Last chance to win some gorgeous minis!

The final day of our Raging Contest is upon us!

Our contest closes tomorrow night, so if you haven't taken part yet, you better get a move on trooper!

We love it when we see our minis fulfilling their dreams and finding a place in collections all over the world. Do you use them in your wargames army? Your skirmish force? A gang? A roleplay game? A diorama? Paint them because they're just so damn gorgeous?

Well, let us know and you could win some awesome goodies!

To enter all you have to do is click on the picture or link below, click on the Review Tab and enter a Comment letting us know which unit and game you'd use the miniatures in.

We've already had some brilliant suggestions and it's great to know our figures end up in such exciting roles. Thank you all for sharing, you're all Raging Heroes!

1) Lieutenant Parker (Jailbirds)

2) Heleria Drakenfeld, Regulatrix (Iron Empire)

3) People's Legion (Kurganovas) Command Group and Troops

4) Foxy Dynamite, Infiltration Specialist (Jailbirds)

5) Arthemisia Rosenkrantz, Strategist (Iron Empire)

6) Ash, Tank Gunner (Jailbirds)

7) Doctor Von X, Field Medic (Iron Empire)

8) Ivanka Kurganova, Battalion Commander (Kurganovas) -

9) Raven, The Chainbreaker (Jailbirds) -

10) Iron Storm (Iron Empire) Command Group - and Troops -

11) Jaheda Kano, Armoured Division Officer (Kurganovas)

12) Punky, Army Standard (Jailbirds) -

13) Commander Elektra Eisenstein, Armoured Division (Kurganovas) -

14) Tania Tanker, Tank Specialist (Jailbirds) -

Please read the the contest rules here.

Cheers and best of luck!

Jon Simpson

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