Miniature Monday - Raging Heroes Style!

I don’t know about you, but I always find the sight of well painted minis battling it out over thematic terrain an inspiring sight. So seeing these photos from legendary painter, blogger, hobby guru and all round splendid chap, James Wappel really makes me want to get a game in!

James’s photos show the Kurganova sisters valiantly defying the odds, holding off a murderous horde of incoming Blood Vestals, accompanied by Skaarlys.

The scenic bases James has made really show off the Blood Vestals, giving you great sense of them moving, leaping, weaving and spinning with a beautiful, but deadly grace.

He’s done an absolutely cracking job on the Kurganova sisters, Ivanka, Malinka and Olga too.

I love the colour scheme and it works perfectly to unify the different sisters. One of the things that sometimes surprises people when they see our miniatures in person, is the amazing level of detail we manage to achieve on our casts, and James has done a great job of capturing it!

For more of James’s awesome work, check out his blog

The miniatures shown in these photos are all available in our shop:
Admiral Olga Kurganova
Kommander Malinka Kurganova
Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova
Void Elves Skaarlys
Void Elves SF Blood Vestals Command Box
Void Elves SF Blood Vestals Troop Box

If you’ve got any Raging Heroes projects on the go, I’d love to see them, so please get in touch with me at and let me know what you’re getting up to.



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