Raging Contest DAY 7/14: WIN Doctor Von X, Field Medic (IE)

Raging Contest DAY 7/14: WIN Doctor Von X, Field Medic (IE) bit.ly/VonX

Day 7 of our contest and I feel sick. Maybe my girlfriend was right when she said I shouldn't be eating leftover pizza for breakfast? If only there was a doctor somewhere. You know, a nice, friendly, helpful, medical professional, with a great bedside manner and perhaps a nice cup of tea...

To enter, follow the link bit.ly/VonX, click on the Review Tab and enter a Comment letting us know which unit and game you'd use her in.

Don't want to wait for her? Well then buy her now with 10% off until Jan 31!

But what if I buy her, then I win her? Well, then it gets even better. If you win, you’ll get a store credit for double her value. Yes, double!

Check out our page bit.ly/JailbirdAsh to enter yesterday's contest and check back tomorrow for a new model to win!

The winner will be selected in the week of Feb 8, 2016, please read the the contest rules here.

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