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KST - People's Legion - Command

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This box contains 5 multipart Regular Troopers, all different, plus accessories to make Officers and Heavy Weapon Specialists.


  • 5 multipart troopers with ball-joint assembly system
  • 6 additional weapons (battle sabre, missile launcher, lightning gun, fusion gun, beam cannon, gatling gun)
  • 2 officer heads
  • 2 officer pistols (sub-machine gun and lightning pistol)
  • 5 x 25 mm round bases.

Note: Multiparts miniatures in resin - all parts are swappable for infinite customisation. Heroic 28mm scale.

 → Complete your unit with the Troop Box.

Led by the ultra-powerful Kurganov family, the Kurganova Shock Troops are a highly organized and disciplined army with underlying Eastern European themes. They also benefit from the support of strong cyber-enhanced paganic magic. This, among other things, allows them to 'waken' the 'were' gene that can transform some members of the Kurganova army into giant were-wolves or were-bears.

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