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October 16, 2013 6 min read 1 Comment

To access the original, larger images, follow these links for the Slideshow or the complete Album.
There, there are 2 ways to get the full-size images:
In the SLIDESHOW: click on the magnifier in the right-hand corner, and when the image shows us again, click again on the magnifier in the right-hand corner.
In the ALBUM: In Media options on the right hand side, click on Download. This will download the full-size image.

Ahhhhhh... This is the update we've all been waiting for! Below, you'll find images of the Troop boxes for each of the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy army. This means: the Jailbird Troopers, the Kurganova Regular and the Kurganova Heavy Troopers, as well as the Iron Empire Regular and the Iron Empire Heavy Troopers.

The TGG images shown in this update are 3D renders that we have attempted to make as close to possible as to what the actual minis will be. We included some close-ups as well because we just couldn't resist.

There are 25 different sculpts, all of them fully multi-parts. This means that you'll of course get the dynamic poses we've designed for each of them. But in addition, thanks to our ball-joint assembly system, you'll be able to create an amazing number of variations for your Troops. Each miniature is made of one pair of legs, one torso, one head, and 2 separate arms (with the right arm holding the main weapon).

In each box, you'll find everything to make 5 miniatures equipped with a beam rifle. On top of that, you'll get 3 extra heads and 4 alternative weapons: one flamer, one grenade launcher, one shred sword, and one beam pistol. You'll also get many little accessories to attach to the Troopers' belts or pants: grenades, knives, etc.

This first set of 25 Troopers was extremely important for us as it allowed us to test many options on design, workflow, manufacturing, and so on... It has been a very instructive experience for the whole team that's allowing us to improve the entire operation. Many of you have encouraged us not to rush the process to insure the best possible quality for the sculpts. Well, it paid off. Case in point: every time we'd finish a new unit, we'd go back to the other ones that we thought were done and say: “Hmmmm, that won't do, we need to fix this and that...” And so, we did. This back-and-forth took some extra time, but I think you'll agree the results are there.


We also promised you a few extras for this Update. Meet the 3 mascots: the Jailbirds' Harry the Hippo (who you've seen before), Charlie the Kurganovas' war bulldog, and Jinx, the Iron Empire's Aegyptian Cat. The 28 mm version of the mascots are part of the Freebies, but you can also get more of them as add-ons.

And you may recall that each mascot is also available in its larger version as an Add-on: the larger Harry will be about 40mm tall (1.6 inches), the larger Charlie will be about 45mm tall (1.8 inches), and the larger Jinx will be about 60mm tall (2.4 inches).

New Heroines

We'd also like to show you 3 new Heroine sculpts, one for each army: Katrina Zerga, Tank Stopper for the KST; Yoko the Psycho, Flamer for the Jailbirds; and Doctor von X, Medic for the Iron Empire.

Making Doctor von X (a.k.a. Auntie Suzanne)

We wanted to share with you the story of the making of Doctor von X, as a good example of the fluidity of our design process. Although we were always certain to have a strong character with Dr von X, the first concept we made was not exactly meeting our expectations. But with the Kickstarter rush, there was little time to refine it. So, what happened next is that Art Director Benoit went back to his original sketches and did a 3D mock-up of the character, focussing more particularly on how her head would look. We wanted something like Grace Kelly turned into your favourite zombi-esque auntie nutcase.

Once the head was finalised, we sent back the 3D render to Alex, our concept artist. He drew over the mock-up 3D sculpt and added all the missing details. Then, one of our sculptors brought back the sketched details into the 3D sculpts. Please note that the 'teapot mechanism' shown here will be optional, for you to use or not depending on the time of the day you play her ;)

3D Sculpting and Art Direction Webinar

The story of Doctor von X brings us to the webinar. Indeed, we intend to use this character as a case study regarding character development.

We're finishing collecting all the names for the webinar, as the people who pledged on the Connoisseur Add-on are also eligible, and we need to find them one by one. We've made a preliminary list this week, which is by now virtually completed, now that most responses to both the Kickstarter and Paypal surveys have come in. Participants will soon be receiving another email to give them an opportunity to share what they'd like to see covered, so that we can make sure to include content they are interested in the 5 hours we'll be spending together.

Jet Girls concepts

The last days of the Kickstarter were so frantic that we never had the time to come up with decent concepts for the Jet Girl unit that you asked us for. So here they are today. (By the way, we should mention that we plan to infuse them with more energy when we sculpt them.)

But when we set our Concept Artist Alex loose to work on the Jet Girls, he could not resist creating something else that would be more special... And this is how the Red Baroness came to life. And when he showed her to us, we just couldn't resist. This character won't be available as a Kickstarter model but, as you can imagine, the TGG universe and its various factions will continue to grow. If Drusilla is the SkyCaptain of the Jet Girls, the Red Baroness is a living legend of the Iron Empire military. You'll learn more about her story later on.

Dark Elves

First off, and most importantly, we want to be very clear on this: For now, our priority and focus is on the delivery of the TGG Kickstarter.

But in the last few days, we've been absolutely bombarded by emails asking us about our Dark Elves plans. And truth be said, these Dark Elves concepts were actually done way before the TGG Kickstarter even began.

And yet, we had not planned on releasing the following images as early as this. The plan was to release the First Wave of TGG minis before showing them.

But at the same time, given the fact that the Dark Elves topic is currently burning hot, it seemed a shame to just plain sit on them...

So here is a small sample of ten of the designs we've got tucked away. This DE army will fit into our own Fantasy game setting.

Sci-Fi versions of the Dark Elves are also done. They could conceivably be part of a DE Kickstarter.

And to make things more interesting, we'd likely add to this project the Sisters of Eternal Mercy, for which both Sci-Fi and Fantasy versions are being considered.

However, no, we absolutely don't have a date for this Kickstarter project at this point in time, although we are curious to see if you're interested in that and if these concepts are meeting your expectations, if you want a Kickstarter on this or just that we release models one after the other, whenever we can, and, well anything that's on your mind, really.

But again, our priority and focus is on the delivery of the TGG Kickstarter.

For larger images, see this Slideshow or Album.

The Raging Team

We want to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank our talented and extremely committed team. They have been tirelessly working countless long hours, most cancelled their vacations, some even put aside family obligations to make this happen, and all this with a fantastic upbeat attitude. We are all under a lot of pressure to deliver the best work we possibly can for the TGG, so if you feel like dropping the team a few words of encouragement, I know it will be most welcome!

Well, that's it for today.  And in the next Update, we plan to present new Heroine sculpts...

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