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January 29, 2022 3 min read

Dear WarStager, 

First of all, let me and the whole Raging Heroes team wish you a Happy New Year! (In France, such best wishes can be sent throughout the first month of the year…)

In many regards, 2021 was definitely not the easiest year of the century so far, so let’s hope we all have a better 2022!

And to start it on a positive note, we have some good news about WarStages:

Deliveries are done worldwide!

So yes, finally, after battling for more than a year, the European deliveries are fully done and it means that all the pledge rewards have been delivered worldwide! If you recall, the challenge was moving goods from the UK to Europe post-Brexit to make sure that Europeans would not have additional duties and taxes to pay to get their hands on their rewards.

I know that you feel happy and relieved to finally have received your package but you cannot imagine how good it feels for us to have been able to bring this project to its conclusion. 

It’s been a very tough battle for the whole team. I totally understand that from the outside it might feel like we didn’t really care or that we treated the whole project like a second class venture. Or that we are just “a company” and our only concern is making as much money as possible.

But in fact, we are a little team of passionate individuals who pour our heart and soul in everything we do. And sometimes we don’t succeed on the first (or even second and third) try.

The truth is that it has taken a big toll on the team. It has been so long, so hard, so frustrating that several key members of the team were very close to jumping ship just because they couldn’t take anymore the sensation of never-ending problems and failures. 

But despite the obstacles, we persevered and saw the project through to its end. 

We are very aware that it has been far from a perfect ride and that we could certainly have done a better job on the fulfillment of this project. And we are sincerely sorry that you had to go through this tough ride with us. 

But finally, we’ve reached the shore and the deliveries are done.
So once again, thank you for your support through all this tumultuous adventure.

If you haven’t yet received your parcel or if you have any problem with your kits, please contact us today at RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com to make sure we solve your problem.

Assembly Charts

We are now nearly done with the new assembly charts.

Seeing that many of you were hoping for a more “IKEA-like” assembly chart laid out on paper, we went back to the drawing board and decided to repackage the information of the assembly videos in a PDF file.

But beyond this, we also worked on an assembly chart to help you bring your Stages together in the layout of the full cathedrals.

This will be available for each Cathedral size

This is taking much longer than expected because we had to recreate the whole cathedrals in 3D specifically for these charts, but we are nearly done now and we will be sharing them with you next week.

So if you feel a bit lost about how to assemble your kit, you’ll soon have all the info you need. We’ll keep you of course posted in our next update.

PS: Questions? Comments? As always, contact us at RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com

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