of arms, Hero of multiple wars and demon slayer, he crushes his enemies without any fear, not even death itself.
On the battlefield Lord Carmalian always says prayers and blessing for his King that create an aura of holy protection around is Liege. Skilled warrior beyond measure, he strikes not only to crush his enemies but to be the shield that protects his companions.


Eniontius le Fol, Engineer

Eniontius le Fol is a genius and a warfare expert.

His minds is restless and he always come up with new designs of complex machineries, each more lethal than the last one. 
He is an undeniable asset to the Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light.
Despite his old age, Eniontius le Fol is delighted to come to the Battlefield so he can witness the chaos and destruction his beloved creations bring to the enemies of the Kingdom.


The Wind Shredders

The Wind Shredders are an elite group of warriors who never miss their targets.
Their aim is impeccable and once they enter a battlefield, the only thing their enemies can see is a wave of arrows coming at them.
The Wind Shredders are accompanied by Seraph Eagles, who not only protect them but attack if their opponents come too close.


Get a Limited Edition Mini: Sir Eal Doustremont

Sir Eal Doustremont is a Herald and as such, he’s always on the front line.
By blasting his clarion, he announces the imminent arrival of the Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light on the battlefield.
During combat, Sir Eal Doustremont also uses his horn to invigorate the troops and prompt them to a glorious victory.
His clarion is also a vicious weapon as its sound can make walls tremble and disorient opponents and any living creature.
Sir Eal Doustremont is also a formidable warrior and uses his broadsword with efficiency and speed during combat.

Sir Eal Doustremont - Herald has never been released before
and is not available to purchase on the webstore.
 ONLY WAY to get him* is to place an order over 99€!!! 

*limited stock available 


Enjoying great deals? 

The Paladin Knights are all available in a variety of awesome packs so grab a bargain now!


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